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Andreas Geisler
Atheism (Discussion) - Nov 23, 2013
I have talked to many Catholics lately. And one thing seems to keep popping up...
Andreas Geisler originally shared:
I find it hilarious that Catholics have gleefully accepted papal infallibility for years... but now that they have a pope who tells them to help the poor and stop being bigots, they'r all "having their doubts about the new pope".
What is up with that?


A! Ive no doubt religion, of all creeds, now, are facades, charades, as is politrix.

Western religion is hemorrhaging, since the 1950s lets say. I dont expect it will adapt enough, though hard it tries, nor recover, but will diminish to being but a shadow of it's grandiose past self.

For decades it's been clear to myself, that a true poope, er, pope, like a true cop, or political leader, should see their first duty is to correct the culture [laws, policies] such that they, and their churches are not needed by the flockers.

But hohoho, aye?

Whatever the church, synagogue, temple diminish into, it will be in line with the same diminution of the culture and societies they were, or may still be, in.

We all see the various cults trying to show the world how they've been reborn, with new 'spirit' of 'hope' lahdeedah, merely 'cause they've gone broke and with rebranding or a new advertising technique rope in the next gen of suckers, roaming drugged out and lost on the streets, they afford to pay the back rent and get sick with optimism, only to be exposed up the track sooner or..., but it's over red rover for the most of them.

Our [Atheists, Heretics, and Intelligents] concern is how they expect to gain favor next time, once this gen has forgotten the recent round of exposures and scandals, if there's anything left of the dark robes so entranced with fervor to want to 'save' their beloved 'houses'?

This is why there has to be a concerted effort by we A.H.I's to push for political policy reform to introduce TAXING RELIGIONS.

One or a couple of countries lobbying a rising party to include it next election campaign ain't enough.

The lobby has to be united and global.

But all types have to be made aware of by how much the world is being short-changed by all religions, in economic terms.

And that they are responsible for the corruption, not only of governments, but of what is taught in schools, in THEIR secret agenda schools, and uni's.

These, going deeper, are all based on the deeply awry creed beliefs about 'desires' 'insatiable wants' of the masses, and it being the market and government's role, and even 'duty' - for Buddha's sake! - to 'provide', to make the idiots 'happy'! [Buddha rolls, laughing, in His Heaven!]

It takes years of considering this, and the responses and outcomes from such a foolish ideological economic stratagem, to realize in it's fullness just how 1, stupid, 2, foolish, and 3, evil this is.

On top of these, is that the religious colleges make it their business to corrupt the minds of students and thus of the culture, and THEN profit from students/our awry desires for materialistic crap, from their corporations etc.

The internet will be known in future as being the most effective tool in breaking the mythologies and outright deceits the cults have profited from and by for, 1600 years?

But only by a determined and 'passive', intelligent worldwide Movement of Atheists, Et Al, to this end, of ending religious control of society, perhaps most via the shit they 'teach' on their secret schools, without having society mistakenly 'think' 'WE'RE FREE!' then really dropping all rational self-restraints in morals and ethics, etc, but instead having 'society' come to our senses and go for True Laws, based on Equitable Distribution of Knowledge, where the church schools get the advantage, to get the advantage over the Working Classes, in their INequitable distribution of resources.

Only by such a global Shift toward Reason, over faith, can we have any hope that the religions will downsize peacefully, and where their known to be bullshit, into obscurity.

Without such an intelligence and massive base for such a correction to culture, what with all western, Abrahamic cults being intimately entwined with mafia, crime cartels, cabals and corporations, they will be more likely to resort to disruption and chaos - war - in a word, on the local streets, and between regions/nations/peoples.

Fortunately, or not, powerful military 'companies' are dead against religions and the control religions have over the civil populations, so any serious frachar the cults try to start might run into difficult-y finding obliging armies?


For we Atheists who care..., speed now, in our growth and organizing on the local-to-global "rethinking of culture", might be our best asset.

Atheism is booming I see, so, we can but hope, it's not led astray by subversives from either the CIA twats, [sorry! MI5 twats!] and church school spy clubsters, or by the mouthy puppets from the Theosophical Society, et al?

So...? As for Gorbi then Yeltsin...?

As I started with, it's all a game, a charade, reading the mood and the play of the masses, and responding accordingly.

But usually, in such large institutions and times of change, this gets beyond the 'high councils' ability to keep control, no matter who or which puppet they throw in front.

Yeltsin, a nice bloke, a puppet and, a drunk, was the necessary soft cop leading the USSR out of the soviet era. and let the new splintered nations find their own ways, as Russia fell into free market exploited chaos.

Putin was sought for his history and it's high level of self control and self discipline [KGB/FSB] and fitted the bill 'perfectly'.

He, and the commissariat await the next 'lead'', advice, direction from 'on high' in the anonymous council.

Ratzinger was no Gorbi, nor, of course, no Yeltsin, but in his day rose through his chicanery, deviousness, only to be exposed eventually.

Frank has his own advisers, again 'on high' in secrete, who are coming to see their own foibles and outright distortions as to 'belief', and thus expectations and hopes.

I'd actually go so far as to say that today, the majority of Frank's inner circle/s, are at the stages of having already admitted, 'confessed' [ha!] to Atheism, to being Atheists.

It's just a [complex] matter of how they let this intelligent realization be filtered down to the flockers, without the flockers rushing them, necking-ropes in hand?

Therefore, what for a church, if there is no more ,a faith?

Well...! The possibilities, are endless...!

Here endeth..... apologies for the length, [ladies! HA!]

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