My Comments To The Guardian Article "YouTube co-founder hurls abuse at Google over new YouTube comments"

131110 JUST DEFIANCE My Comments To The Guardian Article YouTube co-founder hurls abuse at Google over new YouTube comments Edition

Jawed Karim joins those slamming Google's changes to video site, which enforce use of its Google+ social network.

Pertinent, comes to mind, after posting the last slam against Google, is this The Guardian article, to which I refer, and commented, as below...

10 November 2013 12:33am


That's the link to my blog for this morning, and coincidently goes [after I rant against christianity] to an attack from myself on Google, and, the larger systems we so lamely use in internet and telecoms.

I think the YouTube creator Jawed Karim, featured in this article would agree with my sentiments against Google, as I've sworn at my laptop screen often when the same requirement arises when I want to comment to not YouTube, but to the many media sites which demand we are signed up with Google or one of the social media networks.

"CRAPitalism" sucks! The sooner internet users get on the train of Dissent against blatant corporate corruption of these types of services, detracting maximally from our abilities to use, benefit and enjoy modern technology, the better the world will be. [Ahem.]
KingCommo KingCommo
10 November 2013 12:34am

A? "Amen!"
KingCommo KingCommo
10 November 2013 12:37am

DERR? The link -

Here's what I commented to another commenter....

KingCommo to “randomdave”
10 November 2013 12:47am

Do others foresee some mass mental short-circuit coming, with internet users having to go through all the different sites' modifications and setting-up to get what they want and where they want to go?

I mean? A lot of people seem to be 'net savvy, in how to do the many things to keep in time and in tune with the innumerable services coming up, but how many others are trying, struggling, and with persistence, will only end by having nervous breakdowns.

And, I expect that even the tech-savvy people are heading also, for mental implosions for the amount of info and knowledge necessary to write a letter [element of mockery there, of our needing a keyboard, computer, internet connection, and the skills, just to write to someone!].

I really think it portends large amounts of the public suffering mental disorders and "short circuits" because of the clearly insane demands the internet world has of us?

Where will it all END?!$%^& HAHA HEHE HOOHOO? WOOBOOWOOBOO WEEEE!!!&$%^%^???

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