My Bitch To “The Conversation” Article On "Audit On Government Spending" Farce

131104 My Bitch To “The Conversation” Article On Audit On Government Spending Farce Edition

21 October 2013, 10.55pm AEST
The Conversation
Michelle Grattan
Professorial Fellow at University of Canberra

A-HEM? Nevermind an Audit on government spending!

This goes to "The Conversation", as to all our other media.

What about an "Audit" on our electoral system/s, please?

I am on the [blogger] record as having bitched about the fraudulence of our voting, ballot and counting system for at least three years, and again before during and after this September 7th election's result/results.

Clive Palmer has taken it further, and is now a Federal Senator, who, we expect, and I sincerely hope, will shake up our complacent and essentially ignorant attitude to the vulnerabilities of the ballot, the counting, and the ability for a church, a cabal or a cartel of criminals in high places to totally deceive the nation as to who really wins/won the election/s.

So PLEASE, Editors and Staff inside "The Conversation", do not let your church school clubsters bury this absolutely primary and fundamental issue?

The AEC cannot be trusted. It is as simple as that.

To let this one "slip through to the keeper" reduces The Conversation to the level of the News of the Murdochian World.

Even the long dead Aussie muck-raker, "The Truth" would have been onto this factual corruption of all things politic.

To establish that vote-rigging did occur this last federal election, puts the whole LNP government in the dock, and perhaps out of government.

So again..., PLEASE, "The Conversation", get your Journalistic Priorities in the correct order!?

To not see the implications and ramifications, were a safe, as-in genuine full-blooded investigation into the election and rigging, counting and tampering etc.,, to find a-HEM - to expose the extent of electoral corruptions - plural, is to show that your fine erudite little outlet is up there and is part of the problem, part of the upclub tyranny, threatening our collective demise.

Rantrantrant, and a rahrahrah...!

DO YOUR MATHS! It is a "game-changer"" of huge dimensions.

System! Proportional Representation
Structure! Three tier - federal/states/local councils down to, UP to TWO-tier - Local Councils up to The Federal Committee.
Restructuring and resizing local councils to suit geographies, natural regional attributes, demographics, etc.
The Australian Democratic Republic! THE Most Logical and Wise next step to take once we clean up the voting/electoral system/s.
Economic Revenues! Reduce by at least 33% government corruption.
Give The People both a say, and a reason to give back to the nation.

Apologies for going to a more important topic, than the articles basis.

I just went to The Guardian website and read their article about this vote rigging and missing ballots issue.

The Australian Electoral Commission says the former federal police commissioner will head the investigation
Katharine Murphy deputy political editor
theguardian.com, Wednesday 30 October 2013 23.54 EDT

I recommend readers go read that article. Not as much for the article itself, but for the utterly fabulous and critical comments readers have added!

They show that 1, The Guardian is doing us proud Aussies, in their addressing the issues, but 2, because they let us give our minds to them too.

The comments are both hilarious, about the utter farce of our elections, and on-the-money, in their criticisms and humorous ways.

I say we are looking at an whole new federal election, and I seriously think that the LNP will not win!

1, it will be a while before the re-election can be and is held, and
2, this requires a major overhaul of the whole election process, delaying things more,
3, this exposure of the falsity of the processes, and thus, also of the Australian Electoral Commission AEC, will, should, and as likely will be “debated” by no-one but subversives, in and outside of parliament/s so-as to water it down, until the voters forget or become tired of it, as we so often do, by design of the scum on top of the pool, and until the scum can reclaim complete control of all things related to it, the topics, the debate, the reforms the processes of reforms, and the fucking RESULT.

Therefore, this probable end-game, demands the formation of an

Citizens' War-Office
Democratic Australian Elections

who can employ the most knowledgeable minds on Economic and Political Sciences, to formulate the best systems of voting and selection, etc., and then, typically, short of violent street revolutions, arrange PROTESTS across the nation to enforce the best systems we can deduce, from the ballot to the parliamentary structures.

For this to occur before we go back to the polls is dreaming, of course?

But, what option do we have?

We have to correct the primary cause of the problem - the suspect ballot-counting system.

So it is piss-weak to not go the full length of Restructuring and Reforming the processes.

It would make us the laughing stock of the world if we only do half of it!

O! We already ARE!



Here they are again....!

DO YOUR MATHS! It is a "game-changer"" of huge dimensions.

System! Proportional Representation

Structure! Three tier - federal/states/local councils down to, UP to TWO-tier - Local Councils up to The Federal Committee.

Restructuring and resizing local councils to suit geographies, natural regional attributes, demographics, etc.

The Australian Democratic Republic! THE Most Logical and Wise next step to take once we clean up the voting/electoral system/s.

Economic Revenues! Reduce by at least 33% government corruption.

Give The People both a say, and a reason to give back to the nation.

Of course, these don't address how we are best to correct the failings inherent in our shitty ballot booth set-ups.

But one of the last commentors to The Guardian's article, does suggest a few noteworthy ideas, as to how a secure ballot could be held. So go to the link WA Senate recount: Mick Keelty to lead inquiry into 1375 missing ballots and read through the comments.

They will give honest and intelligent readers a hearty and optimistic, if fatalistic at-once, laugh, and inspire perhaps you to get on the train for reforms of our utterly shitful voting AND political system.

One might hope also, that, as someone wrote, the new PM will be worried by these ballot counting problems, but, that the other side of the offshore false political coin, the ALP, will be a bit concerned too.

This, one, because they dumped Kevin Rudd from the top post, after the election, landing some of the blame on his shoulders. If a new election shows the ALP back in power, Rudd is redeemed, and so the ALP is thrown back in turmoil!

One part of me wants to HAHAHAHAHA laugh uproariously!

Another part of me is stuck between bemusement and some hazy feeling of HORROR! For the confusion the ALP if back in government will have writhing through it's cabinet and party. Who else deserves redemption?

Where would Shorten be left?

O dear? What a confusion of laughs and tears?

But! It has to be done!

We have to have
1, another election, but
2, not before
A, the inquiry into the whole election process is complete and it's findings published in full, and
B, a new failsafe system is devised and introduced?

Ooooow SHIT?

All this done, cannot not have both major parties worried, if mainly because any successful re-structuring of the larger system, is, I'd say, GUARANTEED to leave both majors out in the cold.


Inneresting times we are in, Grasshoppers?

If nothing else, it does add up to say, that every concerned and connected individual and organization has immediately to fire up and throw into gear all their forces, for reform.

The Australian Republic Movement is a must, and a contender in securing a number of seats at the table of discussions.

The Republic, I do think most Aussies know now, is the proper outcome of all our politics and discussions for the best for the nation, and, for us as individuals.

That alone, of course, brings up HUGE other factors, of how to separate from the old cunt-tree [TYPO!#$%^&???], and therefore, what claims can we assume, resume, over our resources and industries and corporations etc etc etc?

And, how would Blighty react? Not another Falklands island war?

Without doubt, the present “Foreign Minister..., whas'er'name? Would be sixty feet below her depth.

And indeed, the new LNP bullshit government would be really fucked as to how to deal with such FACTUAL scenarios. HA! Ha! Ha!

And..., just like how the foreign elites reacted at the turn from the 19tth to the 20th century, once the Australian Union Movement, the refined and vitalized outgrowth from the 1854 Eureka Stockade's first political representatives, Peter Lalor but one, formed up to create the Australian Labor Party, the ALP, with the world's Best Economic Policy of Land Rent for Government Revenue, or, as ex-PM, John Winston Howard told a young uni student, Mark Latham, by name, the “Most Honest Tax” in the 1980s, the world's elite went out and started the first world war, to put Aussie Diggers, from the gold fields to the bayonet, and to the trenches of such as France and Turkey, to never return and fight for their nation's Independence.

So, this election ballot and counting debacle might expose our failings, but might also induce much unwanted shit from the heads of shit in the House of Lords, in Westminster, if we take the wide view?

But.., we have to regard ourselves as part of a newer world now, and we might, we might, have more friends with lots of military hardware, on our side, as far as losing the “subjects” label, and gaining the “Citizens” tag is concerned?

However, like the snowball effect as was propagated across the Arab world in the last few years, our getting off the sofa and marching for a Democratic voting system - AT LAST - could very well also inspire something of a Western Spring, in lighting up the western hemisphere, to have Americans, Britons and Europeans [and Kiwis!] ET cetera, out on the streets demanding similar reforms?

So..., depending upon who, and how the inquiry into 1st, the ballot count in W.A., then into the larger deign and methodology, and pencils v biros, ET cetera, is/are held and managed, Australians could make themselves global heroes, and in the highest field of all? Economics!

Depending upon who can take the reins and maintain a straight track.

Scientists. Philosophers. Teachers. Students. Unions.

AND..., Indigenous Elders!

No doubt others too?

It does actually amount to the very feasible possibility of a Peaceful Revolution in Australia, in which all parties have the right to demand a seat at the table of debate, of the restructuring of the electoral processes.

BUT.., You ALL gotto come into the room with clear and intelligent, Scientific Proposals toward the new election system.

On the assumption that you do all do your Maths proper-like, then you all should arrive, on your own, with very similar final proposals and conclusions, thus suggestions.

Perhaps Clive Palmer has to listen up to this, most. I can't help but have some Respect for ya' Bro', so far. But you know we are at the opposite ends of the policy table, in reality. I'm talking Impartiality.

You're talking your industry first.

That will be a problem, if you, not me, or others of the same Impartial Prospectus [like that?] as I adhere to, but YOU, cannot see the imperative of this being for us ALL?

This is your, and our chance of a nation's lifetime!

Let's not fuck it up, with self-interest, aye?

I suggest an Interim Committee take over government, from the LNP government we have, while this is in play.

Economics and Management Academics.
Indigenous Elders.

Something;s got to happen.

If we leave it in the incapable hands of the AEC, or either of the major parties, it will be watered down and subverted, and our opportunity [out of adversity] will be lost forever.

FIRE UP AUSTRALIA! The Commentors in The Guardian's pages and in The Conversation's pages, are brilliant testimony to our potential!

Let It Flow!

END 0248am Monday morning.
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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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