My Comment To G+ Atheism convo “Mega churches for Atheists? Wut? I don't get it.”

131111 My Comment To G+ Atheism convo “Mega churches for Atheists? Wut? I don't get it.” Edition

Jason ON
News - 4:29 PM
Have you heard of these atheist 'mega churches?' This is a first for me.
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Mega churches for Atheists? Wut? I don't get it.

Atheist ‘Mega-Churches’ Launch in U.S. — But Not All Non-Believers Are Excited About It


I'm all for Atheists getting together - maybe especially on the Sundees - to do whatever a group of intellectuals might want to do as a group.

My take is addressing the disparities across the local, national and global society/ies, especially those brought into being by false-god religion, aside from or as well as, to play darts, have a kick of the footy, talk about healthy things, foods, culture, economics, and food for the intellectual development, such as eclectic philosophy and exploration of other less accepted, and practices uncorrupted by western beliefs, such as Meditation, and even Yoga. Meetings of studying the fine arts and literature too.

But "church" is convenient, albeit originating as meaning a "house of the lord" or so.

In christian fundamentalist USA, etc., it might actually be the best name though, so-as to not create a pre-emptive put-off, for the sheep who are being brought to question the "faith" and BULLSHIT, of religion, while still without the ability, for the stranglehold religions have on their intellectual and physical freedom, to be at ease going to one of these Atheist meets?

"Church" makes me go crazy, for all the baggage that goes with the word.

So perhaps Atheists need to put out for suggestions?

How 'bout - the "Wisehouse"? hoho....

Atheism as a Movement, is obviously more than just shitcanning religion.

It is, I'd speculate, beneath all the relaxed and "free" and free-thinking atmospherics, the "assembly" of people inspired to nurture, open up and explore their intelligence, both for their own Enlightenment, but also, for the re-stabilization of the world around them.

Religions smack of discipline and clamped thinking processes, etc. and there's little doubt, traditional western, mainly christian religions are anti-intelligence.

But Atheism does not or maybe should not mean everything opposite to the constraints that "religion" demands.

Because, like a Scientist, disciplined thinking is crucial to development of the thinking faculties, and of making advances and substantial findings.

But scientific disciplines of the mind, with "enlightening goals" sought, is, enormously more satisfying than learning by rote, biblical sayings, quotes and lessons.

And separate to all the usual things in "church", y'know, chatting after the services about you're hedge funds, real estate speculative shares, cult connivings, plans to build a messiah, covering each other in false and exaggerated compliments, mainly so they do the same to your - EGO - church, for theists and for Atheists, is to build group of collective security.

"Economies of scale", so that the bigger aspirations agreed to as worth pursuing, can be saved for and afforded. Collectively.

Like a big community farm like Waco Texas?

Or the hippies of Nimbin, NSW, Australia?

Obviously not. But for a group to grow, it needs, in this modern totally corrupt jewish-christian-masonic false-economic global market, organization to afford the essentials, so it can develop whatever it, locally or globally, sees and decides they have some "mission" to pursue.

These require disciplines, and reasons, not faiths, to go back next week, and the next etc.

Facts! For one! Pursuit of a more equitable and just world, 2, and the True Liberation of the mind!.

All Strength To The True Revolution!

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