My Comment To ABC On FactCheck Edition

131109 JUST DEFIANCE My Comment To ABC On FactCheck Edition

On the money: Mathias Cormann says Medibank Private sale will not raise premiums
Updated Wed 6 Nov 2013, 5:22pm AEDT

Good to see Factcheck, and where else but at Aunty ABC?

[Is, then, the British overlord of media, the BBC, "Uncle"?]

I err in ABC's favor in media judgments of this type, however, one has a duty to be somewhat skeptical of ABC saying that M. Corman of the far-right-wing LNP government, "is on the money" in his statement about the veracity of privatizing "Medibank Private", while the ABC is reliant upon the same government for funding?

We over 40 y/o, recall the wars gone-on after passed changes of government, between ABC-ophiles, and the "slash funding" brigades of the right-wing Howard government years, etc.

This generation of media employees, for most of the last decade, seem far more prepared to talk shit, and keep their nice-little-earner ABC latte-jobs, and fabulous career prospects, than to take on the far-right-wing governments "at the barricades" as they/we once would?

People outside of the "latte-sette" are generally, better informed about the lies government, and their media tell.

To now, what with a number of unexplained, and, quite likely illegitimate maneuvers, by this and the last federal governments, it is plain that we are further into a "5th, or 6th Reich" epoch, and your media, with reliance upon far-right-wing government's controlling funding thus quality, is and will be culpable for remaining mute until, like 1939 Prussia, it's too late.

Apart from the ABC forming a secret brigade of Journalist Activists, perhaps even to form a Multicultural Army, against the blatant evil of the new racism, while knowing how much the establishment has bought off your doyens, et al, there's little I can suggest the ABC must do, to help steer the People of this beggared nation back out of the pit.

"FactCheck" has to be one of the bulwarks of your ABC against tyranny re-appearing.

I steer well clear of modern society, and don't bother seeking to understand the ins-and-outs of modern finance and such things as "medical insurance".

But I remain sure that privatization is one major scam, and must be avoided at all costs, no matter in which arena. Energy, telecommunications, utilities, medicine, media, transport, education, and on, and on.

ABC treads in quicksand by cowering from the REALPolitik Facts about such affairs, and having sadly, to bow to the dark orders from far-far-farking right wing tyranny.

Please take issue with this situation now, before it's too late, and before the aftermath, when the True Fella Common Folk, or their Warriors, are hunting with ropes for the culprits?


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw
The Forests, Australia.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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