The Future Australia Is Prisoner Of War Zone One

131121 JUST DEFIANCE The Future Australia Is Prisoner Of War Zone One Edition

2017. Twenty seventeen.

Months weeks and days, let alone hours and minutes, don't matter no more.

A day in politics can be a very long time.

4 years an eternity.

2013 saw Australia elect it's last federal government, before the 3rd invasion the continent had seen in 208 years. Since 1788.

'Politics' by 2013 had become fully outed, fully exposed as the farce and outright evil scam it has always been.

Australian's were better informed than ever, about the offshore interests messing with everything about us, and in us, via 'politics', economics, and religion.

In 1996, when the Americans crime gangs took over the Australian police forces, most of us were still blind to the hidden powers at play.

By 2012, we all knew.

By about 2000 actually, most of us knew, but a large lot of us were still naïve to how much we/they'd been hypnotized by the Eurapean catholic orders, into thinking we, or, a hero amongst us, who was yet to show his hand, was about to strike a fatal blow to the covert global take-over by the so-called 'American-[corporate]-military-industrial-complex' US President Eisenhower had warned his people of in the 1950s.

Even up til 2012, many softheaded catholics still believed Jesus was gonna save 'em, once he'd polished-off the Hell's Angels who'd led the charge into Australian policing in '96, with the set-up massacre at the Tasmanian tourist site of Port Arthur., which gave the Americans, who already had the federal parliament under their control, thus, John Howard's Lib-Nats coalition used the Port Arthur massacre to further the US invasion by demanding private citizens be paid to give away their last lines of defense, against tyranny.

The “Guns buy-back”.

So, since 1996, we've been short-armed, so to say, and ill-equipped to pursue a citizens' uprising, as government, especially Howard's fascists, grew worse and worse, against otherwise fair and yep - softheaded mainstreamers.

And, to sure-up the authorities' defenses, the new owners of our police forces blackmailed the governments to spend masses on weaponizing the local coppers. Fleets of new vehicles were bought, faster than ever, and fitted out with the latest hi-tech tracking and apprehending tools, and of course, better hand guns.

But most of the more serious weaponry outside of the military, was owned by the lower classes. But they were up against it anyway, and had been essentially since 1788.

But they could not organize themselves. Not for want of trying, nor for personal abilities.

The British, US., and Australian upper political class secret services had long earlier infiltrated most lower class groups of military-minded blokes and sheilas, and well before any of them had a chance, the spies had been zapping their innocent heads with really bad witchcraft, such that any organization by the lower classes was thrown into chaos or divisive argument before it could get off the sofa.

Lots of them had done their stint in the forces, either simply so-as to get a job, a trade, and a regular feed, on top of the healthy sides of the military life of discipline.

But in by far the majority of cases, the soldiers, sailors and airforce personnel came out tougher, and too hard for society. Basically damaged by the draconian methods used to bring them up to 'kill' standard.

If they weren't simply brutalized by the tough-as-nails disciplinarians, they were bastardized into being living breathing vessels of resentment, with nary a care about others, nary a care about social mores, ethics and laws.

Outside, after their voluntary or conscripted years of service, they pursued lives of hard and low ethos, of next to no refinements, nor openmindedness to try make their minds more refined, up to anything near the upper classes, and their 'fineries' of opera, the classics, or simple, but affected, graciousness.

Not always, of course.

But as per most veterans, returned service personnel, the 'Vet Affairs' departments preferred to ignore their post war maladies. So the able of them shifted away from the cities and settled in rural and remote places, which did nothing for their mental health, what with the already settled people's descending from the most rugged convict populations, and always forgotten by the state and federal governments, so they rotted mentally, and descended into a brutal malaise of towns and lesser, corrupted and busted, parochials, looking at strangers with wary and ever-ready to bight, eyes, minds and fists.

Added to and enforcing the paucity of morality, was the multinational corporate agricultural agendas.

Monsanto's chemical rampage, fooled the farming populations that chemicals were the way forward for the future generations, and were more economical than using the ancient methods of fallow fields and rotating crops, with mixes of local natural plants and fauna to keep the soils healthy.


Then the 'wheat board' types, of church-schooled boffins, upper class, over-educated offshore executives and bankers, most of whom knew not the first things about how best to treat the land, long term, for maximum productivity AND maximum sustainability, and who only saw the bottomline of profits as the priority, who forced the 'farmers', new and old, to follow what they recommended, in how big a field should be, how big therefore the machinery had to be, how much therefore they'd have to fertilize the land, for maximum return - short term.

And so the land died. But! It was always possible, to bring it back to life, with chemicals!

Not so, any Integrity the people might have found and secured in their rural calmness.

Banks were increasingly on their backs to produce more, to buy bigger equipment, more stock, rah rah rah.

So 'community' became a bit of a term of mockery, although no-one used it overtly disparagingly.

Cities, on the other hand, were long gone to self-interest.

So the nation was basically a shattered mess, with no more than crime gangs keeping any collective discipline.

So once the guns were bought back off the lower classes, many prior to, avid Unionists, and many, making the efforts to learn what they could, from an eager and genuine Union leadership, about politics, economics, and, how to fire all sorts of small arms, make molotovs, make diesel and fertilizer bombs, and lots of other Righteous means of protecting their country from an invasion, or from a military-style take-over by their own governments and/or the religious and political classes who owned the police forces, the 'umphff!' went out of lots of us, and they took the futility road to a quite life away from the heat, wherever they could.

Middle-urbania, quiet rural towns, small farms away from prying eyes, and from foreign tourists-cum-land-hunters, or, right into the fast lanes of modernity, buying some hot new car number and becoming zingheaded inner urbanites, forgetting the serous ethics of a healthy mind and life, for the thrills of the night life, etc.

Who could blame them?

Trying for that shangri la of utopia, of the Agrarian Socialist lifestyle, no mortgage, no debt, no bad attitudes, no foreign speculators pressuring everyone to play it their way, just happy little communities of happy Jack and Jills with bunches of ruggies playing in the scrub.

A myth, sadly.

So the reality being rather more vicious and a long way from that galaxy, the most of the workers had no choice but to go quietly, into the mists of unrighteous anonymity.

They heard, and, as oft' with only half an eye, or half an ear tuned to the evening news, the bullshit media played them, about 'asylum seekers', another shooting on Sinny's streets,
another child sex abuse victim being awarded well for some pedophile priest banging them 30 years ago, rifts with our northern neighbors, massive storms wrecking exposed nations, and vague suggestions that we were being used by the US military industrial complex as their 'pivot to Asia'.

By 2017 we were so disarmed by government campaigns and media propaganda, that when the US did come here, they weren't preparing us as their foot step to invade Asia, but we, most of us, didn't give a shit.

We were so laid out by the media and political bullshit and the pharmaceutical sleepers we were on, we didn't see it coming.

The US was slowly, by then for over 20 years - but HEY! The yanks had been slowly taking us over since world war 2 - dulling us down so we'd be putty in their hands when they came in mass, 400,000 highly armed and trained troops on our soils, to take our soils from under us!

Little did any of us, outside of those in the political class and in media paid to shut the fuck up, about the true facts of why we were being given the shit we were being given, little did any of the majority stay awake and intelligent enough to deduce that the yanks were not in the least interested in invading South East Asia again, and as for them launching a war on China - HA! Even the yanks aren't that silly!

And why would they? The last thing an economically strapped, over weaponised and generally fucked nation even as big and brutal as the US is, would want is to either war against anyone of the Asian nations, all with much larger militarys, all decidedly anti-American, and all too big to wipe out, for their over-populated lands!

Nah! Australia was their destination!

23 million people! HAHAHA! Piece of cake, mayte!

No private stashes of weapons! EeezEE!

And a military the Haitians could defeat!

And a bunch of softheaded, self-interested spoiled 1st worlders who knew nothing about war, or about even making a few weapons to defend their own backyards, let alone the biggest island on earth!

And, they voted in their political parties,who opened the doors for the yanks to wander in and take over!


The real screw-up was, however, that the extreme right wing christian and zionist jews of the USA, were utterly fanatical against Islam, and so in their plans to invade and take over the world's number one patch of underdeveloped real estate - Australia - they saw it as their path also to deal a blow to Islam in Indonesia, from below, as-it-were.

But Indonesia's leadership were not nearly as dim as we Aussies, and with their intel, they'd assessed this scenario, and saw that the hubris of the new Australian PM, the idiot Abbott, was an act to unsettle them.

Abbott was told by his US corporate masters to stir the possum in relations between us and the Indonesians, so-as to upset them, and thus begin the decline in their kind of 'comfortable' relationship, which enabled both political classes, of both countries, to enjoy the spoils of their combined occupation of the islands of Papua, and the many small ones, rich in minerals.

America, being the most consumptive nation on earth, per capita, wanted all the resources they could get, and how was not an issue. They had the most nuclear weapons.

So, in their minds, quite insane minds as the wise knew, they nevertheless, believed the nukes would have everyone drop to their knees, and let them take the booty.

Meanwhile, diplomatic madness was peaking, and all sides, all large forces, were talking to each other, about who should make the first move on Australia, and given a certain result, would it matter how the rest of them joined the first strike forces, to secure Australia for the upper classes of the most well armed most over-consumptive nations?

We weren't in on the talks, as it happened.

Most of the decisions made by the Chinese and Americans were not passed down to our great leader Tiny Habit, or his deputies.

So the rest of us had to guess.

A lot of us knew, for having been stupid enough to rush to join the Hell's Angels over the decades since their first entrance here in the late 1960s.

Of course, the Angels never told any Australians.

But books and news articles leaked over the Pacific from the USA, and lots of us knew that the Angels were not an Outlaw mob, but were the henchmen for the extreme right wing christians, evangelicals, baptists, methodists, and their masters, the freemasons, who were long time fanatical fuckwits out [like totally zoned-out in trances from the golden calf tribe black hole gang jewish witches] to do the work for zionist Israel, and stomp the Muslims, so the jews could take the whole of the planet's real estate, and gold, gold GOLD [ve lerv zee gold, darlinx!].

So, by 2014, things in Australia were a right [wing] mess, with the British nutters from MI6 trying everything to calm their products, the USA's CIA agents, down enough to let the poms keep Australia.

But the yanks, materialists in the extreme, but not totally stupid, did recall the evils the poms had pursued since 1776, in subverting the Americans Independence, right up til the present day. So the yanks were not really interested in sharing anything with old England. Nor old Eurape, either.

And, as China had bought up most of America's debts before and after the 2007 GFC, China basically owned the USA's land, via the failed, bad loan mortgages. So China basically had the call for America to invade Australia, then walk in later and share the booty with them.

Meanwhile, poor dumb as electric toothbrushes Australians, could only sit in the gutters and watch the invasion take their wealth, and their false happiness, for a bunk bed in military hostels, and 2 meals a day in military style canteens.

Shit aye?
But at least they gave us jobs jobs jobs!

Wages? Salaries? HA!

A bunk bed, 2 meals a day, 12 hours a day work, and Satdees to recover!

Argh! Paradise!

Good on yer Aussie!

Let's go to tha footeee!?

Nah! Y' don' wanna see what they're doing in the footy stadiums!

I might get to writing something toward what REAL Outlaws do with their time, soon?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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