ACCC Talking BULLSHIT Again About Privatizing Public Assets

140106 JUST DEFIANCE ACCC Talking BULLSHIT Again Edition

For unAustralian readers, ie., for yoos foreignersAstrayliar is being dragged even further down under, into the bottomless abyss/pit/ditch of CRAPitalist private ownership of everything the world once knew as 'public utilities'.

Since the last federal election, and flip-side of the coin of corrupt parliament, the 'LNP' or Liberal-National-Party [here, the right wing offshore corporate elite scum, aka our actual owners, the IMF Brit-Euro pro-monarchy cabal, did their Orwellian best as far back as the late 1940s, by plagiarizing the term 'liberal' and adopting it as their actually extreme right wing political brand-name, aka 'the Liberal party'. So-o-o-o typical!

Nevertheless..., the flip-side of the two party offshore ILO/IMF cabal, the Lib-Nats, or the LNP, have gone their usual errant way of selling-off as many publicly-owned facilities as they can get away with, and have filled public authorities with even more right wing and toothless, as well as gutless but ideologically-supportive mouth-pieces, to advocate and institute the most disgusting, anti-social, inhumane attitudes and policies, so far right wing as to be but the 52nd state of the USA. Which we've been since world war two, as it happens. Whadeverrr!

But this mourning, I happened to turn the radio on while this interview was in swing. 'Coincidence'? There's no such thing!

After but a few sentences, I was so, SO, SO-O-O-! O! infuriated, that I cracked-up the lappie, and flung these words onto the hard-drive. 

 Now, after 16 hours, and some editing, 

I present to the world,

to the UNIVERSE, 

my mini-treatise on why 


against any, ANY, further privatization of public utilities.

Sounds pretty DRAMATIC, aye? 

Well, it's only the TRUE 'logic of efficiency' behind public utilities, 'logic' which is supported by Evidence-based, Economic Science, as defined and expounded by the Greatest American Economist of the 19th century, Mr Henry George, and makes pretty clear the argument as to why we should not let ourselves be fooled by these types of smooth-talking corporate assholes into allowing any government to sell off our public infrastructure/s.

Here's an early-mourning's 

Dissident's BITCH!

So, infrastructure 'utilities', the things that we all need, use and share, like electricity, public transport, public schools, postal services, public hospitals, public health as-in Medicare, drainage, sewerage, water, refuse collection, rubbish tips aka refuse stations, roads, telecommunications, parks and gardens, state forests and national parks, are rebranded to being 'assets', and the ACCC head, Rod Simms, states that better efficiency of these services is definitely found when they are owned by the private sector.

The man is either seriously badly and perniciously indoctrinated, evil, or an utter fool.

Or, all 3, 4, and 5.

As always, these mouthpieces for foreign ownership multinational corporations, 'trim' their comments to omit other raw truths, such as the obvious, in this 'debate', that 'the private sector' by definition, working primarily to make a profit, have to include a 'profit margin' in everything they sell, or manage.

Therefore it is impossible for them to be more economical for the 'end-user', the customers.

Yes, his main point, that private industry is more 'efficient', has some merit, in that they have to watch and keep their own outgoing costs down as low as they can - which has terrible implications for the final product's quality, and supply quality of service and workmanship.

But they do this not so as to ensure the customer gets the best possible service or product, obviously that it not a consideration, but purely, and contrary to the purpose of the 'public utility', or 'asset', they provide, the private sector do this for entirely corporate self-interest.

And corporate self-interest is the exact opposite of the concept and fundamental Common Wealth Ethos of an equitable sharing for the benefit of all 'the public' users.

And, his assertion that the private sector is more efficient, is flawed, because all private-sector participants must make a profit on everything they produce and sell, which has to effect the end-price to the user, what with every private sector producer or provider of each part and service skimming their little margin of profit off at each level, in the chain of manufacture, service and provision.

In the end, 'efficiency' is new-speak for 'cheapest possible quality', 'maximum corporate profit', and, 'the user be damned'.

For goods, products and services used by the majority, such as what were called 'utilities', such as those mentioned above, ie., 'electricity, public transport, public schools, postal services, public hospitals, public health as-in Medicare, drainage, sewerage, water, refuse collection, rubbish tips aka refuse stations, roads, telecommunications, parks and gardens, state forests and national parks', ET cetera, now rebranded 'assets', the last thing they/we/any user needs, but especially those who have to buy or contribute to the cost, is low quality product, because the 'efficiencies' are lost over the long term because the cheap shit wears out sooner and has to be replaced.

And thus, the whole chain of manufacture, supply, fitment and maintenance starts over, costing 'the end user', who used to be 'the public', at least twice the original cost.

PLUS, on top of that doubling, or as usually is the case, closer to a quadrupling of effort and costs, over the lives of the faster-worn-out cheap shit products [think - NSW roads!], are the ALWAYS starkly-inflated 'profit-margins' each manufacturer/supplier/provider asserts they must include, so they can stay selfish profiteers off the public's pockets.

These are the real reasons why such service costs rise.

And Mr Simms, also advocates privatizing Medicare and amongst other public services, Australia Post.

This interview by Marius Venson heard this mourning on ABC News Radio, of the ACCC, Australian Consumer C-something Commission, adds to my allegations since the last federal election that the AEC, the Australian Electoral Commission, the body which runs and oversees the lost ballots and fixed-outcomes in all our elections, is but another bent and broken government body, which exists not for the benefit of all Australians, but for the profits of their offshore masters in Corruption-Central Inc., Britain and Eurape's elite dynastic corporate monarchies.

ET cetera!

I add to this that while Marius Venson does seem to be a sharp, intelligent, critical and often cynical journalist, as with this interview he did with the ACCC senior executive, Marius let the listener down by not tackling the obvious false and weak arguments put by the interviewee, namely against the points I mention above.

That the ABC lets such roaring falsities go through to the keeper, and are not 'hit for six' by the persons receiving the ball-shsh it, aka the interviewers, points the obvious out, that the ABC is an evil cunt of an institution, run by masters of darkness, employing selfish, spoiled over-indoctrinated private-school trolls, for nothing but the end of the world, aka, totalitarian New World Order global government, run by the world''s biggest fraud, their fabricated Jesus.

And, it is NO surprise, that the ABC, is owned by - the government!

O! 'the government' is owned by the offshore magnates of Brit-Eurape's super-elite dynastic monarchies.

More commonly referred to each day as, 'the lords of sick'!


'Left'. 'Right'.
'Labor'. 'Liberal'.
'Catholic'. 'Protestant'.
'Zionist'. 'Freemason'.
'Illuminati'. 'Club of Rome'.
'Theosophical Society'.
Captains of CRAPitalist industry.
ET cetera and et al.

Shoot the lot of them!” said that man over.... THERE!

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