The Masters, the True Magi, knew this.

The Masters, the True Magi, knew this.

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Wrote the bold font piece onto my Twitter account last year, then found it was too long. So I voice recorded it, and found it again today, on my phone, so transcribed it, and here 'tis, posted,

[I hope, seeing as the Illuminati are now also my enemies?
Should I care? I've pissed-off about every large and brutal organization on earth by now, whether because of the devils who occupy my soul, or because I'm just so fucking tough and fearless, and intelligent, to see they're all evil bastards so, demand my snakebites.]

But hearing it again this mourning, I decided to write it out for blogging, because from my strange place in the unreality, it still 'appears' to have some merit.

I discovered in my 50's that mum's catholic & freemason zionist secret society, aka a totally warped and insane cult of spoiled overly wealthy witches, created me to be their 'world teacher'.

So, stunned 'til my death, I DEFY! And live exiled, an outlaw, a permanent skeptic of everything from modern culture.

aka, 'the world's most powerful grump'.

I regard my, the, Human Intellect, as more important, more valuable, than religious 'faith', which is really a cover word for 'witchcraft', and use the Intellect Scientifically, to deduce and divine, how best to think, act and perceive life, and the world.

I believe 'magic' must only be used through this lens,

and that,

1, to use witchcraft any other way, is to bring disaster,
2, that the Masters, the True Magi, knew this, and lived and engaged their occult powers and the world, aka, the Universe, in sacred, strict accordance with such Wisdom.

Since then, I've discerned, in just the last week or so, that mum, and my sister, older by 7 years, are actually in-deep with the ill-famed, possibly 'evil' Illuminati.

Right now, I'm stuck again, in a conundrum.

I assess, from the accumulation of world news events, notably from the 'Airplanes in Buildings Day' of '9/11' 2001, and a plethora of others, and people stated by 'fringe' online media organizations as being members of the alleged fictional cult, that the Illuminati is evil.

However, it seems to have other aspects, of which I only know the shallowest things, information and facts, which might, might, put it into a less evil light?

Being totally marginalized, by them I think, but by other occultist psychos, some, the Illuminati's enemies, some, just evil cunts wanting to do me harm, this mythical super human, alien, program, depending upon which 'program' one chooses, or is fed, to believe, and with my terribly poor reading skills, another negative of my miserable lot, made so by my programmers, I am right out of the circles of informed opinions, and of any solid knowledge about the Illuminati, and others, 'pretendly' to me and otherwise.

So, I got to guess and assume and research via unreliable mediums like the daily ABC radio news, and the internet, and rare, occasional snippets of information someone manages to pass on to me, then deduce, what is correct about them. But, more importantly to myself, about what I am to them?

Am I their enemy, created by mum and either her catholic convent's matriarchal cult? Plus, her adopting great-grandparents were freemasons?

Or am I made by them to be their superking of zion?

Whatever? The shit I've had laid on me since not just my birth, but since my conception, psychically, by mum and all around me, has dragged out the strange and immense powers I have.

[Nothing to do with this bullshit myth that I'm a god, or descended from Jesus, and Merlin.]

So, they obviously built me to take on some powerful occult foes, or to effect a dramatic single or series of events enough to shake the shit out of the 'unbelievers' or summit?


From what I've dug up, it's quite likely they built me to wipe out huge numbers of innocent, not-1st-world, non-white, non-judeo-christian peoples, and their far far more Intelligent, Wise, Honorable, Noble and Peaceful Cultures.

So, I Resist, in Just Defiance.

So to know whether the Illuminati is 'Good Guys' or evil scum, is up-in-the-air for myself.

But thus far, even while it seems to be very anti-christian, so gets a point from me, I reckon it's magic gone bad, real real bad.

The probability is that the 'players', it's leadership and membership, have been hypnotized by the 'elders', themselves long ago lost of the True Path of Righteous Ways [refer to any records of the history of Britain and Eurape from zero AD to today, to see the monarchs and kind were always warring] and as I wrote in another piece the other day referring to the Illuminati, 'players' do not really get the option of saying yes or no to becoming a member.

Somehow, I think one can only 'join' if one is asked?

I assume, that to say no, is deeply offensive to the cult members' 'pride', and so is taken as a heinous insult, to whit there must be 'REVENGE'.

Typical shallow egomaniacal wankers, if you ask me?

But, it does seem that the species is being, or has been overwhelmed by an insane mindset, which cannot think intelligently, and, as in the mentioned piece written, but not blogged yet, I'm pretty certain that the more one uses magic, the occult, witchcraft, the less one's mind is opened to the higher levels we know as 'Intelligence'.

However? What is 'real'?

I do not hear, read or see any Reason - as-in Wisdom, or 'balanced consideration' of much of what they do, say, and I assume therefore, think - amongst those who appear to me to be witches, nor in those who pretty-clearly show themselves to be members of the Illuminati.

That, as usual, is a generalization.

Whether there are more exceptions to that, if it is 'the rule', than the general situation amongst users of magic, I cannot know, but 'feel' that generally, magic, especially when used completely in one's existence, has a detrimental effect on one's mind, on one's intellectual faculty/s' abilities to correctly discern what to do, how to do it, and, when, ET cetera, thus has a detrimental effect on the world one's fuck-ups land-in.

Sure, I'm implored by all, to 'come online' in terms of opening my third eye, etc, and do understand how it is the greater freedom all cultures and ages since 'the fall', have alluded to, dreamed of and recommended as the thing humans were, and have most to work for, or to becoming. Or something?

However..., I am in a rather peculiar situation, rather the most exceptional character, or 'program' on earth.

So, while I'm undecided as to how 'evil' or 'Good' the Illuminati is, and until - no, it ain't gonna happen - someone can give me concrete boots - NO! - concrete information, facts, insight and explanation/s about my role on earth, in this 'dramatic' new age, era, order, epoch, I DEFY!

However, going back to the top of this piece, and the opening paragraphs, which I tried unsuccessfully to put on my Twitter account when I had one, what I wrote, does seem to have 'deeeep' credence, even in this fast-moving/changing/shaking/exciting/spellbinding period on earth.

So..., I guess it's....,

FUCK YOU! again?



As per usual?

Ho-hum? Another shitty day at the office......

'Tother day in my mental musings, as always trying to sort out fact from fiction about myself, and the apparent situation that I'm being set-up in, as a false Jesus on the rebound, and, in the e-ssay I mention above, yet to post on these blog pages, I wrote about a bloke I was in the same room with, who greeted me one day with “The Merovingian, aye?”.

Then, if or not, I'd red 'The Da Vinci Code', I didn't know exactly who or what he meant. I have read that book, but must have missed the chapter if there was one or more, which gives the details about who, and what, the Merovingian is/was/or will be, regards the church and masons and the illuminati as referred to, central to Dan Brown's fiction.

And wandering across the internet as one does when one hasn't got a life, the name came up a few times. So it struck me to serf and find out 'what or who is 'the Merovingian'?'

Oooowh, shit!

A few pages came up referring in some detail to The Matrix series of hollywood movies, and that a bloke, or, as per the movie, a 'program' appearing in 2 as a bloke, known as 'the Merovingian'.

Guess I'm gonna rent them too?

I found inneresting opinion-pieces by Matrix fans and 'experts', which I bookmarked to read again, 'cause one of them had some inneresting ideas about what the character is meant to represent.

'A program trapped' by some programmers, possibly the fictional or factual [who knows?] creators of the matrix it/themselves, and something about being an in-between character of the 2 'good and evil' sides. As well as other stuff.

On first read, shallow as I'm only able first read to do, I did identify with a few of his alleged 'traits'. 'Trapped' for one!

Others too.

But, I was looking for reference to the Da Vinci Code's reference, but 1, was distracted, and 2, the battery went flaaatT. SHIT!!!

I was distracted by other historical documents about the same bloke, or the clan and cult of 6th century AD Ferengis, Frenchies, the Merovingians themselves. A clan who had kings and things for a few centuries, and who held a large 'farm' called 'Austrasia' across most of what's modern day France, and Germany too.

Wikipedia as usual, done real good with heaps of history about the mad bastards.

Then, I copied one about where they are said to have come from.


Or, AAAARRRRGH?!@#$%?!

The article was 'one of them'.

Written by a 'female' no less, conspiracy theorist with shitloads of “I wanna believe this so I'm gunna!” stuff, about them being descendents of Jesus, and further back, way further back, from 'gods' who were fish, and who came from the fish star, NO the dog star, Sirius, or somewhere way out there, and who made humans to be their slaves.

ET..... cet...errrr...argh?

Well..., they could've been from Jesus and Mary Magdalene after his bad day at Golgotha?

But, sorry dear, it's nice to think people who're rich enough to make a buck out of weak cases, and poor scientific-deduction skills, and can read lots of history and conspiracy theories and then write books think god is coming back, and that I'm it. 'It'.

Mum's first name is French. 'Adrienne' and means, 'dark one'.

To me, yep! 'dark one' orright, what with her sticking it up me lifelong. “You don't know how lucky you are, my boy!” she'd say emphatically to me as I lay scrunched up on my bed, with every possible muscle tensed to the maximum, in psychic and psychological agony, as she peered for long periods, perhaps sometimes, hours at a time, 'into' me, plying me with her witches bones. And, never did she tell me why, what she was actually doing, and about the family's passed or, my shitful yet fabulously famous and immensely wealthy future. And the heaps of other stuff she's done. ET cetera.

But..., she also insists it's all my fault. Implying as usual for white catholic females, that she's entirely innocent as a saint.

But..., her first name is more likely a veiled reference to her actual genetic origins, of Gunai Aborigine. Everyone knows the rest. She may even be a full blood?

I s'pose “I wanna believe this so I'm gunna!” conspiracy theorists not so fucking tough, fearless and intelligent as this one, would say that her middle name 'Helen' meaning 'bright one' has roots in some ancient 'Helen' of Paris or such, so 'proving' she's really a nigger from Ferengi-ville, and IS the great grand daughter of Jesus and Mary themselves, or - summit?

Yerr? [Denoting 'extreme skepticynicism']

I mean...! Some say Jesus was Bleck!

I gotto say, that since my late teen years, I've had occasion to look 'askance' but silently at mum, asking myself whether she has some hidden belief about 1, herself, 'does she think she's the virgin mother, or someone like that?', and 2, about what she has in her scheming little mind, planned for ME?


That millions believe so much about these innumerable stories, myths, fantasies, ET cetera, about - Jesus - human origins - Atlantis - alien races - fish-people - gods-to-monarchs - the coming world king - aka me-fucking-ME, kinda blows me away.

Bleck Fulla don't!

And, that's Good Enough, for me!

Ho-hum? Another shitty day at the office......

Still doesn't answer my questions though, about 'what' I am to the Illuminati.

And, are they a better mob of all the fucking sicko whiteguys of the larger Brit-Euro-USA[-Astrayliarn] bad bunch? REAL bad mad bunch!

What or whoever I am to them, to the freemasons, to the catholics-prodies-jews-witches, and Atheists, it does look like I'm the richest bloke ever to walk the earth?


It should inspire me to 'get it on'. To 'GET IT OOOORRRN!!!!'

Pity 'bout that, Chief!” said Max.


Time for a drink....

Only the TRUTH will set you me and the fish free!

So.., to reiterate...

I regard my, the, Human Intellect, as more important, more valuable, than religious 'faith', which is really a cover word for 'witchcraft', and use the Intellect Scientifically, to deduce and divine, how best to think, act and perceive life, and the world.

I believe 'magic' must only be used through this lens,

and that,

1, to use witchcraft any other way, is to bring disaster,
2, that the Masters, the True Magi, knew this, and lived and engaged their occult powers and the world, aka, the Universe, in sacred, strict accordance with such Wisdom.

However, I also believe that the idiots with witchcraft - all western judeo-christian religions, and their mainly western, usually white-skinned opponents, have over the last several thousand years, been very, very mentally ill, in-the-main, precisely because of the unintelligent abuses of witchcraft [which craft??? Derr!], as per the historical 'golden calf tribes' of materialism, who Moses and his band of wandering jews were overcome by, and for all that, and their ceaseless spread/expansionism/colonialism/evangelicalism, it's far too late for us, or the majority now absorbed and entranced by their errant FUCK EVERYTHING culture, to stop abusing everything our hypnotized eyes and minds see/hear/feel/smell/taste and want-want-want, and so the end of this global program is upon us.


Unless, mum says sorry.

And, the scumsuckers keeping me out of house, home, a large stable full of motorbikes, and out of some spunk to bang, don't repair the damage to my program, say SORRY, with feeling, like such that I'm 'feeling' about TEN MILLION BRITISH POUNDS STERLING in my hands, and give me the body guards hollywood portrays me as having, to keep the wankers well away from the 5,000 acre hobby farm the scum are also sorting out for me to run away from YOU to.

In Gippsland!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

  Commander Notorious  
  General War Pig  

Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor