NSA Collecting Your Souls

140117 NSA Collecting Your Souls JUST DEFIANCE

NSA extracts location, contacts and financial transactions
'Dishfire' program sweeps up 'pretty much everything it can'
GCHQ using database to search metadata from UK numbers
James Ball in New York
The Guardian, Thursday 16 January 2014 13.55 EST


Well..? From the forests, learning about the dark side of the species, and it's acceleration into cyber-and-hyper-space, and the insane and frantic rush by all powerbrokers of the day to 'own' as many people, aka 'souls' as they can, it strikes me that most all of this new wave of 'spying' and monitoring and gathering info on as many of us as all modern nutcase megalomaniacal regimes can, as 'new' as it might be, is not so much to get handles on our buying trends, nor about al quieda, or other 'terrorist' orgs, but more about gaining numbers to, as one comment suggests, 'blackmail' us into allying ourselves with them. Whoever 'them' is?

The not-so-long-ago 'mythical' or fictitious tales of psychotic cults, such as the Illuminati, excited conspiracy theorists, and Dan Brown et al, made the secret society concept a favorite amongst 'do-nothings' who liked dreaming up evil plots, etc.

Today, anyone who mocks the idea or existence of that particular club of rich witches, has problems, which may include being a part of what is not mythical, or - which is not bullshit. Or, hoping, waiting, for 'the knock' on their door asking them to sign-up? ["NEW CAR? Sure!!!"]

The Illuminati is judeo-christian religious fervor gone over the top, in the leading western world of failed states and oligarchs refusing to face their own madnesses.

Another try by the failing western bullshit religions to rebrand their cults and suck in more nubiles, youth and hungering, frightened psycho-maniacs, before they go under. Forever, we hope.

And this modern [telecoms, hi-tech] means of 'capturing souls' is a favorite, like corporate capitalism, of theirs, as said, by any means, be-it blackmail, seduction, bribes or other threatening methods. However, 'threats' usually accompany all other offers, spoken or not.

Because it, their 'powerbase', the occult, is such a frightening side of our innate human capabilities, few are game to express public concern.

Exactly how 'they' like us to be. Shit-scared silent.

The 'NSA' is but the service.

We [ remember 'We, The People!' ? ] have to dig deeper, and fearlessly expose the powerbrokers who're telling the NSA, GCHQ, etc etc., what to do, who to target, who to harass, terrorize, destroy, or they'll just keep trampling all natural, ethical and honorable aspects of our humanity into the dirt.

Power corrupts, etc.

This type of corrupt abuse of power, is our worst psychosis, feeds upon itself, and grows exponentially, while 'we' fear it.

All western 'politicians' 'left and right' today, [say and] do nothing practical about this madness, because they too, perhaps most, are caught-up in the leading cults, the churches [temples] and synagogues, etc., are shit-scared by the propagators, of the propagators, who are also, caught by the same false fears, from someone, somewhere earlier in their lives.

'Abandon hope!' is our future, while we cannot 'abandon fear!'

''Fear' in 'us', in most cases in the 1st world, aka, the 'global upper class', is founded on selfish wants to stay spoiled in opulent stupidity.

That, is fed by the disgusting trends, marketed trends, toward self-centred [religious] ideology and capitalist ignorance. Today, it's not anymore 'personal', but totally 'cultural'.

Those, are driven by the global elite. The 'lords of sick', who've so lost the plot, we, the People are their most feared enemies.

So, should 'We', be afraid of those spoiled weaklings who use these hi-tech, and other methods, to keep us at bay, because they, are shit-scared, of US?

A Strong and Safe Community is not made up of lots of selfish, frightened idiots.

A Strong and Safe Community is made up of People who know that sharing is the Principle factor, from the bottom to the top, of things we possess.

But hey, I might be getting a bit COMMUNIST, there. so fear-on, whiteguys!



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