My Comment on watching Ed Snowden's Russia interview

140128/9 12160 My Comment on watching Ed Snowden's Russia interview

Receiving email notifications from the US website 12160 I got one yesserday with a link to a video interview with Edward Snowden Whistleblower.

It being Ed, I did the unusual, and watched it the full 30 minutes.

Glad I did.

Ed, still a young, but perhaps typically astute Dude, bright, and it seems, a 'Convert' from the dark side of CIA, NSA, private corporate spy games madhouses, to being a Noble Warrior for the larger Global Human Justice, spoke candidly about these really more important isshhooos than the political class are gutsy enough, nor Honorable enough, to address.
I had a fleeting observation that he is actually a 'program' as per 'The Matrix', and is a compilation of Julian Assange, and Chelsea Manning?
He shows traits of both, in entirely Intellectual ways and mannerisms, methinks.
I hope he is savvy enough to not take offense at that? I think he is, and will laugh at it, possibly even agreeing with it to some extent?
Nevertheless, being the bloke/program I am, I watched the video with my 'personality/character assessment' software running in the back of the eye sockets.
Thus, it observed:
We all have 'ego' the pleasant experience of being some level of 'the centre of attention'.
I spotted this, well back of his intellectual and Noble character traits, in Julian Assange, in the several video interviews and speeches of him I've watched.
Being essentially 'egoless' but probably not, I look at it in others assessing it's rectitude. It is necessary, even in these sort of roles people play and are thrust into, out of cult directions or their own Noble Paths.
So if Ed and Julian, and Chelsea, show their ego's side, they and we have to observe it's 'levels', and if it is on the OK setting, or if it is in danger of taking over, and putting fame and the oft' usual fortune before the 'Cause'?
“The proof is in the pudding” as they say. If they can be happy, jocular, easy-going in this type of media, and further if any reach higher public roles/places and even authority, while at-once keeping THE Ishooes in prime focus, all-the-better.
But, it's a seriously hard game, in those echelons of 'Disclosure' against every sordid attempt by all sides to put one up there on the bullshit pedestal/s.
This adds credibility to my basic arguments, now of over 2 decades, based principally upon my own false god bullshit existence, and the Best Way for Humanity to 'Self-Govern', from
places like national executives, down to our own little bedroom egoism, and pleasure-deserving lives.
That being, that we must 'Mature' Collectively, abandon the outright fraud and evil of all common, popular mediated and propagandized 'centrist' christian-type leadership and government, be it theocratic, military, or civil.

Law is God!

All Humans can know the True Eternal Universal Laws, taught and learned very easily. They need very few technological invcentions and packages to learn and store and have remain known and in the forefront of all we do.

In fact, the Common Knowledge, Dissemination, Institutionalization of True Land Distribution Laws, when Properly understood and Effected - Globally, of course, can thereafter take a back seat in what we do and how we do it.

Properly effected, it and government, 'runs like an OS software program', in the background. Most of the time, everyone is not even conscious of it, outside of an intelligent, informed, knowledgeable comprehension of it's Rectitude, place and provision of True, lasting Security, for everyone.

We should see from this explanation [my own interpretation], that government thereafter is scaled back and were are freer to pursue genuinely healthy ways, lifestyles, occupations and pastimes.

Everyone knows the Universal Laws, and sees their Good, and Trusts, the world, at last.

What a lot of - hyperbola. Good though, ain't it?

Here's what I wrote to the 12160 website, which hosted the Ed Snowden interview...;

Watched the 30 minute interview in Russia with Ed Snowden.

Good on Ya' Ed! Ya Done Good!

Soon after he made the news, I drew a poster about these 'spy-fanaticisms'.

I'll try post it here....

[Australia's ex-government-owned telecom corp, is called "Telstra". I changed the poster to read "Helstra" at the last minute before putting it on my blog, as, while I've had SERIOUS bill and connectivity ISHOOOOS with the pricks for ooowh? about 30 years, and every time I'd blog post or even email something against them or CRAPitalism generally, they'd fuck with my connections. Their sickos, no question.]

[Apologies to Chelsea Manning, for not updating Her name in the poster?]

Julian Assange, most here at 12160 probably knew, tried, from the London Embassy of Ecuador, to nominate as a candidate for the Australian federal Senate.

He, and the WikiLeaks Party, bombed, sadly.

It ain't over yet, though. Australia is the sickest it's been in politics since the Eureka Stockade in 1854 or so.

Ed Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, are World Class Champions.

I avoid the word 'hero', because toooo many so-called 'heroes' are foisted up on pedestals, when most if not all, are not wanting that type of recognition or response from the political class, or the public.

Especially today, like ALL elections in western 'Democracies', people are made into 'heroes' messiahs, false gods, et al, by the elite, and are forced to become false people, or so, totally misrepresenting their own true character/s, and ALL, always fail the electorate.

None of these three, Assange, Manning and Snowden, saw, nor see themselves as 'heroes'.

All they think of themselves is that someone has the Duty to make things known to their own fellow citizens, that no-one else was in the position they found themselves in [though they'd agree that that's never quite true, 'cause there's MILLIONS of less honorable dudes working in similar places], in terms of access to the information, and in terms of asking themselves that BIG Ethical and Moral question of "Do I stay a coward, take the bribes [wage or salary], do the evil fucking work for these parasite corporations, and get rich living out a bullshit life of silence about stuff that is fucking up my own people?", ET cetera.

These Champions knew the answer, and took the right steps.

We who let their lives be left to run out under constant threat by the mad cunts in the 'national security class' of all nations, without doing anything to both further their Noble Cause/s, and to lobby whomever - Jack and Jill next door! - for their release and correction to their records, are nobody's friends.

like so many who were close mates, but were turned into my best enemies, [for political and family reasons], paid to shit on me, people who ignore the efforts and Honor fo the likes of these three guys, are only ever, as I call them, 'pretendlies' to everyone, and genuine 'friends' to no-one.

As for 'trusting' them? HA!

I wouldn't have them near me in any war.

I Salute Assange, Manning and Snowden.

It ain't over Dudes, until the Red Flag flies on every government house!

Comment by Common Law 10 hours ago
We must fight to support all whistle-blowers. Its the least we can do from out armchairs

Reply to 'Common Law' by JUST DEFIANCE
140129 11:30

Of course, 'Common Law'. But isn't there a slight obfuscation by saying "from our armchairs"?

I've been exiled and isolated from Astrayliarn society for 19 years now, 'homeless', or 'Nomadic' or any other description, and so NO information gets through to me 'as-it-happens' so-to-say. I have to figure-out why things are as they are, myself.

I see, from this forest, that people are scared by stuff I know little about. Perhaps it IS aliens?

But it's clear THE issue humanity has to face up to and address, is kept under the elites' rug by cops and their 'civilian' 'Hell's thugs', so we get plastered with utter evasive garbage in media, avoiding it like it's the plague.

[Whether any of it is real, I don't really know. It is likely all a shitful bad dream I'm stuck in. Classic 'The Matrix' shit, of being but a program held captive by 'alien' or other rogue programs, so I can't get up and be more effective. In the decades passed, I did, and was shit on from a great height, slammed in jail, threatened and on the run for years. Now, absent of trust of anyone/everyone, I do it via the 'net, and still get shit on. But as no-one admits they know about my 'voice', at least I don't get arrested and whacked inside. That's what I will not let happen, while pushing the boundaries on the fine line between say 'sedition' and political protest.]

But 'from our armchairs' is to my mind 'siding' with the bad guys, by holding onto our 'safe' apartment or house, and land, thus being forced by that want, that desire, to have the general material possessions around us, we leave ourselves open to being blackmailed by the thug-elite, and so take a back seat in any fight for a more Just world.

If I was to say how a Dissident Population were to be most effective, I'd say we have to abandon the 'traditional' luxuries of house and land, and become Nomads, so we have less the scum can blackmail us to keep.

In places like the USA, and in most nations, unless we've got a healthy source of income, we have to work, and doing a 9-to-5, or most other casual work is, practically, impossible from a mobile home, living from place to place to stay 'free' or 'freer' and 'off the grid'.

I guess most of us need circles of 'friends' too, to stay as sane as the western world determines we are, and Nomadic life means dumping most of them too.

But, it's a question of what, in the bigger picture, is more important.

Our own little comfort zones, or the health of the planet and of the species? "Red pill, or blue"?

The arseholes threw me out of work in the 1990s, for my going that step too far into politics, and for then-unknown-to-me family isshooos. [I'm a bastard child of powerful regals! FAAARRRKKK!!??@#$???], and onto a government pension [intewectwual disableabilitum!], but not without a vicious several arguments from me to the dole shop.

So I have that 'luxury' [NOT!] of being paid just enough to survive 'living' at

19 Yearsontha Road,

as I put it on official forms etc. hohoho.

But again, I respect your position, 'from our armchairs', but say again, we, or a band of us, would be - might be - stronger and more effective if some of us went off the grid, to fight for the likes of Assange, Manning and Snowden.

Dunno... just 'fill' I guess?

Lots of young adults from the 'inheritance class' do live nomadic lives, and internationally, tripping on daddies wealth around the globe, and some do do good and effective political justice stuff.

But they, from those corporate inheritance mobs, still pull-back on THE Ishhooo, because IT, challenges their incomes. 'Land distribution'.

I guess everyone from the middle-to-upper classes in the west mainly, are beneficiaries from that same 'inheritance' ishooo.

But again and again, it always does, and has to, come down to that 'red or blue pill' question.

Be interesting to know how many people in say, the USA today, are for whatever reason "Nomads"?

They would be very much aware of the scam of bad land distribution and realty laws, aye?

A field, awaiting 'harvesting', perhaps? [sorry 'bout the 'biblical' intonations in that word?]

Imagine Organizing say 20 million mobile, Astute, Tough Nomads?! 40 million?

World wide?

And, what exactly determines whether one is a 'Nomad' or not?

Surely people who do not own a piece of land, and who must - MUST - rent somewhere to 'settle' are also really "Nomads"?

HmmmMMMMmmm? The possibilities are endless.....

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