My Comment To Another Comment on The Guardian Article "Why non-believers need rituals too"

131228 My Comment To Another Comment on The Guardian Pages, "Why non-believers need rituals too"

To move many away from religion, atheism has to weave itself into the social fabric and shed its image of dour grumpiness
Suzanne Moore for New Humanist, part of the Guardian Comment Network
theguardian.com, Friday 27 December 2013 07.59 EST

My reply to a reader's comments read now as me being fucking super-Atheist preacher or something. Nevertheless, I post them, with the comment that brought out my inner voice....

ID451013 [the commenter]
28 December 2013 10:21am

Suzanne I do love your columns and I so agree with what you say about ritual in atheistic life. Like you I feel need some replacement for the church of my childhood. For a while my kid's school community provided it, but now that's over.
What do you think about this atheist church that's started up? I'm in Oz so we don't have it here. Nor sure it hits the spot, but it's a way of addressing the issue you talk about.

KingCommo to ID451013
28 December 2013 1:39pm

If I might...?
I'm in Astrayliar also, and think the Atheist church has started here. Sorry I can't refer you...?
As for your feeling some need for a replacement for the church of your youth..., let's realize the church has made us the emotional messes we are, by plying us with - emotional shshsh, it - to such an extent, and over so many generations, that we assume such 'traditions' are how we should live, emote, respond, think, etc.
'Emotions' such as the churches have plied into us, for centuries remember, so it's quite possibly 'genetic' for most sleepy flockers in this 'modern' age, are well-designed and honed devices to block our thinking apparatus, so we fall back on the pew in emotionally-warmed dullness, and do not take issue with things we have sermonized down at us, in the most emotional flourishes of high-brow language, and so our critical thinking mind doesn't even see the roaring untruths and outright filth the preacher spills.
Notice how we [used to] come out of church with that 'nice warm inside feeling'?
It's those cozy emotional sensations that fill the souls of the flockers that allowed the dark side of the religious cults to wage war against people far from the chapels, churches and cathedrals, and when we heard about it, we were too comfy - for the church issuing us with favors - aka 'miracles' - for our loyalties - to concern ourselves with finding any facts as to which institution on our own soils it was/is that orchestrated the crimes. Against humanity.
There are plenty of houses of let's say, 'wisdom', which feed our deeper hungers with honesty, knowledge and teachings as to how to purge the soul - the mind, of the generations of heinous falsities which have been so much a part of dumbing the flock down to the point of blatant disregard.
Such 'houses', nurture not the emotions, but the intellect. And the personal rewards are many times richer, deeper and more 'joy-filled' than any dead ritualistic dogmatic, clearly false religion.
The better of them, nurture a healthy balance of emotion and intellect, ritual and laughs.
Atheism is realism, and is open, methinks, to such all-encompassing balances.
So, Suzanne, being a female, and a mum, has to emote, sure.
But we might do well to see even these 'traditionally female' movements of the heart, as cultural, and not necessarily realistic, nor then, the best way for the womens' hearts to move, even for the sheilas? Especially when it's the cults, who propagate the trends of culture.

But I'd reckon she's not looked hard enough for an Atheist centre where 'dour grumpiness' is a veritable source of laughter?

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