Taking Offense At Tagging Crims as Outlaws JUST DEFIANCE

140122 Taking Offense At Tagging Crims as Outlaws JUST DEFIANCE

Media and cops love 'tagging' groups which threaten their corruption, as 'outlaws'.

Well, being a GENUINE Outlaw - Capital-'O' - and after years of fighting the scum, coppers that-is, and their financiers, the criminal drug cartels, the IMF that-is, and after siding with several criminal gangs who fooled me into thinking they did actually have honorable political - ie., economic ideologies and bitches against the dominant paradigm of the global elite corruption, and...., after being shit on by all of them for oooowh? about 59 years, I bin getting a bit PISSED OFF with the police trend and sycophantic media using the word 'outlaw'/'outlaws'/'outlaw motorcycle gangs', ET cetera, when they're referring to crims-on bikes, who run drug cartels and various large social networks, let's say.

They AIN'T 'Outlaws' in the strict definition of the word, PLEASE.

An 'Outlaw' is someone who recognizes the basic laws are corrupt, so goes against all forms of corruption which the 'corrupt' within the 'corrupt' culture, alas! the corrupt CULCHA, use and employ to get their jollies, as well, their food and a roof, and a bang here and wherever the sheila lets 'em!

And, as my last blogpost went to, any GENUINE Outlaw, does it very very VERY fucking HARD, so getting their jollies, and even a roof, let alone a bang from a willing sheila here and wherever, 'cause a GENUINE Outlaw, has MORALS, which mainstream outlaws, aka crims who abuse the world like the mainstream mainstreamers do, don't generally have those rarified mental attributes with which GENUINE Outlaws actually Respect other things, commonly known as - sheilas - HAHAHAHA! - my little dutiful irreverent joke there, so as most sheilas are stuck up and wanna ooowwwnn the blokes, the GENUINE Outlaw rarely gets any.

Much to the mirth of the mainstream mainstream outlaws and mainstream mainstreamers.

But all called 'outlaws' by media and coppers, are really no different to mainstreamers, of the dominant whiteguy, judeo-christian mainstream Shitsville MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION  FUCK EVERYTHING culture, no matter if they went to churchies indoctrination clinics - known as 'private schools' - or missed the bus to the local public school.


Calling lying deceiving brutal egomaniacs who like riding bikes and acting tough, and surviving through 'the proceeds of crime' 'outlaws' is a massive misnomer, BITCHES!  Even while and though many of them see themselves and masturbate about thinking themselves as 'Outlaws'.

Until they can form themselves into well-organized rural Cooperatives, eating mostly organic foods, and bush tucker, that they grow and harvest themselves, living in Agrarian Socialist Communes, in Extended Families, in mudbrick, or 'hempcrete' alternative styles of housing, until they have their own school houses Teaching the High Arts of Science, Philosophy, non-western stuff like Yoga, and TRUE LAW ECONOMIC SCIENCE - THEN, regularly forming UNITED STREET PROTESTS against the economic tyranny of the day, of the bi-millennia, and being prepared to starve on the barricades, fight beside like-minded Comrades to the death, until the walls of injustice crumble and fall, they'se NOT 'Outlaws' - thang-yoo-very-MUCH!

So, being the king of Outlaws, whether I like it or not, I now issue an edit demanding, no, too strong, and beneath my rarefied persona, HAHAHAHA, order the media and the scumsucking pigs - O! - sorry, cuntstables, the POLICE, to begin to more appropriately call crims on bikes, 'criminals on motorcycles'.

And while I lower myself to this level, may I inform the idiots in politics and in state and federal government, that clamping down on said criminals on motorcycles and trying to banish them from the kingdom, is merely more shit from your anal mouths.

Even as you make media footage on this issue, trying to fool the public that you are being useful in terms of controlling crime, everyone knows you have long ago managed to 'control crime' because you are the largest crime syndicates in the nation.

But.., as to stomping to non-existence, 'crims on bikes', please don't waste the valuable airtime giving us the crap about expecting or wanting or hoping or dreaming about getting rid of the scumsucking filth.

While you maintain the most disgustingly inequitable, utterly perverse corrupt beyond repair, false god religious class, social, economic and cultural system/s the world has ever seen, they will always exist, and will always find a way to smoke and make drugs, drink and be wild brawlers in public venues, STOMP useless subjects and citizens, and run massive stolen vehicle, illegal drugs, and even supermarket cartels.

All the froth and bubble of grand statements from police and government stooges about 'getting tough on crime' HAHAHAHA, and war on drugs HAHAHAHA, and war on terrorism HAHAHAHA, runs off voters' backs like piss in a golden shower.

When YOU get tough on YOURSELVES, and learn, like GENUINE Outlaws have, over decades, nay, over centuries, that YOU, are your own worst enemy, because you are about as weak as piss in terms of addressing the real criminals in all levels of society, crims will always be loitering around the vulnerable, will always be doing naughty, unsanctioned stuff, like making hot drugs, drinking too much and goin' sick, rounding up church coppers until they join them, and you will only be deluding yourselves about being any sort of useful politician, copper, priest, lawmaker, or reporter.

So, time's well passed for all who do, to STOP abusing the language, with sensationalist shit, like calling people who, like most all people, do whatever they have to to get a meal and a roof, 'outlaws'.

They're right in there with you - copper, politician, church-goer, CRAPitalist of any brand - and give and take the exact same garbage you take home to the missus and the kids.

They ain't 'Outlaws'.

And, while I'm alive, I ain't either.

So, shoot me, you pieces of shit, and we'll see who IS a Genuine 'Outlaw' once I'm free of this aging body, free of the need for a ute in what to sleep, eat, drive to-fro Shitsville, and to go buy food an fuels from Hopelessville shops.

The True 'Outlaws', are extinct, strictly-speaking, as per your sick lost tribes jewish dominant paradigm of FUCK EVERYTHING trash culture!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General War Pig

Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor