Atheism Versus Illuminati

Atheism Versus Illuminati

All cults come and go.

What has one last longer than others?

Credibility. Truthfulness. Power, of indoctrination, and of war.

These don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

For a very long time, power, brute force - war - and the other powers of indoctrination have won over, against credible and truthful bases, and, laws.

The power of the credibility of some rising and expanding 'force', group or ideology, it's veracity, or foundation in facts, therefore, it's honestly-justified power to find and have new members join it, depends upon it's recipients' level of intelligence, which is usually based, or dependent, upon whether the person or people hearing the case put by a new cult, have been 'got-at' by some other more, equally, or less credible cult, beforehand.

These times, of the last couple of hundred years, as much running in unison with the industrial revolution, but I do credit the printing press of Gutenberg and it's power of dissemination of 'news', information, knowledge and facts, etc., have enabled millions-cum-billions to cut ties from closed and unfactual, fictional, mythological cults.

But, as with power-oriented cults and elite clans, they're up-to-speed with events and 'progress' in areas which offer threats to their power bases. So the advances in media and communication has always been grabbed and 'deployed' by the megalo maniacs in the ruling hegemonies, and usually, well before the Masses get hold of it, figure it out before the Masses realize it's potential.

The previous most dominant cult in the west, in the 1st world, was clearly christianity, that I've called for decades, but a 'branch-office' of a scheming, failed and extremely corrupt thus fanatical jewish cult, spread across the globe since the ancient Hebrew cult's last big collapse and destruction in the early part of the '1st millennium'.

Perhaps ancient judaism was the same, in that it had always been based on untrue beliefs, myths and ideologies, and caught and kept it's members by occult persuasion?

And perhaps, by the time of those ructious events in the Levant when 'Jesus' is said to have existed, the jewish people were better informed, enough to see through the 'spells' of their rabbis, and had began to reject it's mythology and theism?

However.., because some number or a majority of people reject a religious cult, because they know it is longtime corrupt, in no way means the people are 'pure' or 'not corrupt'. 'Corrupt' applies to all parties, when none of them abide by and ensure good, honest, facts-based laws prevail.

From what I've learned about most of humans' histories, 'good, honest, facts-based laws' have not prevailed, in any time of 'recorded history'.

That's a generalization, of course. Some nations and perhaps even of very recent times, have had such dignified legal structures. But there's no question that the most dominant cultures, of O? SLURPRISE-SLURPRISE? the judeo-christian 'western' hemisphere, so now, most every nation on earth, is rotten with corrupt laws, and governing structures and economic systems. Not to mention their 'cult-ures'?

But.., hey? Should we underestimate the 'Common Man, and Woman', of any era?

Judaism has always been a 'persuasive' cult, but with that, it seems there was an openness, an honesty, about the occult powers extant in the world, and as the underlying subtle 'fabric' of life, in the religious teachings and thus in the knowledge-base of it's people.

According to the old Testament, the ancient Hebrews knew enough to protect themselves from those powers not always friendly, etc., and since then, the world has seen how the Jews use the occult to secure their own best interests.

Aka, the splitting of the atom, and the ensuing nuclear weapons. Weapons used largely to enable the jews to reclaim 'Israel' as their Homeland.

And hasn't the shit hit the fan since then, especially in the Middle-East?

Today, jews control the world, not by any honesty, or rectitude, or truthfulness in their creed, ideology or admissions, but by brute occult force.

Their bunkers full of nuclear weapons, their control of the western powers' military, their control of the globe's finances and business and banking laws, show that any 'credibility' in their cult beliefs, stands well below these other straight-out-brutal methods of 'winning' people over, enough to play along.

This, I put it, is the same situation as existed in the '1st century AD' era, and was why they 'built' Jesus to be their propaganda weapon, by which they slowly infiltrated their conquerors, Rome, and as we see, took it over.

But according to an article I read a few years ago, which I can't refer readers to, sorry, 'Rome' and the whole of Eurape, Britain and Scandinavia, were first populated by the tribes of a very ancient Israel, to become the nations and mad warring bastards they are today.

So any 1st-to-4th century AD subversion and take over of the Eurapean continent and beyond, by jews might really just have been a 'refreshing' or 'rebooting' of their ancient habits, traditions, and long lost and corrupt customs?

Who knows? What more people are coming to accept, is that they have all been well off any True Path, for about as long. Perhaps for 6,000 years, or, since, 'the fall'?

As I opened with...,

All cults come and go.

What has one last longer than others?

Credibility. Truthfulness. Power, of indoctrination, and of war.

These don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

For a very long time, power, brute force - war - and the powers of indoctrination have won over, against credible and truthful bases, and, laws.

So today, more people see the horrible untruths, the ulterior motives, the gross mass-deceptions, the hidden agendas, the increasingly perverted character of, and the consequences of masses being duped by, false religions.

Atheism is leaping out of age-old skepticism, cynicism and the explosion in science and knowledge, all of which have driven the long putsch of and to greater personal freedom.

The aggregate to increase the general level of intelligence of the Masses, and so masses of people are leaving the staid traditional religions.


However, as with those power-crazy occult cults, the power of self-interest fanaticism, and coming to rely on the dark arts too much, has made today's larger 'religious' cults slaves to their own dark side. It's what I deduce is always the final outcome of employing tactics as described by the Italian “Nicolo [?] Machiavelli', in 'The Prince'. “The prince must know how to be the most ruthless and even evil bastard in the region, to retain his principality” [paraphrased].

And 'cults' are what all today's religions basically are, or were. Before being rebranded, the western judeo-christian religions were generally referred to as 'cults'. The word 'religion' has only been applied to them for a few centuries.

And obviously, 'cult' is part of 'occult'. So it's not a long leap to connect 'cults', 'religions', with the 'occult'.

Once, upon a very long time ago, I put it that there were no 'cults' as we've known them for most of recorded history.

People of a 'pre-fall' 'time', metaphorically, 'Eden', were not disconnected from the occult, knew it, gave it the respect it needed, and lived with it, according to larger, more Universal Laws and Customs.

They all had Integrity, and priests were openly the mediums between the higher and lower dimensions' forces, entities and higher-and-lower-intelligence beings, and the people.

All tribes have always had their 'priests', 'Shaman', 'Wise men 'or Wise women, who are a much needed go-between, controller and handler of the world/s of shadows. They were, in pre-fall cultures, totally and sincerely dedicated to their work, so the people were able to go about their own lives and affairs without having to deal with the irascible and unpredictable occult forces. Forces which will almost always, bring 'an amateur, and immature adventurer' undone.

However, since 'the biblical fall', more or less, the 'post-fall' thus corrupt cults, see things like a rise in another creed, cult or belief system as threats to their power bases and false authority to be evil selfish scumsucking parasites on the blood sweat and tears of the Masses. So they devise ways of keeping some power and thus wealth and control their own, which usually also includes attempts to destroy the newcomer/s.

Even in just the last 5 or so decades, the world has seen an explosion of new faith christian cults, which have roped-in millions, of people and dollars/pounds/euros. The USA is amazing in that, what with their 'drive-in churches' and 'born-again' cults.

But the same breaking away from staid false 'faiths' is inherent in false religious cults, and is how the central body manages to stay relevant.

In 'christianity', it is as much the general 'theme' they all accept which they are keeping alive.

Splitting into several, innumerable branch offices, sub-cults, is basically symbolic of the underlying falsity, and the delusional character of the leading priests and their duped followers.

As power, and it's inherent 'rot' sets in, insiders see it, and are given some 'lead' or suggestion, or perhaps, though extremely rarely, one of them has a genuine enlightened, inspired vision, of the errings, and, of how they, or a group, should travel. So a new branch or completely diverse 'breakaway' cult forms.

But if the original, and any offshoot, is founded on bullshit principles beliefs and traditions, they too will rot soon enough. Followers will start looking elsewhere, and the same games by the central managers and administration will begin using 'by whatever means' to stay afloat.

Always as a cult gains any dimension, it applies it's collective strength to the material, economic market place, and wins the favor of such as credit institutions, benefactors or banks to be advanced monetary loans.

They become indebted, thereafter running on debt.

So once the thrill has gone, the weaknesses in the leaders/preachers' rhetoric and the basic falsities in the tenets on which the cult started and is based, become evident to the flockers, followers thus financial credence and support goes too, and the cult starts to have difficulty keeping it's administrators and their excessive lifestyles afloat.

Once idiots win 'authority' over fools, fanaticism and bullshit become integral to their and the cult's sustenance.

This always makes the bullshitters more intense about 'saving-and-keeping face'. Psychosis has set-in.

Thus they, like all of them, 'see' usually because one psycho amongst the leadership has 'had a vision', or some alleged divine inspiration, and then argues that 'by any means' is justified.

It's natural for people to want to keep the group they've been part of, come to enjoy, gain benefits from, alive.

Being in any level of 'inner circle', or just having a 'circle', generally elicits loyalty, and as often sympathy for others therein.

It's natural, and often right, to feel and effect a want to help or sustain others and the group, and bond.

Even after it's obvious the group, or it's tenets and beliefs, and it's 'elders' are wrong, even, sometimes, evil, relevant to the largest, 'greater good'.

So, repeating the paragraph....., in just the last 5 or so decades, the world has seen an explosion of new faith christian cults, which have roped-in millions, of people and dollars/pounds/euros. The USA is amazing in that, what with their 'drive-in churches' and 'born-again' cults.

None of which have made the people more intelligent, other than by having a minimal few of the flockers come to see how pathetic the 'new church' and western, christian religion generally, really is, and thus, keep driving.

But, especially in the christian world, religions try new ways to keep the priests and administration staff employed and earning a wage.

This has to happen because the christian belief system, outside of the sound and universal recommendations - Universal Laws - about how to live, day-to-day, with others, the central theme is flawed, false, in fact is evil, and has gaps in it which followers eventually see, and are put off by.

So 'new ways' of keeping, in-the-end 'financial' supporters, are sought.

'Non government agencies' NGOs, are but another way to give their church school students something 'credible' to do, by being 'not-for-profit' [a not wholly truthful assertion, to say the least], employed, and some guarantee of a career, thus, an income enough to afford the mortgage, over and above the mass of public school educated/indoctrinated kids, who do the more manual, less prestigious work.

These ways, NGOs, all religion-owned and run businesses, corporations, institutes and other affairs, exist not as genuinely beneficial entities, but to give the students of the cults, work, healthy incomes, thus economically-secure lives and relatively opulent lifestyles, CENTRALLY so they remain loyal to the cult, and are obliged, if asked, to help return the favor, and support the cult if, when and once it starts to go into 'over-reach debt'. Debt beyond their financiers' ability to tolerate.

The explosion in technology and telecommunications has shown the world how much religion is fucking the world.

More people see how connected religions are to chaos, falsity, major crime, to CRAPitalism, to consumerism, to corporate plunder, bad magic, and to war and untrue, unsustainable and unattainable cultural ideals.

So Atheism is growing rapidly.

More people are looking for some facts upon which to base their 'beliefs', customs, culture, lifestyles and lives.

Atheism I think, as any one 'group' or body of 'believers', has yet to coalesce into one big body of people, strong and intelligent enough to stand on it's on their own feet. And thus, big enough to 'demand' attention of the world of power, and thus a say in how we're gonna fuck the world in future decades. Or, of course, not!

And, religions of every color, bar a few more honorable ones, will be doing everything they can to undermine any credibility Atheism might have, or be seen to have.

And, as always, when a big cult starts to lose popularity, it goes into 'rebranding' mode, and does everything and anything to keep the flockers, and to win the next generation of vulnerables.

'Les Vulnerables'.

And, from what I perceive from the forests, it appears that we have that, in the 'Illuminati'.


Full-blown, 'out there' occult, witchcraft, magic unloosed, all the wealth of the world, see through walls, and skirts, false, egocentric, me-first, religion.

But, is it a 'religion'?

'Religions' are usually theistic. Beliefs systems which are Atheistic are more commonly, perhaps by the religious, called 'Philosophies'.

And perhaps rightly so!? [Which probably means it isn't the 'religious' who tag Atheist beliefs systems as 'Philosophies'?]

Because 'Philosophy' is 'the live of Wisdom' or, 'the love of truth'?

And, from what I perceive, the 'Illuminati' has grown out of the various cults, themselves grown out of an ancient, and failed, judaism?

Extreme wealth, western supremacy, in commerce, militarism, and general control of the planet underlies this 'creed', which does not make it any more 'credible', from an Atheistic, Scientific, or Honest perspective, methinks?

And as well.., masses of denial of any, if any, rejected, hidden shame, guilt, and denied culpability for fucking everything they've cast their dazzling gaze upon! “ARGH! We've fucked the planet, so let's just have fun as the ship of Eartha goes unda!!!

Very mature, no question?

And look, it ropes people in from the worlds' of theatre, aka hollywood, mass pop culture of music and other extreme egocentric wealth-making avenues and affairs.

Those most likely to have large 'fan bases' so are the most able to increase the cults support, exponentially. Combined with modern telecoms and 'sound systems', exponentially like never ever before.

And, as it has now gotten so much power over other dwindling cults like catholicism, protestantism, judaism, and the others, and as it has grown on it's readiness and fanatical use, or abuse, of the occult, anyone who is nearby, is not given a choice to join or not.

'Joining' the Illuminati, is not an option.

In other words, if, by chance, one was 'asked' to join, one could not say 'no'.

But as a fast growing number of people, especially in the west, are coming to see how fucked mainstream christian and other religions are, and themselves may also be coming to see how fucked their own lives and lifestyles and cultures are, and are coming to, or have for a long time seen how much we've collectively fucked the planet, such that it may be realistic to believe that we do not have a long time left before the planet really shits itself, environmentally, economically, culturally and in general social international terms is on-course for an explosion of uncontrollable all-out war, and as so many people are really enamored [read-hypnotized] of modern western 'who gives a fuck!' 'gizmo-culture', as many of them are only too ready to throw all ethics out the window and rush to join the 'MAGIC CAN DO EVERYTHING!' new 'Illuminati' beliefs-system, and be supported through all the shit, in the courts, in making money, in affording really bad shit, and HAVE FUN, MAAAAYYYTE!. it's, in a shallow way, understandable that this basically immature and malignant new cult is winning so many new faithful adherents.

The Illuminati, is all that, from what I seen over the last 2 decades. So I guess we can be guaranteed the world is at an end, and that the 'fuck the world' culture of mememeME-first excessive-consumption, is here to stay, as long as the planet lets us?

My only reservation is whether anything is real?

Referring to the flawed but exciting and eye-opening hollywood movie 'The Matrix', which does align with lots of wise teachings and long known facts about this world, and that it is in fact, all illusion, and that, once we 'come online' in the occult sense, things happen, and we can be in control of our world more than of the passed 'jewish epoch'.

So, by that 'reasoning' [?], we can perpetuate anything we want.


We can, by that, repair the planet's sick ecosystem, and even regenerate extinct species, plant and animal, so that we can have our cake and eat it too, in regard to having a healthy planetary ecosystem and also having FUCKING ZINGGGG! autos and toys of all description, no matter what emissions and waste they emit and leave us.

With mere 'faith' or the 'strength of belief'. We then, don't need any of the high-tech devices and methods to repair the world. We just have to believe we can?

Very tempting!

I guess that requires that there's enough of a consensus to believe in the same way?

Alas! 'Religion'!

But it should also require that our 'faith' is not undermined, subverted or corrupted by those who are enamored of the destructive operations? Operations which provide us all the thrills of modern society?

Operations which are driven by those indoctrinated in the - religious schools and tertiary institutes, who move up into the corporations-of-mass-destruction?

So, does 'Atheism' have a chance? Can reasoned, balanced, responsible cultural ways co-exist with this new religion of 'we can do everything!'?

Or, is it better for the 'soul' and for any 'afterlife', which, while being an Atheist, I still, or more so now, do believe in, to 'not be tempted' either into playing the occult power games of the Illuminati and 'go for it!' in every selfish and self-creating way, and what? Hope it all works out cool, for little me?

For the planet? For humanity?

Reassessing my 'beliefs' daily, and reappraising my lot, the evidence I've accumulated, who I can trust, who I can't, and whether I should or should not - yet - find a heavily-loaded and fast moving oncoming truck to end it all under, I've come to conclude that mum, is not merely a puppet of the catholic convent which stole her when she was 11 years old, trying to fabricate me as their false reborn Jesus.

But that mum, and perhaps of only the last few years, Wendy my sister, older by 7, are members of the Illuminati, and are doing what they're doing to me, for the sakes of the Illuminati cult.

I'd have to re-read the book, 'The Da Vinci Code' or perhaps I will rent the movie, to see who, or what, 'the Merovingian' character was, is, or is prophesied to be.

Because a Fella, clearly 'in-the-know', a few years ago, in stoner-central, Nimbin, but he's not a stoner - quite the opposite - as I walked into one of it's temporary 'haunts', greeted me with “[G'day Max!] The Merovingian, aye!?

I forget if I'd red 'The Da Vinci Code' already, when he asked me that.

Nevertheless..., I guess the Illuminati is an Atheist organization.

Going by the behavior it's alleged members-if-not-leaders have exhibited over the last 15 years, it seems it is not a responsible, intelligence-based, wise, mature, ethical, nor even sane organization.

But - from what I've seen, read, studied etc., magic does that.

I wrote a poem years ago - decades ago - with a few lines in it -

the short term gain,
ain't worth the long term, residual pain”.

So does 'Atheism', as any new, Intelligence-and-Science-based new era 'thing' for the Masses to join, form, find solace and personal growth in, and thus better society and culture, and thus honest, credible government, etc., suit those of us who do think, indeed who do know, that being somewhat self-disciplined - not to draconian degrees - favoring nourishing their, and their kids, Intellects, is what humans and the species, and life we are within and amongst, is/are here for?

I'm absolutely sure that 'magic' as has exploded across the world of recent decades, what I call in derogatory terms 'Harry Potter magic', has the most detrimental effects on a person's, especially the still developing child's, Intellect, or, the awakening and exercising of it.

I read a 'deeeeep' but I think Wise estimation of this in 'Magic - White and Black' by Franz Hartman, which gave a chart showing the degrees of activity between one's occult power and the Intellect.

The chart showed, and he stated it I think, that the more magic is used, the less the Intellect is active, or can be accessed.

Has humanity reached some point in our existence where the two can co-operate fully, and beneficially for all?

Or, is the Illuminati, merely 'Harry Potter magic' for 'growed-ups'?

Long stupid, excessively wealthy, spoiled and utterly unethical big-body babies, perhaps?

But ALAS? Some say, if only cynically and tongue-in-cheek, but, to an extent I agree, that “we're born fully awake, fully intelligent, and [once we're baptized' by a religion, aka the western peoples], it's all down hill from there”.

So, as the Illuminaughties, are a manifestation out of the fucked, lost, insatiable, insane and terminally-destructive western religions and their culture/s, I'm very much inclined to 'believe' that they're but another desperate and flawed, doomed to fail attempt by spoiled, frantic western fuckwits of the seriously lost tribes of Israel, ancient and modern.

The biggest negative though, is that they creep up into all the top levels of power, and now have weapons of mass destruction like we've never known at their fingertips, and without Wisdom, or Intellects, it's more likely than ever that one of their 'fucking psychos' is gonna press the big red button.

One or a bunch of them did just that in September 2001.

I'll stick with Atheism, Science, the endless nurturing, expansion and enjoyment of my and the world of Intellect, albeit that I'll live poorer, less thrilled, with LOTS less sex and tickles - but, it's all relative - and, if the Illuminati wankers want to,

IT'S WAR between me, at least, and the Illuminati.

Until the end of time!

Have fun fucking me over, juve's!

Universal Law:

What goes around, comes around.

As you give, so you shall receive.”

Reap as you sow.

Or, in my terminology


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General War Pig

Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor