My 4th & 5th Comments To Guardian Article - Abbott urged to rethink

140105 My 4th & 5th Comments To Guardian Article - Abbott urged to rethink

I had a short dream last night, where Abbott was walking to work, dressed in his heavy overcoat, which I bet has a bullet-proof vest and other shields inside it, carrying his brief case, along suburban streets in a 'gloomy' night time low light atmosphere.

He was talking to himself as he walked, as if slightly insane, and appeared to be in deep and worried thought. As I wrote, below, in the comment to the article, he's realized too late how inadequate he, and the LNP's  general “WE CAN DO ANYTHING!” bullshit over-confidence actually is, when it comes to having 'the goods' enough to run a nation.

I 'saw' from this 'dream-visual', that Abbott's shit-scared of the task he, his idiotic, egomaniacal sycophantic supporters, and no doubt, his daughters, thought he was up to performing, and that he now realizes he is well short of all necessary intellectual faculties to do so.

I've no doubt, that something's gonna SNAP! very soon, in the Australian political scene. It might be in one or several of the states, seeing as they are seen as more accessible by the general public, in terms of PROTESTING, etc.

Or, it might be in Abbott's mind itself!?

But wherever our disgust starts it's expression here, it will bring Abbott and his band of spoiled wankers down off their castles of cards, and hopefully, because we all hate that over-confidence of wealth and privilege, with a THUDDDD!

So, to urge the People to be Human Beings, I threw these words up to The Guardian's comments this morning, after reading some of the 800-plus comments from readers.

This comments section in The Guardian Australia, is so fucking excellent that I just wanna bang the editor - NO! - That it has shown cynical me that there are actually intelligent and REALISTIC Australians, who have bothered to adopt The Guardian as a Credible News Journal, and who prove that I'm not alone in what I assess about us Aussies and about the global situations-plural re- environment, climate change, economics, CRAPitalism, Socialist government and the future.

I'm inspired each time I read The Guardian's comments, and, as with this article, I don't bother reading more than the 1st few paragraphs, when they're on Australian politics, or environmental issues, because the general theme is usually portrayed enough in the opening lines, and then I go to the comments and get how the public are thinking on the issues.

Other online media left and right have dropped off my radar since The Guardian arrived. I've been reading Her for close to 25 years, and am delighted they came to Australia.

But the other reason why our few media websites lose my interest, is one, because they rarely allow lengthy readers' comments on the articles they publish, and mostly no 'comments' section is provided at all.

The Fairfax Media group is top quality in general, and does it's best to go to the underlying issues.

But, because they still but previous to the internet rely for their income on the heinous real estate pages and thus the R/E industry, I think they restrict comment on issues which might inspire REALPolitik comment criticizing the land speculation bastards in real estate?

I think The Guardian will grow in popularity here, and one reason will be because they are open to public comments.

This shows they see it as best to allow a 'both ways' 'conversation' in today's interactive media environment, and this pleases the readers a lot, because they, as the comments under the article here show, DO have enormous acumen and credible comments to make, and in this shitful current socio-econo-politio-religious situation we and the world are in, our only way is to 'Let The People Be Heard'.

So..., here's my tuppence-farting [typo!]

05 January 2014 12:33am

Concerned we must be, about the paucity of intelligence in the fed LNP cabal.

The ALP mob have far more intelligence, but the offshore powers silence them.

The Opposition and all minor 'Socialist-leaning' parties and Indies must keep the pressure on Abbott for one, but on the whole LNP circus including targeting all large environmentally-UNsound corporate sponsors.

Abbott is wandering, lost, and very frightened of what he's too late come to realize about himself. He is by no means qualified for the PM's chair.

But, of the LNP, who else?

None of them come near to what we, Australia, and the global political scene increasingly desperately need.

'Politics' as we've been narrowed-down to accept as 'Democracy' is a disastrous failure.

So, we have a few options.

We can try a revolt. It wont work unless it's at least geo-regional, including Indonesia, Papua, Polynesia and Melanesia, all Pacific island and the south east Asian nations. The more the better chance we, little Australia, has, in partnership with said regional nations, to stop the western alliance's mad putsch to own and plunder the whole planet.

If such a 'REALPolitic' Assertion of Human Democratic and Totally Legal Rights and Principles was to take on, regionally, with all nations' military support to enforce Scientific Economic Management of nations, it would be embraced apace globally, and many of the largest nations and economies and possibly most of the world's citizens would gladly be on the streets, and in the public service offices to ensure it was implemented. Everywhere.

This is the best option, methinks.

To not, is to leave the world and us and our future in the hands of fools.

If we, as a United World, do not take the most intelligent and passive, legal and official actions, we continue on the downslope, climate-change, warming, ice-age or no, and despots will arise with every new day, until the planet will be nothing but a warzone of chaos.

Naturally, the despots with the heaviest weaponry will dominate, aka, the western alliance. The world DOES NOT want that outcome. It is why we are now on the brink, that they've 'ruled' for the last few centuries/millennium.

Whatever, almost all the current political clowns [in Australia] have to go, left, right and in the muddle.

There is a mass of highly intelligent and considerate Economics and Philosophy Masters and Madames here and abroad capable of 'guiding' any such major re-adjustment, and most will do it for nothing, outside of Popular Agreement and Support.

They, like the 'Most Honest Policies' and National Economics Managers, are not secretive, nor self-interested, other than asking and wanting to live on a stable and peaceable planet.

If a Mass of Australians made a United Show of their dissatisfaction with all things politics, as-it-were, by PROTESTING nationwide, and removed the current cabals of parasites, then respectfully sought the Wisdom of the Elders, and the Counsel to Guide us, the Nation's Best Economic Managers, Teachers and Counselors, would present, and manage us through the coming crises-plural, and put us and global partner nations on the footing we as 'the most intelligent species' are obliged to adopt.

The most threatening powers would acquiesce, have no doubt.

The clear majority of the 800-plus comments here affirm that we are more Intelligent than I believed, and there is enough Public Support and Acumen, for Right Thought, Right Action, regarding the world's politics and environmental crises.

It's not up to you, Nor to him or her. Not them. and definitely not any 'Jesus'.

It's up to US. All of us.


05 January 2014 12:37am

"Tony Abbott must GO!"

"Tony Abbott must GO!"

"Tony Abbott must GO!"


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