My Comments To The Guardian Article “Tony Abbott urged to rethink climate policy after hottest year on record”

140104 My Comments To The Guardian Article “Tony Abbott urged to rethink climate policy after hottest year on record”

PM called 'reckless ideologue who ignores science and is intent on listening to people who are part of the tinfoil hat brigade'
Daniel Hurst, political correspondent
theguardian.com, Friday 3 January 2014 00.53 EST


04 January 2014 3:20am [UTC]

From the forests, it does seem that Tiny Habbitt and the LNP coal-ition stick steadfastly to the denial side of all pollution debates, because his 'side', as-they-appear, leads the charge of all bad anti-ecological practices.
'Carbon' and the extremely narrowed/narrowing term, 'the carbon tax', is one minuscule part of the whole gamut of ecologically disastrous emissions blithely produced across the industrialized world.
So, methinks, that Abbort and coven stay objectionist, so-as to avoid having to admit, that the whole of our 'modern' westernized culture is riddled with destructive beliefs, from 'theist' judaism, christianity and freemasonry, to nuclear weapons and coal-fired power.
Labor though, is no less culpable, and has failed the people in not tackling the errant attitudes of the LNP.
The ALP could have destroyed all the LNP's arguments against 'the carbon tax' and 'the mining tax', etc., by simply, easily, scientifically and clearly, debunking the LNP position against 'carbon' and other pollutants, thus the overall failure of the 'modern' industrialized corporate world in terms of ignorantly placing profit ahead of wise manufacture, which produces minimal or no pollution. 'Carbon' is one tiny part of the overall pollution picture. Labor and the Greens failed by not arguing this simple and gross fact.
This goes back to the start of the 'industrial revolution', which can be traced/narrowed down to a small clique of British elites, and their mad power-and-wealth hungry clan leaders, which The Guardian listed recently.
The same who drove and rode the wave of colonialist expansion from the late 18th century. It's no coincidence that they also now have the largest claims of the lands, the arable and otherwise usable land of the planet, refuse to act with any Honor, as per re-evaluating their grip on land, and thus on the laws governing land distribution, so lead us all into the bottomless pit of a slow filthy inequitable self-destruction.
Abbort is our PM now because we - perhaps the most ignorant culture - also are leading the world in this dangerous mal-distribution of resources, and for our false-bravado, refuse to admit we're wrong, and don't call for an intelligent set of policies and laws, which use resources, land and our wealth responsibly.
Clive 'Coalmine' Palmer, bought off the Motoring Enthusiasts Party merely to win their support, muting possible common sense, and silence, so he can stay greedy-rich by an outright evil and totally irresponsible industry.
'Ricky Muir' and his new cabal of motoring fanatics, needs to wise-up as to the deals he and the MEP has done with Palmer.
Being an ex-motorcyclist, I have a particular antipathy toward motor cars, but accept they're too big to grow beyond as a means of transport. And, I cannot deny liking a lot, the concept of a powerful and spunky motorcar.
But it's stupid [oxymoronic] thinking, to love cars, but refuse to dream, and put one's mind to making cars ecologically sound. Albeit, to my mind, an impossibility. But that does not deny the rightminded need to make them more ecologically-sound.
I like huge motorbikes, but owned and enjoyed a 150cc ex-postie bike for commuting, and for the sensation of it's agility, etc. These things, and the pleasure we can derive from them, are relative, and, are all due to our state of mind.
So everything we blithely abuse in terms of climate-influencing produce, aka, their emissions - from sourcing the raw materials to the exhaust toxins - can be safely reviewed and scaled-down so we still get our jollies from them, while not abusing the Sacred Planet Earth in that enjoyment.
Besides, surely it's a piss-weak and false 'enjoyment', if we must lie our fannies off denying the damage the very existence of those fun-giving products have inherent in their existence?
That Tiny Habbitt is so gutless as to refuse to take Australia into the lead in the world to a more environmentally-sound and secure future, with his pathetic, [paraphrased] "we're a very small contributor to the planet's pollution, etc, so we have to wait for the rest, the more polluting nations to lead, before we introduce intelligent and best-practice laws about emissions", that he shows clearly that he is not a leader of any sort, but is a cowardly follower, and a follower of evil fools.
This then extends to all state and local governments and parties on his 'side', in the LNP.
But as said, the ALP and even the Greens fail in terms of making a show and a point about the general paucity of wisdom inherent in the modern western christian 'she'll be right' CRAPitalist culture.
From the evidence, it is clear that elections are a farce, and in fact are dangerous to future generations, no matter which party leads.
The level of intelligence across the polity is so low, that Democracy is more dangerous than healthy.
And we now have a madman, in Chris Pyne, as our 'Education Minister'?
You lose, Astrayliar!

04 January 2014 3:45am

The LNP and right wing protestant christian, 'abuse and be forgiven' side of this argument, with all due respect, fails to see and accept that it's not merely the heating or chilling emissions we must consider.
'Carbon' is one factor only, out of a large bank of deadly pollutants manmade and released with every product we make and consume.
The LNP side's inability to weigh-up the sum-total of all the dangerous waste products humans have produced, and the ecologically destructive processes the MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION industrialized world has practiced over the last 300/3,000 years, and the massive amount of damage done to the once critically and delicately-balanced ecosystem, to carbon-emitting fauna, to the marine life we've blindly and avariciously harvested, mostly for our most shallow appetites and tastes, is one roaring example of how stupid 'right wingers' are.
'Thinkers' can't ask the LNP to change their mind/s. That's obviously a lost cause. Perhaps life and more experience will?
Whether the world is getting hotter or colder, really is not the issue.
The imbalances we have caused by every emission and practice over recent time, and our exploding population, thus increased drain on natural, environmental and biological resources, which have been critical in maintaining the eco-balance for the last few billion years, are the other 99% of problems building up, relative to the carbon issue, at a comparative 1%.
No-one has the right to remain stupid. As coppers used to say to me, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking them".
I mean natural, laws, of physics, of the universe.
We ignore them at our peril, methinks.

KingCommo Joogle
04 January 2014 4:13am

'Climate change' is not the issue.
Warmer or colder, we are still abusing and disrupting the planet's ecological balance at a deadly rate, by our modern materialistic culture.
We can use our own occult power collectively, to cool the planet down, as is happening across the northern hemisphere. But to think that's all we have to do is delusional.
This belief, refuses to accept that the culture is shit, and that we have to live more harmoniously, which interprets as being less consumptive, or, being happier with less material junk.
A big call for most whiteguy christians/jews/masons and the rest of materialisdom.
The pollutants and practices we take for granted, like deforestation, extinction of creatures and fauna critical to the larger global ecological balance, and our blind consumption and abuse of basically unnecessary produce "BECAUSE WE CAN [afford them]!" with or without excessive global warming, or an invoked ice-age, will disrupt the ability to stay as we are, eventually.
'Politics' seems to have failed to bring the world up-to-speed in terms of right thought, right action in every aspect of our lives. But, that's to be expected, as 'politics' has been captured and subverted by the insane, greedy western elite, since 'Cromwell's Revolution'.
'Politics' is really about keeping the masses stupid and leaving it all to a centrist, insane, delusional, self-interested clique of spoiled brats, who'll happily watch the planet go down the gurgler if it means they can stay as mad as they are, with their maximum consumption.
You're right about climate change, and that the evidence now shows we are heading for an ice-age.
The [American] right wingers see the big freeze as a better way to eliminate the excess of population, to an increase in temperatures, which will upset sea-levels, destroy all coastal cities, and thus the spoiled brats excessive 'life's a beach" lifestyles.
They can afford more insulation and heating, in an ice-age, whereas global warming will have a much more wide-spread disaster.
But a big freeze wont cure or reduce our mad consumption and the depletion of other natural critters and plants essential for a global ecological balance without turning everything we love in culture on it's head.
Either way, it's an unconscionable future, with the survivors being pernicious, malignant turds, the necessary condition for survival from here forward.

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