Genuine Outlaws Do It [Very, Very, Very] HARD

Genuine Outlaws Do It [Very, Very, Very] HARD

30 years been fighting the system, even before knowing exactly what I am, and well before I found out that so-called 'outlaws' were trying to deprive me of everything I owned, mostly successfully, because I'm a fucking king of the largest 'empire' the world's ever seen.


Imbibing the general reality of Australia's and the British system of laws, that-is, the system/s of 'corruption', yet being kept ignorant of the extent and depth of that shit, for all my years up until my late 40's, combined with both mum's and Dad's varied 'anti-establishment' ideals - in Dad's case 'Philosophies' [mum, being a catholic/freemason-cum-roped-in Illuminati witch, has run on the fluid quicksand of 'faith' since her youth, so 'love of wisdom' was never her favored 'sphere' of using the mind, and, I find out too late, she's actually very much an actor for the establishment], with my older brother's general rapscallion roguery, born of his unnerstandable inability to come to terms with the heinous scheme his family has been central to/in, making him, in-the-main, a brutal piece-of-shit, forced to keep the truth hidden from myself, so, generally containing some element of disrespect for 'the system', I've grown up to be anti-establishment, tinged with hefty degrees of intellectually-arrived-at [Thanks to Dad] antipathy to the dominant culture generally, of jewish and christian-based and indoctrinated, consumerism, and over-riding unintelligent bullshit, which is the dominant western materialist, false god paradigm.

So it was natural to drift toward so-called 'outlaw motorcycle gangs', with whom I rode, as a 'tag-along' from before I even had a license, until I ran away from middle-urban shithole class eastern suburbs Melbourne, at 20y/o, to England. Well..., then, I thought I was doing it of my own volition!

But over the in-between 39 years, much enforced thinking and direction of preferences has gone into forming my general and more recent 'opinions' though, mostly facts, about 'outlaws', the law, justice, and ethics, intelligence, and how a bloke, and how a Mob, of Righteous, Genuine anti-establishment Dudes would, could and should live.

And, how they'd Fight, the Good Fight, against the planet-fucking dominant paradigm of MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION - FUCK EVERYTHING - ignorance.

Weighing the hard stuff up, it becomes clear, if, the Ideal Outlaw, were to follow their own Reasoning to the end, they'd have to shun most, certainly of what the mainstream, and even to some extent, counter-cultural preferences, offer.

As the mainstream system is so deeply corrupt, mainly because it rides on the notion of private land possession - exposing how fucking stupid mainstreamers are, because they never do actually 'own' nor 'possess' the land they regard as their own. Ie., 'governments', aka, 'the corporation', can 'resume' ownership of anyone's land at any time, should the corporation deem that land as useful to their intentions and even just ideals - a Genuine Outlaw would therefore, find themselves in an inner battle, as to whether they can be effective, one, as a person, with dignified and justified rights to do their best, to live a 'reasonable' healthy and honorable life, and two, to keep themselves healthy in body and mind enough to keep the Fight up to the tyrants in power, while living on any one 'settled' piece of real estate.

Knowing this, one cannot help but drift toward any club, of non-mainstreamers, who might call themselves “Nomads”.

They do exist, but as with all groups, who do have legitimate reason to take land and premises leases, and even to purchase the land, because they can, and it has many advantages over leasing, me, in my extreme Outlaw situation, and thus my extreme way of seeing things, believe that once anyone or a number takes hold of one piece of land, and becomes used to and familiar with it's locale, and other aspects and factors, 'the rot sets in', and they tend to lose the Impetus and recognition of the fundamental reason they have or should have become an outlaw, which is to Fight the basic tenets upon which the corrupted system sits.

And, while having been out here for some 20 years, if not all my adult life, so never having had that BEAUTIFUL comfort of 'owning' my own solid piece of dirt, upon which to feel relaxed and secure, let alone comfortable ['GOD FORBID!' scream the juvenile churchie boys of 'Club Resentment'], I have forgotten those advantages, of having a plot to plot oneself upon, but believe it's necessary, considering the filthy lack of any ethos or morality in the real estate industry, to remain on the margins and out there, to Dedicate oneself to the Fight of all Fights, as all Genuine Outlaws know they are Destined to Fight.

And even when one concludes, correctly, that this Fight of All Fights, is, on this plane, a lost one - evil and ignorance has clearly won on earth - it remains so that on recognizing that Honor, Rectitude, Fearlessness, and the brutality necessary to uphold Honesty in one's life, are Paramount, winning or losing becomes irrelevant. To a degree....

Because the Honesty and Rightmindedness in the Righteous Warrior, outweighs all so-called 'losses', or 'defeats' on this earthly plane, and carry-over up to the Higher Realms, where one who maintains those Qualities - Honor, Rectitude, Courage, Righteousness, Integrity, HONESTY, and thus Dignity - passes beyond the mad chaos of the next dimension, and is all the Stronger for it, in those and higher realms again. They, to all below, become the 5th, 6th and 7th dimension Gods.

THEN...., if they so wish, they are the more powerful against these weaklings who use subterfuge and deceit to gain a relatively small-nay-minuscule advantage over the Good Folks down here on earth.

Woe to those who dare challenge these Gods, on earth!

But ALAS! Were the utter fucking psychos who have been so hypnotized by their own magic powers, and it's ability - unseen to, not discernible by them - to inflate all thoughts, beliefs and opinions, factual and otherwise, out to totally unrealistic proportions, so the smallest grievance against someone, namely ME, has become their reason detre and fanatical - entranced - determination to make me suffer, until I cannot bear life anymore and suicide, were these fuckheads not so ignorant of their own - ignorance - I clearly would not have been forced into the homeless situation, and concomitantly impossible hole of never being able to satisfy any land lord to rent, lease, or buy some land upon which to build or occupy even just A FUCKING SHED.

Or upon which to be more effective in the Fight of All Fights, against the cream of corrupt laws - the current land laws.

[Thus, I would as likely not have concluded as this e-ssay has me.]

So my extreme beliefs about how a Genuine Outlaw would, could and should live, might - might - be asking too much, of the mainstream of 'outlaws' who exist, laugh, commit crimes, shit on good guys, on the exact same system and law-breaking methods of the corrupt system and corrupt elite's themselves.

'Crime', it's commonly called.

And this leads into the other aspect of being a REAL, True, Honest To Buddha, Genuine Outlaw!

As the whole system, mainstream, alternative, counter-cultural and others, let's say from the world's other than the shithole 1st world, all depend upon criminal laws and crime to 'profit', and even just to function, another word for wages and salaries is 'bribes', then a Genuine Outlaw, would know that to be as the mob of fucks are, crime-ridden, lying, cheating, scamming, scheming, manipulating, cowering, bewitching and unreasonably brutal shitheads, ie., totally corrupt in everything they think, say and do, then the Genuine Outlaw, would know they have the heinous Duty, Responsibility, to be totally HONEST.

All the fucking time!

Damn that's unsociable!

So..., in a world gone totally off the scales of Ethics, Morality, Intelligent, Legal and Wise Ways, any Genuine Outlaws, Do It Hard. Very, very, very fucking HARD.

So. Be. It!

And..., some might ask... “Were those 'Genuine' Outlaws, to name themselves and Ride, under one banner, what would their Club's name be?

Well..., LOOKIE there!


of course!

Plus a couple more ''cause I can'.


However.., if they can, and do survive, and can continue to FIGHT the system of scumsucking fuckwits, which means Fighting about every egomaniacal, bribe-taking, thus lifelong lying maggot on earth, who/which is deluded to believe they're actually Human Beings, then the rewards, maybe not in this life - apart from HONESTLY, Genuinely Knowing one IS Righteous - as opposed to bullshitting oneself and those lesser beings whom one sucks the fannies of, that they are 'Righteous' because they think they know what it means - are Immeasurable and Last Forever.

No matter what Murdoch media or the landed religio-political-class pathetically, libelously reports them as having been.

One True Fella, now living in His Eternal Heaven, Allan [Nobleman] Nichols [Victorious Peoples] Meredith [Great Lord], who gave His Life, to His Last Breath at 91 years of age, to Fighting the filthy-rotten corrupt system, it's totally anti-democratic and exceptionally-stupid ideologies and myth-making, and it's leading idiot ideologues, the Prime Example.

All Praise Him! Him, Allan Meredith, who shouted fearlessly, even as an octogenarian,


So, here's a picture of the REAL, Genuine Outlaw's War Office Head-Quarters, of His son. Me. JUST DEFIANCE.   [Ooor..., shucks?]

But..., A FUCKING SHED would be very nice, preferably on at least 20 acres of Gippsland, Victorian forest?

Of course, these words may well beg the Question, from those who would be Truelaw Outlaws,

What must we do, to come nearer to Being Truelaw Outlaws?

Being imbued with the Reason of my Father, the aforenamed Allan Meredith, it's clear those who are destined to Ride, with or without colors displayed aback, who are committed to other aspects of western culture, such as having been stolen from the frontline by a wife, or other, and who are with reason and purpose and usefulness, ensconced on some land even with a house, then it's Duty, to Learn the Finest Arts of, 'Right Thought, Right Action', including the Arts of Philosophy and Meditation, mainly, or, firstly.

They'll likely, if they find the Best Schools, be persuaded to forget about 'The Fight' as I see it.

I wouldn't argue with that recommendation, if it comes from a Wise One.

Mainly because I would trust that the Wise One would see instantly the Work the Warrior has first to do, before they bother to set out on such a Quest.

However, any such recommendations, should not distract the Warrior from that Highest Fight, albeit delayed. However, humanity does not have a lot of time to 'delay'.

All Wise One's Recommendations should be to 'Arm' the Warrior with the Best Mental Abilities for The Fight. And “Philosophy” and “Raja Meditation” [the “King of Yoga's”] are Primary.

Then, after their Teachers see them as ready, they must learn the True Economic Laws, and once having them stored deep in their 'Soul', they are Ready to Fight.

And the Fight is to the Streets, to the Capitals, to the Houses of Government.

Of course, 'houses of government', are not always where and what we are fooled to believe they are.

So the Fight goes, when discerned as necessary, to the headquarters of, what comes down to, 'rogue corporations'.

Any and all which do harm to the planet.

And, who could forget the 'rogue religions'?

Any and all which do harm to The People.

Media, and of course, everyone's pet love - the real estate industry.

Any and all which do harm to the planet.

Any who call themselves, or are branded, by such as the Queensland government as members of 'Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs', who do not learn, equip themselves and address these primary enemies of the state, of the People and of the Planet, with every Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Honorable, and Fearless Article they can muster, are NOT 'Outlaws', but are mere criminals on bikes. Very mainstream! [O? How droll!]

Same applies to all coppers.

As the saying goes


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General War Pig

Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor