DNA Evidence that I'm the Oldest Bloke ON EARTH

140105 DNA Evidence that I'm the Oldest Bloke ON EARTH Edition

I receive posts from 12160, and American off-centre website, and got this one today.

Posted by Deep Space on January 3, 2014 at 1:47am in Current News/Events

Accepting the Creds of the Author, the article is very interesting in it's debunking 'stories' by 20th century 'philanthropists' mainly about humanity originating out of Africa.

Steve Strong's well written article is recommended, for all who take an interest in things like who were the first Humans, and is there any credibility in the Jewish myths about the Garden of Eden, and their allusion to the inhabitants of Eden being the Wisest? ET cetera!

If Steve is right, considering the Original Ways, Knowledge and Traditions, including their LORE, of the pre-invasion Bleck Fullas are still alive here, as I write to the site below, we definitely have a case for the world, to stop and listen to the words of our Great Ones, especially, our Bleck Fella True Fellas HERE.

So go read the article at the title/link above, then this from lil' me..

Reply by JUST DEFIANCE [M.N.Cook]

Thanks Steve! I found late I'm from the Gunai Mob down south in Gippsland, and must wonder now if WE, as in MY Mob were/are in fact the 1st Homo Sapiens? [lol]

I've been looking to Aborigine Wisdom and Law for a few decades now, find it indisputable, and when I write about it and when referring to the biblical 'Garden of Eden', in my blog, I usually call it the 'Garden of Wisdom', and have said for a while that it had remained extant and vibrant here until 1788.

I shot many barbs at western religion over the last 2 decades about their ignorant, arrogant maltreatment of Our Bleck Fullas, and lobbied them and government toward the 2008 Rudd/ALP 'Apology'.

This also happens to agree with my thoughts I've had for a while, without any scientific inquiry, not so much as Aussie Bleck Fellas being the First Blokes, but that the accepted dogma of how old human beings are, is dubious at best.

400,000 years sounds much more likely.

Great article! Thanks again.

As you say, mainstream myopia ignores these unsettling revelations.

So, trusting your science, your reputation thus the credibility here, I expect at least the not-quite-so mainstream The Guardian Australia will take an interest, and I hope they make something of it.

It could give our broken Indigenies something of a psychological 'lift', aye?

I've been advocating that the world, not just our appalling politicians, must listen and heed the Wisdom of Aborigine, Aborigine everywhere, that is. I also maintain we must bring them right to the front of the 'conversation' about 'where Australia, and the world, is/are heading'.

I suspect you might agree?

Thanks also, on behalf of Australian Aborigines, to 12160, for putting Steve's article up on the website.

And O! I love the pic, with silhouettes of four True Fella English Gentlemen in suits in the centre.

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