They say we're attacked by Aliens

140107 They say we're attacked by Aliens

Amongst other 'things'.

'Royalty', aka, the remnants of long-passed and still dynastic warlords, will usually do anything to retain their place on a finite space, like on earth.

The 'royal' House/s of Hanover who've rules earth for at least - my guess - 300 years, no less.

He found out about what the royals will do to retain absolute power on earth, the hard way. As did his sister, and, their Dad.

Me? I'm still finding out!

A 4 year old kid coming home from wherever mum had shuffled him off to on one fateful day, to find either 'grandpop' dead somewhere in the house - mum as likely had her extramarital lover, Boxer, pick grandpop up from the doorway of the marital bedroom where she shocked grandpop into having a heart attack, and carry him somewhere more 'suitable' to make it less suspicious, less criminal - was the first event in Don's life telling him the aristocracy, the global establishment, do anything to achieve their self-interested, out-of-date, psychotic aims.

Or, at minimum, 4 year old Don came home to mum carrying on as if heartbroken that her dearest most beloved grandpop - her 'grandfather' - had come home after a harrowing day and died of a heart attack.

But, what could I know? Maybe the family all hated the old cunt's guts?

Maybe he was a tyrant? After all..., it was the 1950s, middle-urban Australia.

Stoicism, post war, pre-1960s 'flower-power' cultural revolution, catholic tyranny and anglican guiltlessness holding everyone and everything down like cement boots.

Him,- 'grandpop' - late 70s, ex-pioneer, British establishment/invaders' gold mine operator, killer of a few, 'a few', Aborigines in the 'pioneers' march into unknown but stupidly mineral-rich country [ 'gold nuggets as big as a big man's fist, lying in the streams!' my Aboriginal Grand-Father - mum's dad - told me himself ], grandpop, stubborn, full of whatever varieties of psycho-pathologies in his mind, for all the grievous crimes he'd been party to, maybe the family celebrated on the 16th July 1954, when the old cunt died?

A 4 year old, white, lower-middle-class, well protected son of a catholic mother, might not have been seriously affected on the day?

His sister, older by 2 years, has always been somewhat hysterical, or easily sent there, so it might be a safe assumption that she was affected on learning that grandpop had 'carked' it, at home - he was living out his later years with the small family - and that the family was in some sort of - essentially fabricated - by mum - shock.

Now, 58.6 years later, it matters little, or not at all, what effects the kids suffered on the day - 16th July 1954.

Dad, ex-World War 2 Australian Army Paratrooper, Sergeant Major, no less, so, fucking tough, came home to the same situation, perhaps early from the factory, it was a Friday, being somewhat of a disciplinarian, and as likely, awake to his wife's half-sincere character, but a conscientious husband and father, to the same situation.

But of course, to a 'modified' story from 'mum'.

'Boxer' was known to 'linger' around, and was regarded as a family friend. 'Uncle Boxer' to the kids.

But, about every other adult, was labeled as an Aunty or Uncle to the kids, in those days. Perhaps that's how families still do it, with adult friends?

Dad, being disciplined, strong, intelligent, savvy as he was - almost never saw him done over in any deal - but for various reasons - mum's witchcraft no small part of why - Dad was often 'reticent', 'withdrawn', preferring to take the lower place, when 'questions' arose in his mind.

That doesn't mean he was weak, no, but he was sharp enough to know that when bullshit is the mainstay of a story, or of a conversation, or of an argument, there was no point trying to argue. Especially against a fiercely, and fiercely evil, catholic woman. A catholic woman guilty of murder, and supported fully by her catholic convent nuns, and, the larger church way over in - Rome - no less! And, in Britain, Spain, France, ET cetera.

But my guess is Dad was hit pretty hard once he was made aware of the fact that grandpop had died at home from an heart attack.

I'd say he was very upset if he was told that Boxer was around, or worse, was a part of the story.

Whatever..., nine months later, I was born.

Flaming red 'Irish' at least 'Celtic' hair, [ Boxer, was an O'Brien ] and maybe sporting a face full of very distinct freckles, almost the 'norm' for Boxer's type of Irishman, albeit that Boxer had that Irish, blonde, 'crinkled' hair.

Dad had a reddish beard, but definitely not red hair.

Mum's, for the record, because she dyed her hair as close as she could to my color - when I was a kid -, which was a 'strong' red, was born with hair as black as any full blood Aborigine.

No coincidence there, either.

So, me dropping out nine months after the house of the Cook family was shattered by grandpop's death, made some sort of impact on Wendy, Don, and, Dad.

Mum, well.., she was a catholic convent girl, stolen from her Aboriginal Dad, soon after her mother died, so with a serious agenda of talking shit lifelong, and for all the abuse she'd suffered in under-class Australia, with 'Black' blood, and from the 'tutoring' the convent forced down her throat, and, that she'd actually planned grandpop's 'death', 'execution', 'assassination', let's call it 'murder' - 'why' comes later - she was also a tough little number. Added to that she was 'well-endowed' with a pretty attractive figure, good looking, and flirtatious to say the least - so as most lookers, was ruthless inside.

So I'd guess that mum was 'in control' from the moment she and Boxer groped their way into the marital bed, had it off, conceived little bastard Nicky, heard grandpop coming in the back door, walking down the hall, perhaps lured by mum's fake sexual moaning [catholic sheila, remember], she springing out of bed, naked, whoppers bouncing menacingly in grandpop's direction, watching him drop of shock, and then filling Dad's and the kid's ears with bullshit for the next however long it took for the TRUE shit to hit the fan about what actually happened on the 16th July 1954.

I guessssss...?

So, the Cook family has been in turmoil ever since, really.

Wendy's been on Prozac and other anti-depressant and I'd hope anti-psychotics, for, about 20 years, and onto harder pharmaceuticals since - she 'won' a church school education - Anglican - so was guaranteed a house, or two, or three, and a husband or two, and a daughter, at about 40 years old. IVF - no worries, 'educated' sista!

Anything to keep you onside and..., QUIET!

O! And, she 'won' a beauty contest, at 16 years or so of age, [ 'People', or 'Everybody's' Magazine ] and the trip to Hollywood, and to Nashville to meet Elvis. Who wasn't there, so the story goes. With mum.

Introductions to the best Melbourne society could offer, a husband of one of the best families, and the next day OFF! To Nashville, again, to live in diasporic bliss for about 7 years, 'studying' to become someone who hides down a fucking microscope, pretending to be a scientist for the rest of her unimpressive career.

Either she goes weak at the knees when any facts are raised, or she becomes the classic white girl 'I'M ABSOLUTELY CORRECT IN EVERY THING I SAY, THINK AND HAVE EVER DONE!' screaming banshee bitch to shut me, or others up. But, I reckon she hasn't got the balls to play the screaming banshee on others?

Besides, I'm the only one whose kept out of the loop, of facts about things like,
what events surrounded my illegitimate conception on - 16th July 1954 - and,
the grand delusional Brit-Eurapean monarchy's plan to conceive, build and fabricate a false Jesus, returned from the grave, to woo the dumb flocking christians who've been told for generations if-not for centuries that they must have 'faith' that Jesus will come back and save them.

Whatever. She's as weak as piss, in the face of the facts about that day when she was but a child, or about why she 'won' the prize and the trip to hollywood, or about what shit her family has had to talk and fabricate and 'execute' since.

Dad! I really don't think I can recall one day in my life when Dad wasn't at 'loggerheads', arguing with mum?

They were always fighting. Arguing, disputing, mocking, denigrating - though mum was always first with an insult to Dad.

I grew up - O! This is MY family I'm writing about! I'm 'little bastard Nicky'.

But..., I'm not a big part of this story.

I grew up thinking parents bitching at each other was 'life'.

Dad was almost always grumpy. He tried hard but was always unable to 'warm' to me.

'Distant' is one word that suits.

Now, the only thing I am angry with him over, is that.

[Dad told me some ten or fifteen years ago, when I asked him, that he had his first epileptic attack when he was 34 years old.

He was 34 when I was born.

Between his telling me that, and before he passed over, he said he'd been an epileptic since his late 'teen years. Even in dim and dumb 1940s Australia, I think the army would've rejected his application, before he was 20, to join the army and to fight in Eurape, if they knew he was an epileptic? Maybe? Maybe not?]

He was prescribed a couple of now-known to be filthy-bad medications for this epilepsy. “Phenobarb” was one, and Dialantin”.

His moods were almost always 'on edge' in my youth, at home, and even after leaving home, and Australia, then returning and living back with them for a while, Dad was hard to get on with, and, was still arguing with mum.

I know now, that 'epilepsy' is a 'psychic' dis-ease, and can be excited into acting on the sufferer's mental health, stability and nervous system by occult manipulation.

I've met a few people over my years, who 'suffered' from epilepsy. After learning a bit about them, and that they'd been victims of severe child abuse, by their parents, I connected the dots and realized that epilepsy is a most pernicious form of mind control.

A guilty parent will use their power over a child's mind to keep them on the back foot, and silent, about the abuses they were victim to, at the hands of their own psychotic parents, or others.

I don't have epilepsy, but know I'm victim to horribly debilitating 'influences' when I'm with the family.


I know a little more as to why Dad was 'distant', and why he, and Wendy and Don, and even the bitch herself, could never tell little bastard Nicky, why Dad, and everyone else was really just 'pretendly' to me!

Yeah! No exaggeration! 'everyone'!

Dad lived out his 91 years in full-blown, Intellectual and emotional and physical WAR against what mum was trying to fabricate. With little bastard Nicky.

He was Intelligent, Tough, Honorable and Dedicated enough to know he didn't have much choice but to play along with this evil bunch of psychotic 'matriarchs' of catholic Brit-Euro royalty, so stayed with mum, and did his thing, as best he could.

He was a very practical Man, good with his hands, and did most of the upkeep of the houses they bought and lived in across Melbourne's eastern suburbs, until age won over.

Along with his Intelligent antipathy against her, and her psychotic catholic's relentless false-god plan, and the constant challenging he took up to her, against here sickening laugh-it-off and carry-on attitude - typical of a witch - he wasn't going to be dropped out in the street if he went all the way and left mum.

So he wisely stuck around and ensured he was comfortably and nicely, tastefully accommodated in the high-end suburban homes they had.

If not for the astute and wise, disciplined accounting and other management skills he possessed, albeit that mum would always have had the church to run to, she would've been on the streets and destitute, for her terrible money-managing abilities, over-consuming habits and useless shopping sprees.

I was around 14 to 16 years old, when Dad came marching into the loungeroom after another argument with mum, and asked me, in a voice seething of exasperation and despair, 'Nick, if I was to leave your mother, would you come with me, or stay with her?'

Me, being but a puppet of a matriarchal clan of fucking psycho catholic AND freemason witches, so had never had my own mind to make my own decisions, on top of mum doing her devilish best to build a rift between Dad and me, such that we could never be near each other for long, could only say 'Argh? I dunno Dad? I couldn't know until it happened?' or some bland shit.

SHIT I wish I knew something about the bullshit mum had in store for me.

And for Dad. And for Wendy. And for Don. And for the 'SEVERAL' other males she seduced, bewitched, and even murdered!

So..., Don, my older, never-discussed, nor admitted to, half-brother by 5 years, found out the hard way what royal families will do to retain their psychotic grip on all the land.

Once he was informed and female-savvy enough, about what they and royal women will do to get their hands on the real estate, I'd say the piece of shit - Don - became a bit 'cynical'?

Once he teamed up with a bloke from the same Nation of our now extinct Aborigine Ancestors, as an air force cadet - or was it as an army recruit - who might have known an whole lot more about the massacres which persisted of our, their common Ancestors for perhaps 100 years, in Gippsland, Victoria, Astrayliar, and who might also have heard of the same sub-Nation - the Brayakooloong Gunai-Gurnai-Kurnai Peoples - being massacred up there, up the Tamboritha Road, north-east of Licola Gippsland, around 1900, there might just have been a LITTLE bit of indignation shared between the two of them?

I might continue this little 'story'...........

However, the British and Eurapean aristocratic royal dynastic families will go to genocidal lengths to claim the land of others, and to keep it, and to bury the facts about their illegitimate claims on it, and to secret forever the true facts about how many, and who, they massacred to keep their unearned, insane wealth and false privilege.

Don knew about most of this, from an early age, I guess?

He rebelled, from my junior and thus limited understanding, and complete unknowing of these other behind the scenes events, such as grandpop dying somewhere little more than a few feet from the bed I slept in for my 1st 20 years, his rebellion was 'the normal thing' for adolescents of our warped Australian middle-urban culture.

Being so heavily controlled lifelong, I've had to piece together all the events of my life, and of the family, mainly since about 2005 when I finally found out this was going on behind my dumb-as-dog-shit life.

Perhaps the most harmful thing about it all is that no-one will admit to it's existence, so I have to figure it all out for myself.

Apart from daily necessities, shopping, ablutions, etc, it has come to preoccupy my thoughts, and with the total isolation from society, I'm wound back to reiterating the bullshit contained within the whole roaring farce.

Then, as if this wasn't hard enough to cope with, a number of people I apparently insulted in years passed, learned of this filthy plan, and decided to make my life even worse, by employing the occult to make my social life as good as dead.

Everything was got at by them, and they persist to today.

Ironically, aside from the unknown to me insults or offenses I committed against their softcock, proud and insane minds, I agree with them about the heinous nature of this elitist plan to build and present to the dumb flocks, a false messiah.

However, since they 'tagged' me so much that everywhere I went and everyone I tried to to business with, they either got in ahead or came in after, and bought off the people, this counter filth subterfuge has gained a momentum of it's own. So now, as for the last say 10 years, anyone who is without any moral or ethical fibre, like, the vast majority of white Australians, is seduced to employ their witchcraft upon me, and are rewarded by scum-international to shit on me, everywhere and anywhere I go.

Shit happens, aye!

Well..., this is the classic case of “NO! Some asshole makes it happen!

Nevertheless...., somewhere back a few decades, Don became aware of the utterly evil extent of this matriarchal plan to build me as 'Jesus on the rebound'.

I suspect he became a little misogynistic for it. He had been a best friend of an highly Intelligent and 'gay' 'Liverpudlian' bloke, from the UK, as far back as in his late 'teen years I think, and ended up marrying Colin's Sister, Mavis.

But at some stage in Don's early stint in the Australian Army, I think he was bastardized by his fellow soldiers, it's usually the NCOs who commit the offense, to 'capture' the souls of the recruits into their cult of military warmongers.

Why is open to debate. From here, I assess it's because the military here and perhaps even worldwide now, is at war, in the occult and subtle world/s against the warped and filthy bullshit religions.

Whatever, in the occult world/realm/s, there's no doubt several wars occurring, and 'capturing souls' in this earthly realm is part of that chaos, which is why the churches have been fucking children for thousands of years.

So, the military, with it's brutal maltreatment of recruits, and young, may not be all evil bastardizers, if they are fighting for souls to engage against the far more evil far less Democratic' religious cults.

Religious cults who work hand-in-hand with the totally undemocratic global monarchic, centrist dynasties to claim and retain, not souls, so much as the tangible material resources of - the lands of the world.

And, in the Scientific, Ethical, Philosophical and actually 'Spiritual' diagnoses, and conclusions, the Land, everywhere belongs to The People.

Don's always, as far as I've known him, has been a Democrat.

In Australia, 'Democratic Principles' as-it-were, have been fought for in the political arenas, by the so-called 'left-wing' political parties, aka the Australian Labor Party.

The ALP, actually came into being just before the turn of the 20th century, formed by Working Class People, from cities and the rural farming mobs.

It wasn't long before it was connected with other Workers' Unions and Parties overseas, and through the 20th century they united as best they could, not forgetting that the monarchists were well onto them, and went to the most evil extents to stymie Democratic Movements, Parties, Unions and, Revolutionaries wherever they showed and formed up.

World wars one and two I argue, were started by the western monarchies precisely to crush these Socialist Organizations.

For Australia's Working Class Warriors, the famed, ill-famed event commemorated yearly here, of “Galipolli', was the British establishment's most brutal plan to shatter the healthy, Honorable and Noble even, Defiance and Courage of the Australian Diggers.

That tragic event did not need to happen, was known and planned by the British command to be a failure, with the mass slaughter of our Tough and Righteous, Irreverent, against the bastard British colonial government, 'Colonial' Fighters, their filthy way to kill our Irreverence and Courage to fight them for our own nation's Independence.

So, this story, with all it's parts and chapters goes on and on, and by no small part, enters my very own family, and is why Don, took the roads of Dissent he took, over the last few decades.

Saddest of all, perhaps, is that, while he and Dad were often not 'friends' as Father and son should be, they were in their own ways, and lives, on the same side, in deadly and fiercely Righteous opposition, to our own mother, Dad's wife, and her cults'-plural, crazymind matriarchal plan to use me to have the christian world of their dumbed-down 'faithful' flocks, ie., mass-hypnotized christians, believe that Jesus has returned to save them. I say again, and again.


So..., Don, and others he was close mates with, from the services they enlisted in, not only out of their own induced mental and sexual weaknesses, but at least as much out of a far more important and globally crucial 'call', or even a 'Duty', to fight to the end this heinous plan by the global elite to set me up as their world puppet, thus fooling the world about the greatest falsity of all, that 'christianity' is correct, that therefore, jewish and christian bullshit religion is redeemed and has been correct all along, thus 'falsely justifying all the shit they've imposed upon the rest of the world, and, worst of all, justifying that the white supremacists of the western hemisphere - ie., the wealthiest white 'false-christian' monarchies - have always been right, and so had and still have the right to go to their 'holy' wars against every other culture and creed.

The prospects of them having this false hex over every other far, far more sane and balanced and peaceful culture, creed and nation, is, well, pretty much what we now face, globally.

Endless and utterly insane, unjustified bullshit wars, unto the end of time.

All so the Brit-Euro establishment 'lords of sick', the OCCUPY Movement's evil “1%”, can stay afloat in their completely insane, opulent, MAXIMUM-CONSUMPTION lifestyles and customs.

That Don and a worldwide group of blokes have gone a bit off the rails in that mad war, and become pedophiles, as said, not merely for insane selfish sexual pleasures, but to bring otherwise vulnerable children up-to-speed - yes, younger than a 'balanced' culture and world would have them - but to induct them as early as possible, and, before the matriarchal religious pieces of shit got them, while he's taken to making my life worthless, solitary, and severely socially and I have to accept, intellectually damaged, and for all he's done to me over the passed fifty years, such that I do regard him as a piece of shit, I do manage to state that I can accept that he's not quite the stupid, unconscionable cunt I see him as.

THAT, appellation, as far as I have discerned, belongs with the females.

Women, from jewish, catholic, protestant and freemasonic cults, ET cetera, who have done everything they've done, and, I do believe this has been going on for well over 2,000 years - the war by the matriarchy, to bring down the patriarchal dominance of the planet - to assume full ownership of all 'Mother Earth's' lands.

Because I'm not told any facts about our family, our Ancestors, on any side of my 'parentage', and have spent that last 8 years researching it all, yet still am hit with facts which stun me and send me back to alcohol in self-medication, from what I have uncovered, and been given leads to, I still am inclined to side with Don, my lying, corrupted, seriously psychologically disturbed half-brother, over mum, and my sister Wendy, and all their idiot female witches who insist on plying their dull and dark dumb witchcraft over my soul.

What's more, they and their powerful establishment women, and, I put it, hypnotized, thus compliant men, who have errant control of my life via their placements in the Australian policing forces, the Victoria Police Force being the body with whom I've chosen to write on this ongoing tragedy called 'my life', support this deeply astray ideological stance and try and war by the white western monarchist females, and in such, willingly keep me isolated and racing to an early grave.

It's clear that none of them are capable of admitting their parts, as individuals or as entire groups, be-they the Victorian, New South Wales, Queensland and Australian Federal Police forces, including ASIO, et al, or those from Britain, whom I unknowingly was befriended by over the last 38 years, and with whom I socialized and worked.

It seems, that their witchcraft and pride of never admitting errors, is winning here, and for their own foolish egomania, will kill me.

Thanks, mates!”

My brother Donald Walter Cook has his psychological problems, no question.

War does that.

But because my mum and my half-sister Wendy, appear to have a dominant cult, or collection of elitist matriarchal cults backing their every-lie to me, and against Economic, Cultural, Intellectual and Social Equilibrium on this planet, does not, not ever, make them correct.

Nor therefore, can they ever be, any more, justified to desert or push me into the Hell I am in, or to condemn or incarcerate Don for His Righteous, but inevitably crazy opposition, to their mad and avaricious plans.

War, is insanity. No question.

Everyone, on all sides, has no option, but to face facts, facts which establish beyond doubt, that the world's dominant western monarchic elite, aka, 'the anti-democratic, centrist christian establishment', matriarchal, patriarchal, both, or otherwise, have lost the plot, and lost it in fact, some thousands of years ago, and, in these fast down-sliding times, down-sliding for their lost wandering and thus errant government, worldwide, have lost all credible rights, privileges and thus authority, to assume control of any of our forces, policing, military, governmental, civil or religious.

They say where attacked by Aliens?

With the utterly insane outcomes from unintelligent spoiled-stupid establishment and religious people abusing witchcraft, and other people's rights and property, as they've been doing in the west for at least 2,000 years, 'Aliens' are the least of humanity's worries.

Human! Know Thyself!

Your 'enemy', is within!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Travelling 4x4 Tent of

Commander Notorious
General War Pig

Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor