130408 JUST DEFIANCE Wrapping The News

130408 JUST DEFIANCE Wrapping The News Edition

A? Yer! Obviously I live in a very different world to 1, everyone else, and 2, to a sheila who messed with my dream the other night.

Alexandra Wunder was her name, 35 years ago anyway. She flashed through my dream with me in a 23rd century elevator, quick-as, slipped out between the metal wall panels as they started to slide over themselves, with the lift space reducing, me left standing in it, her, disappearing saying “this is going to shrink”.

The lift did shrink, but stopped, I got out, into a bizarre futuristic room.

She was already out there, now holding a new born and dressed in a white toweling gown, giving her wet hair a towel-down.

Over there, across the room, an elderly couple were walking, chatting, then, the bloke, without surprise, said “O!time to sleep”, and they were both rolled into a line of reducing circular mechanisms, to disembodiment and their death.

Future WHAAAH!?!$%^??

I woke, felt stunned by that vision, very short though it was, but was left with the distinct feeling that I'd just had a flash visit to the future, of a world out of where Arnie Schwartzeneggar's The Terminator future-bots lived, and whence they'd come to fuck my life?

MaaaaayBE? Maaaaabe NOT!

Whatever, she, her, Alex, an ex-girlfriend (HA!) of my daze in England (1975-'78), imputed into my head that that was now her reality, in the future, in a very different world to anything I was accustomed to.

Also, I got the feeling that she had chosen that metal world.

More likely 1, as she's a “Sinny girl”, so plasticity is her/their “norm”, 2, she'd been found out about her role in my life in England like all others I associated with in the Zionist backpackers at 338 Harrow Rd, playing girlfriend in a vein attempt to condition me for my ill-fated destiny of being the returned king of WHADDAFUK -OFF! Christendom!

The future had come a knocking on her door, I'd reckon, and she had to accept their future, or DIE BITCH!

Of course, I dunno?

But obviously I live in a very different world to everyone else, because I have been programmed to be a wise arse king of the planet, ie., the Zionist lord of all, hoho-fucking-ho, regardless of the political and economic science I studied for decades, convincing me beyond doubt that “monarchs” are about the end of all bad aberrations, from – the Jews, lost tribes wandering since they left Egypt, and that Democracy, not as we know it, Captain, is the way for our kind.

I live to believe the natural environment is paramount to our survival into the future, plastic and metal of Sinny-girls or with real trees, fungis, ants, flies, mozies and frogs, etc.

So, from my apparently peculiar perspective, out here in the reforests of 20, 30, 40 foot high fungi, which is all trees are, I reckon, somewhat cynically, but no less respectful of them and all the benefits they embody, people who clamber for and win the sycophantic media's spotlights and BOOOOLLSHSHSHIT attention, like the little Abbott of Canberra's right wing federal dropposition, who reject the simple, clear notion that the species DOES over-consume the natural resources, and DOES carelessly pollute too much, which DOES have a detrimental effect on the overall, therefore minuscule health of earth's environment, ecology biosphere, and thus on US, are from another metal and plastic planet.

For anyone to refuse to admit that excessive toxic fumes pouring into the atmosphere on the scales as have been pouring for the last Oooo? 200 years, soon enough will upset things like nature's critters, habitats, human breathing apparatus, babies vulnerability to respiratory diseases, aging adults' organ failure, etc etc, and-on, tells me, the green man of the lost world of nature and other not futuristic phantasms, me, of perhaps the 19th or 20th century, that Tony Abbott and his band of merry gigaloes aka the political class Lords-of-Sick, are not real humans, are not concerned about the natural environment, thus are not concerned about the effects of too much pollution in air, H2O and land, thus don't give a real shit for the health of the species, or our fellow earthlings.

So...., if this illusion I've been locked into by seriously developmentally retarded arseholes, of this alleged century 21 hundred years since some other puppet of a warped lost bunch of Jews, - Jesus – is said to have slogged the soils of the ancient middle-east, is not all bullshit, then some of my findings, all from reading and listening to specialists in the arts of science, etc, are correct, and therefore we DO need things like a government regulatory system on profit-1st, megalo maniacal corporate emissions, such as “carbon”.

Just like the species DOES have to learn to be happy without wasting everything we touch, merely to satisfy our insatiable tactile sense, or nonsense.

But Abbott and Costalotto incorporated are intent, like the PM said, to be “wrecking balls” of everything NOT suiting their extreme selfishness memememe upemselves political upperclassholes.

Other simple truths they run away from, such as Abbott himself championing a carbon tax some years ago, should convince the masses, if the masses are a reality, and we' ie., I, am in fact am not some weird sole survivor in a time warp some 200 years future-booted, that the current opposition must remain as the opposition.

I cannot believe they are actual players, and are not paid dumbies designed and placed in my media techno-perview to send me off the rails and write this type of shit.

Just to add to my increasing confusion, I watched very impressive media interviews over the weekend - are there weekends in the 23rd century Alex? - of 2 Greens Senators, Christine Milne, the Top Green in Canberra, and her Compadre, Lee Rhiannon, who put up robust and exceedingly balanced interviews, to the right wing novice Sky, political reporter/interviewers.

For the poise and acuity they both displayed, I can forgive and forget that they're both women.

I still say Australia, more than any other nation, aside from China and India, should vote up as many Greens as we can to all parliaments.

But – HEY! - Which century is it, ACTUALLY?

Just to show my inimitable Wisdom and Balance, I throw a compliment to another “outsider” of the federal political sphere – Bob Katter!

Bob's not yer av'rage friend of the Greens, y' might say, but his farfarfar north Whoseland rough-rider and indubitably REALPolitik attitude, approach and way of seeing the world, wearing on his shirt his touch of the tar brush in his blood to boot, is one I respect a lot.

I do think we're at the opposite ends of the galaxy in political terms, but his balls and upfront manner along with his determination to be honest about the BOOOOOLLLLSHSHSHSHIT of politics today, and his almost anti-establishment policies, etc., should not be ignored, and apparently aren't being ignored by voters across the wide brown and Bleck land.

He showed the smarts on the interview, and I'm sure won a lot more voters, come September 14th.

But....? What would I know? I am more and more convinced I do live in a different “time-warp” to the rest of us, of YOU, and so nothing I think, feel, see, hear, or dream, especially dream, can be real.

But can anyone tell me?

O! SHIT NO! We jus' gotto haunt 'im!

But, if I'm out here, on me own..., it may also infer that YOU, in there, amongst society and the world of the future or wherever, are also, in another illusion, just a different one? No more real than the one I'm exiled into.

So, what you sense, may be as false as what I sense.

It may then also be open to manipulation, to change and to warping your beliefs and visions and feelings etc.

Doesn't make it any more real than mine.

Nevertheless.., Apparently, if Arnie's future robots are in fact back here, making sure I stay powerless to stop me, me, ME THA SUPERKENT.... from BLOWING THEM AWAY, then they're mean and powerful fuckers, and scare the little panties off of even the toughest big motor bikers, etc.

Shame about that.

But, knowing nothing for certain, I do hold some, to the possibility that...

people, caught in a powerful hypnotic trance, as I do think everyone is..., will be developmentally retarded from there on.

They'll be so “captured” that fear, will overpower them, and it, plied upon their captured minds by some dark minded witch, will convince them to bow to whatever the puppet master tells them.

People, are capable of doing some very nasty things, for fear, and, the same thing, for ignorance.

So once there are no ethical or moral boundaries in their heads, they will abuse everything.

And that includes the dark stuff of the occult realm/s, to twist people's visions.

So..., we hear stories, backed up by tomes of unscientific, hyperbolic verbose fabrications, very few of which are provable, and should we get the chance to check, have no factual evidence behind what the fast-talking, bewitching occultist has just laid on us.

Usually they are supported from the rear by brutes who will add to the spells of fear being shot into you with every world the speaker speaks.

The western white, Christian, and people living in the modern materialist world, have until the last 20 years, had little awareness of the power of words, nor that witchcraft has been used against everyone for – well – forever, really.

What's that line in the Bible, from JC, that says, “….say only 'yay-yay!' or 'nay-nay!'..'' all else is of the devil!”

He was I think referring to doing a deal with another person, or such? But the inference I think, also is saying that words should not be used loosely, because they carry more than the overt meanings we might find in the dictionary.

Words carry energies that have in them effects. And the most effective 'effect” a black witch employs with their fast talk, is to input us with fantastic and frightening things, ideas, visions, sensations, to have us feel weak, stupid, and so, ready to accept what the smart mouth wants us to believe.

This goes into the realm of cinema, movies, added to by the “fantastic” audio and visual “effects” Hollywood specializes in, to further convince us of the possibilities of the movie scenarios.

The cat is long out of the bag now though, aye?

There's no going back to a world of Silence where everyone is pure of mind, and mediates on everything.

So.., some of us are spellbound to be one kind of blind fool, and believe there's nothing wrong with lots and lots of pollution, or that we're over-eating marine life and in that so upsetting the ecological balance in the oceans as to have the seas die, or that we can eat what we like and medicine will repair our severely weakened bodies.

Others, like me, are spellbound to believe to opposite.

That we are wiser to care for the world around us, and to live as light a footprint as the Aborigines did before the Jews escaped from Egypt and proceeded to fuck everything because they were so tormented that they could not face their own bitches about being slaves and landless..., ET CETERA.

So.., being the real John Connor, of Arnie's multi-billion dollar-making BOOOOLLLSHSHSHIT Hollywood blockbusters, [WHERE'S ME ROYALTIES, ARNIE?!?!?!??!?!)] and supposed to be so clever to solve the world's stupidities, of future aliens and robots and slime and man-eating amoeba and every other demonic being and not-being, I take it on myself to reject all the BOOOOLLLSHSHSHIT Hollywood blockheading shit, and leave you all to delude yourselves about politics, about whales, about future bots, and aliens and the common cold, et cetera.

This, me, is something someone calls a human being, caught in someone elses fantasy. That you all can only haunt and mock me, is really sad.

But I'll say that whatever the unreality is, in the 4th dimension, most of us need earthbound bodies to continue, and they, it seems, need a healthy planet to be able to continue into the 23rd metal and plastic century.

As I cannot re-enter your worlds, to find out what is actually going on, and as all I gather about your world's seem to me to be shit, on an ever downward slide, into a really bad future, I am more and more inclined to think of any future where humans, biological humans are under threat from those scary robots, as our, your, fate, and that you had it comin'!

Or, I'm more inclined to side with the robots, than with the bewitched biologicals, even while I would make the world totally vegetarian and growing only organic foods.

Funny? I reckon the robots would agree!

Vote Greens!

Or, if you're from farfafarkin' north Whoseland, and other outreaches from Sinny types, vote for the Katter's Australia Party!

Both are far and away better for the environment and for us, than the BOOOOLLLSHSHSHIT Zionists in the Lib/Nats, or, sadly, in the ALP.


Sky News Australia

Yeah! It's been coming for decades. And comes up about every decade.

Job cuts at vehicle makers like this one, are actually good. Because they show there is a need to cut back on the TOTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE auto industry pumping out shit products that only add to congestion on the roads, and in our arteries and veins, not to mention the resultant congestion in our minds addicting us to cancerous products and unnecessary material waste.

It's these types of ungoverned manufacturing of fast-useless and obsolete products that has future robots going sick on us for getting blind-drunk-addicted to, because those type of robots are logical, run on facts and scientific data.

They aren't emotional zombies who can't live a day without their mouths stuffed with chocy and pizza.

So.. while GM and their idiot corporate mouthpieces in the parliaments jump up and shout down the government for not being able to make the people intelligent and overcome their ignorant lust for more newer faster brighter motors, the REALPolitik Greens and even Big Hat Bob's Mobs, know the facts and face them, about the dangers of voters' ignorant lust for more newer faster brighter motors, and use Wise and Intelligent evidence to discern better ways to fill our needs, and wants.

While any major party bends over for the auto industry, they are a threat to all of us.

But I do like Holdens....!


Running out of puff and battery, but

Wikileaks is still with us!

And it may be an inneresting week if the headline means in the next few...?

If Wikileaks and Julian Assange make it to registering their party leading up to September 14, it's gonna be a very inneresting election!

Greens, Bob Katter's Australia Party and WikiLeaks holding the balance of power here, is sure to inspire the world.

Vote for all of them! (?)

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

NOTE: All of the above has really been written to distract me from jumping off a cliff.

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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