Clean Energy & Autos Are Contradictions

130417 JUST DEFIANCE Clean Energy & Autos Are Contradictions Edition

Updated: 3:02:35 PM, Monday April 15, 2013
By Andy Sullivan
First published 11 April in Business Spectator

News this mornin' - HAPPY 58th “BIG SPIT” DAY, JUST DEFIANCE!!!”- had that “Obama ...” article, from “Business Spectator”, so I did mar thaing, and flogged the dead horse of land reform for REALClean-energy modernizations to this whorey old planet's errant human fools, as follows....


"Clean energy" & "autos", are contradictory terms.

The US has to go through the most amazing turnabout away from what has become a psychosis, in it's and the world's addiction to the mainstream motor car.

The whole notion of cars, grows from insultingly wrong, elitist self-interest in their using the underlying source of all wealth - the land - and their rude dividing of it, for their own gain.

If land was properly, lawfully divided, we wouldn't need to travel so far and to such localities daily for work. Our needs would be produced locally, so we could use genuinely "clean energy" means of transport to make and acquire them.

Clean energy has to take these other, larger, legitimate, that-is lawful, scientific and crucial things into consideration, to actually be "clean", primarily in how we spread ourselves on the land.

Otherwise our attempts, we know, are in vein, and prosper only because individuals - politicians, business entrepreneurs, corporate board-members, but most of all, the parochial consumers, cannot see the largest picture of how the species must live with the planet harmoniously, to really have a clean energy footprint.

Capitalism, is totally contradictory to a person, community, nation and species living harmoniously and using "clean energy".

Also, researching the various modes of making clean energy is good, but we are still on the "thrill" stage of going hard at making "clean energy" products, so all manner of "on-the-surface" clean energy ideas are floated, invented and produced.

But, like the solar panels - farce, actually - while a great idea, they cost too much to make, and cannot possibly be economical, therefore, deserving of the "clean energy" label.

All-in-all, we really have more than enough "product" on earth, motor vehicles especially.

So if we, our governments, our cultural leaders, our educators are genuine, there has to be, as said about the US atop this comment, "...The US has to go through the most amazing turnabout...", as we all must, away from the whole structure especially of our work-a-day routines and aspirations, away from blithe, over-production of mainly useless things, merely for an income, and get wise about reusing the giga-tonnes of discarded materials.

And, products will always have to be manufactured, but we have to grow to maturity urgently, beyond the planned obsolescence profit-driven models of manufacture.

Indeed, if we were to be lawful in our cultures, it would be a crime to deploy "planned obsolescence" at all.

Which it is, no matter which corporate psycho twists laws otherwise.

But HEY? Capitalism, blind, ruthless capitalism, has wrecked the planet, so all the talk and even a massive turnabout, comes too late.

Just as well it doesn't take a mega-factory to make a boomerang!

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