So What Do The Australian Federal Police AFP, The Australian Secret Intelligence Organization ASIO, & The State Police Actually DO, In Terms Of Law?

130415 JUST DEFIANCE So What Do The Australian Federal Police AFP, The Australian Secret Intelligence Organization ASIO, & The State Police Actually DO, In Terms Of Law Edition

By James Cogan
WSWS 15 April 2013

Another important article from the WSWS.

Bringing the headline of this'n
“So What Do The Australian Federal Police AFP, The Australian Secret Intelligence Organization ASIO, & The State Police Actually DO, In Terms Of Law “?

I've had more than a few “run-ins” with state coppers, feds, and no doubt lots of cunning little churchie shits working for ASIO, all the while never having broken any laws relevant to their stated harassment(s).

So this question is not a newey.

But now 10 years since our lack-lustre “little c--t” as his fellow politicians often called him, out of his earshot of course, ex-prime minister John Winston Howard, sent our troops to Iraq, and since 2003, bales-full of evidence has proved Iraq was innocent of the allegations and pre-war charges by the US, Britain and the Astray liars in the then Liberal/National/Labor coalition here, and that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, none of the aforementioned police and security forces have acted in accordance with international and national law, and arrested John Winston Howard, on charges of presenting a false, nay-illegal case to the Australian public, supporting our illegal invasion of Iraq.

Clearly, they themselves are acting illegally, by not doing so.

But HOHOHO! Should the full force of the law be instituted and acted upon, of course, as the WSWS article tells, we would not have a functioning federal parliament, because pretty much all of the three major political parties' MPs would be arrested, and sitting in a Canberra jailhouse.

AaaaaanD! Like any of them or not, they are there to abide by and legislate LAWS, not perverse Bills defending their own insanity and Armageddonic CORRUPTION?!

In 6 months, all of those three political parties are asking Australians to vote for them to manage domestic and related international economic, military, cultural and social affairs.

Yet none of them actually qualify, because they're in the main all war criminals!

But, from my brutal maltreatment by Australians over most of my weird life, this is not surprising.

Because there is more than enough evidence condemning the majority of Australians themselves, as war criminals, merely for supporting the aforementioned three major political parties.

As the WSWS article reminds it readers, in 2003 worldwide, and no less in Australia, we saw the largest street PROTESTS ever, against the western alliance invading Iraq.

So, whether or not the PROTESTERS were actually but zombies told by some puppet master to walk down that street, at this time of that day, so enabling the whores of our media to grab video footage and reportage to pretend we cared both for innocent victims of the usual old insane Judeo-Christian lust for more Middle-Eastern oil, and Haliburton-type construction and Rinco-type concrete contracts, all slimed from western repatriation funds to the bashed-to-the-shitter Iraq, post war, about 1 million innocent Iraqis, and one not actually so demonic Iraqi President Saddam Hussien, were callously killed by our own, and the willing wankers for wrongheaded wars military.

So..., when you ASIO, Feds, and state pieces of shit are not terrorizing my kind of Human Justice Warrior and Investigative Journalist, or booking Bleck Fellas and throwing them in the can for self-medicating their ways through the fucking insane western Judeo-Christian illusion of mass destruction of Peace and Respect, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING????

Pressure, to do what the fucked-up, gutless, hypnotized Jews, Catholics and Protestant cultists cannot bring themselves to do, of PROTESTING ON OUR STREETS out front of our parliaments, and forcing the officers of aforesaid forces, to stop wanking themselves and their desk sergeants, and ARREST Australia's leading war criminals, BEFORE SEPTEMBER 14 2013, has been on my own back for several years.

But, whether or not I could, whether or not any cocksucking officer would see my points, irrefutability not mattering at all to our cuntstabulary (TYPO!?!$%^&!?!?), and let me pass, and whether or not I could muster enough of the more Honorable citizenry to be by my side (for all the psychological bashings I've had by one and all, I do not have any self-confidence) as I closed in on parliament house with a ute full of arrest warrants, I am long over being the patsy for a large, multinational collective of powerful, yet fucked up, self-absorbed and cowardly cults, and so would refuse to play their little lamb to the inevitable, eventual slaughter, by trying to commit an act of JUSTICE, in this here demonically perverse and terminally corrupt nation.

But..., no doubt, little miss comfy-fanny-plural, is/are sitting around their weeja boards plying my thinks machine with reduced options but to GO TO CANBERRA and ARREST THE FUCKING LOT OF THEM.

Not..., what I know as a Democratic process of good government.

For all the damage you bitches so glee in hexing on me, I can be sure of one thing. Were I to assert, assume take or be given the possibly rightful power over this fallen astray nation of fucking gutless liars, I would not be overly endowed with mercy.

Reason, I maintain, I would have oodles of.

Which would simply add further justice to being quite quite callous to those war criminals we, I, or a jury find to be GUILTY.

Not Democratic, NECESSARILY?

But, on that, as reason discerns that jails are demonic, and perpetuate the dominant Judeo-Christian INJUSTICE, I do not see cause to be lenient and simply place those tyrannical fuckheads in jail.

So, as other REALPolitik nations sometimes to, the death sentence does have merit, when we find WAR CRIMINALS to be GUILTY.

Do GW Bush, R Cheney, A Blair, and JW Howard, see where I'm going with this???

And what about our other politicians from that decade?

RUN ya' bastards!

You've all got 6 months head start!

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