Modern Food Production - Another Form Of Genocide

130421 JUST DEFIANCE Modern Food Production - Another Form Of Genocide Edition

Who ordered me mother to take up “health” in learning Yoga and quick enough, in the mid-1960s to teach it, then add to her repertoire by learning about foods and health foods and related topics, etc., I'll never really know.

But it's something of a certainty that her puppet masters and madams led her up those garden paths, all so she could give her little Jesus the best chances of surviving an abysmally ignorant food “climate” in down-here-down-the-shithole-Astrayliar.

Whatever..., whoever, lil' Jee-I'm-fucking-SUSS, took up the batton, and now, too late to save myself, O! the sacrifarce!!! I persist with those apparently useless notions of improving my intellect and sharing what I find with the one or two Google bots that click my blog pages each day.

But with my having no shed to employ my handy and wide range of skills sets in, I sit in forests and plague the 'net with my thinks on the most insulting news items I find.

The one linked here, being a choice lil' number, I'm sure mummy is squeezing my precious's for.

As I say ad nausium, down here in the utter shithole of Astrayliarn ignorance, I find, later than sooner, that most of my discernings and divinations evern, are wasted on fast food junkies and shitfood eaters.

Not to mention those who live the ambitious TOTAL CONSUMPTION big Aussie lifestyle, ignoring all ecological science and wisdom, and contribute most to exactly what Arnies' “The Terminator” future robots are coming back in time to correct, by wiping out the fuckheaded white guy total consumption maniacs.

As writ in recent blogs, having been built to be the real-life “John Connor” of Arnies money-maker Hollywood blockbusters -[ A? G'Day, Arnie! Here it comes....! WHERE'S ME FUCKIN' ROYALTIES, ARNIE?!?!?!?!]
I am now firmly in the Robot's camp, so they and I are allies.

If anything has any factual or true bases to them, then, as I put it in the following comment to the choice website “The Arrows Of Truth”, it's not impossible one, that we are under serious threat by aliens trying to wipe us out, and two, that future robots are in fact coming back in time to correct their creators' awry pathways.

Shit foods and shit and deadly food additives, being but one relatively small error in how we think, eat, grow food and destroy the world.

So..., “good on the robots!” I say, and “Good on The Arrows Of Truth!”, for taking down the fuckheads in Monsanto etc etc etc.

Next target... The medical, pharma, alcohol industries, YAYE, “TAOT”!

This, like all processed foods, show the extreme stupidity of "modern" capitalist entrepreneurs, within all branches of our foods' supplies industries. The same applies to modern pharmaceuticals.

It has also to be noted, that the vast majority of them are from the western, white, religious education systems, be they Christian, masonic or Jewish "lost tribes".

Our bodies, are in fact long refined and well-designed biological vessels, and to ignorantly and blithely "develop" and "experiment" with our foods shows the culpable ignorance of those who invent ways of not at all improving global food supplies, but solely improving their profits.

Were these lunatics, be they Monsanto, or any chemical or pharmaceutical maker, not human, it would be easy to conclude, that they are aliens, out to wipe our species off the earth.

Because added together, all the trash fast foods, with the innumerable artificial additives and deadly processing, not to mention the several types of damaging cooking processes we blithely submit foods to, then of course, there's the huge market - again, for profit, not for our health - in "supplements" and "medicines" etc etc and on and on, on top of the utter rubbish the market is free to flog us - "Coke is life" EXCUSE ME? etc, it is closer to correct to conclude that "someone" or "something" in those places of power, are actually trying to wipe humans out.

Yes! The food and medicines and other industries are genocidal.

Monsanto right in there, leading the destruction.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

Written in Green for all the right reasons.

Of course, it's a far cry from deducing these blatant FACTS about our food chains and prisons, and convincing the Astrayliarn public to GET OVER their ignorant addiction to mainstream, corporate, Monsanto-type politics, to the degree that 1, Aussies VOTE GREEN, or, WIKILEAKS, or even, to throw a googly into the mix, for the Katter's Australian party, and 2, drop their ignor-addiction to shit foods, and lifestyles in general.

A far cry because they are pretty much all under the spell of the consumer kings of western religious cults, who need YOU to eat-eat-eat and consume-consume-consume more-more-MORE, because their church monkey-zombies all work in the most fucked up and evil corporations ever known.

FOODS. AUTOS. MEDICINE. REAL ESTATE. OOP! I'm looking for some....?

Who am I kidding?


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