Clarifying The USA “Guns Debate”

130418 JUST DEFIANCE Shooting My Bitch At President Obama & Comfy-Fannie US People Edition

Or – clarifying the USA “Guns Debate”

Having backed Barack Obama into the White House in 2007/8 (?), it's come to the pass, where we see things differently.

So I gotto express my difference of opinion to his, and to many folks still reeling from the Newtown “Sandy Hook” school shoot-up, a few months ago.

Gun laws.

Today he talks about the US Congress failing, his term, to pass increased security checks on people wanting to buy guns.

I see it this way.

Things go awry when there becomes a major difference between “civil” culture, and that of the military.

After world war 2, US President Eisenhower, I think, warned publicly of the rising threat to the people of the USA, and perhaps he inferred to the world, of the “military-industrial-complex”.

So it has come about, that “power, for power's sake” has taken the military into being a force of it's own, not answerable to the People, and, indeed, it has become a threat to the People, a law unto it's own, as they say.

That growth of military might and autonomy, has forced other nations and regions to see the US military war machine as having gone over the top, in it's upspinning growth and seeming want to become, and maintain, at all costs, clearly aligned with the psychotic Israeli world force of Zionism, the dominant, unassailable military power on earth.

To get to that position, and to stay there, it logically, while clearly in a larger view, totally illogical, the war machine, like all war machines since ancient Roman times and probably before, has to ignore the will of the people.

Because, while I'm scathing of the majority, mainly of the Christian western world, most people see, from below, when things above, in the halls and echelons of power go off the rails.

And this is so when power gets either simply out of control, or, usually by the same route, becomes overly concentrated in the hands of the lusting few oligarchs.

The people recognize the danger.

And, globally now, in this global era, a majority of people see clearly that the accrued concentration of military might in the hands, not actually of the US military, but of the few oligarchs who have also manipulated the US political structures to their own corporate advantages, and who now have almost, almost..., complete control of the directions, actions, aggressions, supplies, and intelligence services of and for the US military, is way beyond any reasonable, or even any realistic military level, and needs to be placed on “Activity Watch” as-it-were.

So..., while the USA is clearly an experiment gone wrong, in terms of it's purported “freedoms”, mainly referring to the out of control supplies and criminal uses of firearms, and while the rest of the world is following suit, perhaps way behind the point reached in the USA, as I write atop, when the cultures of “civilian life” and “military life” in one nation, become at-odds with each other, if the civilian side is completely “disarmed” in terms of similar weaponry to defend itself from the worst case scenario - not beyond possibility in the day's psychotic climate - of a military command ordering it's troops to fire on the civilians, then the civilians are at a clear, distinct disadvantage.

And, on a similar but other point – US propagandists trumpet that the USA is the greatest nation on earth.

Well, from my experience, it is up there, in terms of the supremacy of many of it's people.

There is definitely something distinctive in the “gusto” of Yankees, which we, in the British colony of Australia, do often seem to lack.

It's as if we, and Britons, are hamstrung psychologically.

And I put this down to the structure of our “politic”. That of being “subjects” to a monarch, or to a monarchical regime. It gets complicated, but the freedoms to the individual in the likes of the USA, do seem to positively influence their peoples' readiness to “go for it!”

Sure, “going for it” can be dangerous, if the head is too egocentric. And that is a problem not unknown over there.

However, as I write, “US propagandists trumpet that the USA is the greatest nation on earth”. But that may not be the actual reality?

Because there are many credible tomes which expose the USA, as still under the sway, if not the hex, of the British and Eurapeans.

And deeper than those, thrive the cult of the ancient Jews.

So, it may well be, which I'm inclined to accept, that the USA is in fact not it's own nation.

This can be attested to from the evidence of which banks and financial giants were influential in the last, and ongoing, “global financial crisis” GFC.

Many of those which either came undone, or, in fact profited from US citizens public monies propping-up their failed institutions were British and Eurapean.

So..., what we down here down the cultural toilet of Astrayliar hear in the mainstream news about those mentioned events and crises, usually being not the full and complete truth, has likely not been slipped up the rears of a majority of Americans.

Many of them, Working Class, tough and ready to RESIST what they know are threats to their liberties and freedoms, I suggest, do in fact know that

1, their own military has become that threat Eisenhower warned of, and

2, also know that their land is not their own, but is controlled by those same, in a word – corporate – British and/or Eurapean powers, who control US stock markets, finance in general and the US military.

So, while the middle-to-upper class Jewish, Masonic (Mormon), Protestant and Catholic “comfy fannies” of the USA writhe and weep in pain at yes, sad events, like the Sandy Hook shoot up, they either fail to see the larger threat of a psycho corporate-military-industrial – offshore – complex turning the USA into anarchistic warzones-plural. Or some such scenario.

And they refuse to see that those upper 1%-ers the OCCUPY Movement identified and sought to RESIST, who control wealth and military power, are the ones turning the world upside down and into it's current downsliding ball of self-exterminating crazies, called collectively – Human Beings!

So, can the American People leave power in those megalo-maniacal oligarchs' hands?

Clearly NO!

Therefore it becomes all Americans' DUTY, to RESIST!

Not by arresting the President, and by today's decision by Congress, NOT the majority of US Congress.

They, with or without President Obama speaking of his dismay at the decision to not pass a revision Bill for tighter gun control, seem to me, from afar, to have redeemed themselves, by enabling US citizens access to military grade firearms.

Now, further to this...,

The USA has about 2 million of it's own citizens now, at any given moment, in prison.

Most of them are not for serious criminal offenses. Most are “misdemeanors” such as being caught with Cannabis in their pockets or such.

But they leave prison, with a “criminal record” or probably some lesser note next to their names, which travels with them for years afterwards.

Like the Australian – er- the Astray lyin' police, to just mention that, for whatever reason, one has spent time in a “psyche ward”, they grab hold of that and thereafter one is regarded by them to be mentally ill, whether or not no sign at all of any mental dysfunction was detected by any psychological or psychiatric “test” or “analysis”.

So.., I bet that in the USA, the same blanket response would come into effect, in situations where someone who has spent a few months in prison, even just for smokin' a bit o' weed, goes to buy a gun?

O? You got a record, son!? We can't sell you a gun!”

This, needs to be clarified, at least to myself, but also to those who fear their comfy-fannie TOTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE middle-to-upperclasshole nuclear family homes are under threat because Honorable, Working Class Americans – mayhap with a little little “criminal record” - know they have to expect anything warlike could come down the pipe from an evermore frantic and psychotic OFFSHORE oligarchic corporate-military-industrial dictatorship?

AaaaaanD! The exact same applies here in Australia!

What this comes to, is that as well as USA's "civil" culture needing, as all do, ongoing revision and monitoring, mainly because the demon of technology throws all manner of different ingredients into the social mix, but that USA's, and the planet's, "military" culture has to be seriously revised.

North Korea's Righteous Stance against blatant megalo-maniacal warmongering by the worldwide spread of militarism, seeded by Eisenhower's "military-industrial-complex", out of - Britain-Eurape-USA, is a response to their clear observation that that western megalith has to be resisted.

The war machine out of control.

So, rather than the US administration coming down even more on the US citizen, and this applies at least as much to the unconscionable laws banning harmless and pacifying drugs like Cannabis and Cocaine, as well as other BAD LAND LAWS et cetera..., there must be a change of focus, direction and action, to increase accountability of the US and allied NATO military forces, at least on an equal degree as the pressure on US Citizens to not go BANGBANGS in schools, cinemas, and streets, quite so readily.

As I write atop, it's all about getting the balance right between "Civilian Culture", and it's own "Military Culture".  Both, of their own, and because of the other, Fine and Righteous phenomena.

But..., me personally, see that the excessive addiction to western technology and materialism, in the US of A, so loved and regarded as "god" y'know, that hazy, indistinct, non-entity, combine to threaten everything good.

Free LAND, and Marijuana, ya dawgs! 

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