The People's National Broadband Network Forever

130409 JUST DEFIANCE The People's National Broadband Network Forever Edition

Aaaaaaand, another bitch about bad ideas from the mememe selfish, cheap, quality-free zones of the Lib/Nats dropposition BOOOOLLSHSHSHSIT private agenda wannabes!

The Australian National Broadband Network, NBN.

Hot air balloon figures are thrown up by the Liberal opposition about how much the government's NBN is going to blow-out.

90 billion dollars” they tell those who are so gullible, or because they're zombies with anti-Labor sentiments.

Where-as..., on-the-other-hand, that-is, just for the sake of opposing anything rational, we put forward the most we can exaggerate without making utter fools of ourselves, and sell you that the government is all about inefficiency and overcosting YOU, the idiot suckers who don't have the balls to string us all up on Canberra's lamposts.

Whereas, on-the-other-hand, we can flog you a 4th-rate, or if we can find it, a 6th-rate Chinese-made equipped cheap as chips NBN with advertized equal speeds to the node, and you pay, pay, pay the private – ie., our private school secret agenda graduate buddy-voters who are sub-contracting the planet for their own wealth accrual, technicians to get a faster-than-Maxies 50kbs/second internet connection to your overpriced rental.

What the Liberal's leader-in-drag Tiny Habit doesn't tell the gullible, is that for them – the Liberal/National spinmeister government-in-waiting, to afford the cheaper version, they essentially sell us down the river, creek, drain and sewer by buying the cheapest commercial equipment available HELLO! Outer Uzbekistan-Teck, the corp that sells you a corpus non-mentus, at the cheapest quality and prices this side of Mars!

And, another thing the opposition Liberals don't quite explain, is that the government's costing cannot not “blow-out', purely because the private, secret agenda right wing churchie school technicians have so ruptured all intelligent and economic public ownership of the construction processes and the ongoing upkeep of such utilities, for example the irrational, unsustainable, illogical privatization of public utilities like council services, water, light and power, telephony cabling, and even military supplies, ET CETERA, not to mention the unconscionable privatization of Aboriginal LAND “for god's sake”.

All..., so the god-bothering church schools can increase until Armageddon their own private caches of wealth, by having the public, ie., not of the secret private agenda cult schools, but those who miss out on being lured into selling their kids' souls for a churchie indoctrination, with all the benefits of being zombies of Christ forever, paying for the upkeep of the upclub of upemselves upperclassholes!

So, it wont be the public who benefits from a Lib/Nat NBN, but the churchies!

The churchies in the upclub suburbs, most of whom have or will have fucking satellite connections anyway!

Y'know, the elite one's who own most of the land, because the church priests have hexed all lower classes to remain criminal slaves and Aborigines, to not have the collective strength, and private school education, to law degree status, to take their heinous religious crimes against humanity to the high court?

Aaaaaand, another thing...! Who is so gullible to believe that the opposition is being 100% honest with us, when they say their NBN will only cost 29 billion dollars?

5, 10 years down the track, once it is finally “finished”, you can bet the Aborigine Communities in outback Walpiri or Gallacticus land still wont have NBN, top quality speeds, and there'll be “pockets” everywhere – in still safe Labor seats – with shite connectivity, because the churchie techs aren't innerested in driving their tech-utes down that street, ET CETERA.

The reason all these types of projects “blow-out” is not because of poor accounting and cost-analysis skills of left wing governments, but because of the evil profit-first motives of those right wing, O! church-schooled - sub contractors who cream excessive funds from the easy-touch government departments, into their own tax-deductible businesses and upper-end middle-class unsustainable, “fuck-you-Jack!” cafe-latte suburban lifestyles.

Just like the wrecking ball Liberal/National subverters of all things logical intelligent and wise government want it.

Another thing not mentioned by the opposition, is that there are certain things we need as a thriving business, wealth-creating society, that have to be prioritized, in terms of quality, equitable distribution and durability, as well as being designed to still be “competitive” as far into the future as possible.

In the 21st century, “communications” stand far and away above a lot of other things in terms of being important for our own personal lives, and for businesses and for government efficiencies.

So it is more than reasonable that the government design and cost for a top quality infrastructure in our communications needs, and so it is going to still be relevant as far into the future as possible.

This is why we are better to pay a higher price now, for the foundations of a solid communication's network, than to go the Lib/Nats road of doing everything on the cheap now, and worrying about paying for the repairs and updates way off into a future when today's politicians, accountants and treasurers are retired and living off the fat of their earlier deceits.

To compare the government's NBN design to the opposition's, is to compare a network built on concrete foundations as opposed to one built on cardboard footings.

The Lib/Nat's plan is oriented solely around greasing the palms of the offshore multinational corps of the evil “new world order”, who end owning everything which should belong to Australians.

Sure the ALP is under a similar hammer from the ILO and the IMF in fact.

But while the Liberal's Malcolm Turnbull is a Confirmed Republican, it is the ideological left or Community-First Political Warriors who fight for our own Sovereignty in government of our own land, and, with popular PROTEST for Democratic National Independence are the side who will champion our becoming a Republic.

Here's a paragraph from an article on the NBN

Sky News, Tuesday April 9

News Ltd claims the coalition policy will deliver broadband at a comparable speed to the NBN, but charge households $66 per month by 2021 instead of $90 as anticipated by the government.

1st, I must bitch about any such figures.

It's a bald lie for anyone to say, quote or estimate what costs will transpire in the future, especially any more than a few years ahead.

The same, of course, applies to estimated costs to construct it all.

Money is an evil mechanism, even while it, in it's proper structure and place, is merely the most logical “medium of exchange”, and does have a healthy place in markets.

But banks have been out to fuck money, thus us, over since the Templars took control in the 15th century or so.  

But their antecedents, the ancient Jews, were first to ignore their own Tora advisories ("Leviticus 25" etc etc etc) and start piling usury on monies lent.

That's in fact what Jesus was getting all bothered about in the market, aside from it being located in the Temple.

Easier to carry paper or plastic bills in yer pocket than shavings and coins and bars of gold or silver, and, although the overall cost of all the infrastructure supporting all our electronic money transference processes probably is not really sustainable, cards are better again.

But because of the rude manipulation and games played in the world's money markets, and with totally illegal markets running on land price speculation, inflation devalues the coin endlessly. So no one can assert something like “the NBN will cost this or that much in 5 years”, let alone in 10.

Both sides are guilty – GUILTY!!!! - of taking us all for a ride on their future-delusions trains, because one, they cannot know what the dollar, or any of the equipment will cost in the future, other than knowing the dollar, Australian, US or Kazakstani, will, because of the corruption of the financial markets, go down, and because of similar corruptions of markets, equipment will always cost more.

While quality, mainly due to the tight-arse, really pathetically bad managers ever hunting for cheaper products to have made, buy, mark-up for retail, and convince the market – the public in the NBN's case - theirs is the best - BUT HEY! THAT'S CRAPitalism for yer!!! - quality will be less and less.

Today's “we'll sell our arses to get into government” right wing politicians don't give a shit about how things pan out in ten years!

It's all ego for them, and ego is their NOW NOW NOW illusion.

So they'll say and sell the public anything to WIN WIN WIN! Today.

So..., selling the coalition's version of the government's NBN, is a lose-lose for them, ten years hence, and for us, when the shit product is 1, privatized, and 2, shits itself and we , WE have to pay for replacements.

The government's version would be unbeatable if it was completely built by a government owned and run company or set of more localized council-type government-connected authorites, companies which did not have any need for the devil of CRAPitalism - “profit-margin” - in their figurings.

Because of the coordination of one cooperative firm OOOP! DON'T USE THAT WORD “firm” AROUND PHILIP STREET SINNY!!????, of one cooperative company, corporation evern, where there is no need nor sense in keeping secrets between and from different regional builders, so the classic saver of all savers “economies of scale” can function to it's maximum efficiency, nationwide, cost of construction is the lowest possible.

Also, because all regions, sections and smaller teams of workers are using the same equipment, on the one plan, open to improvements and corrections where it's found appropriate, the one big central committee, has the most immense power to find and purchase the best quality products on the market.

The exact same principles the largest corporations profit most from – BUYING POWER!

And, or, if they, and their teams of techie experts, see a lack, they can still have the power, resources and funds to design and build exactly what the system needs.

Government bodies like the CSIRO, and the pre-privatised Telecom, or the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories CSL, as well as a host of smaller government bodies, down to local councils or rail workshops, did the best work ever, for not having that demon of a private company's “bottomline” dangling over their heads pressuring them to make something CHEAPER, FASTER, YESTERDAY, like private concerns do, whether multinational corporations or yer local churchie sub-contractors.

The only reason today's ALP governments not “don't” but “can't” arrange councils, road work contracts, telephony, electricity, water supplies, NBN etc etc etc, along the cooperative collective and most efficient economic and quality principles, is because the right wing scum of the CRAPitalist universe, Tony Abbott's offshore corporate cronies, have been going at it nonstop to subvert good government BY THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, for their own pockets of public cash!

So any “promises” by the Tiny Habit minds of the opposition of building a cheaper and faster NBN, must not be believed!

That is impossible, while profit-driven corporations and builder/sub-contractors are involved.

In the end, and if we survive, there really should not be any “end” to the building and expanding of a national, even Australasian regional NBN. It has to keep growing, along with the growth of the population.

But the Tony Abbott's will not tell us that. 1, because they're small-minded idiots not trained to see that far into the future, and 2, because they haven't the wit to tell it the way it should be, to the voters.

And it just has them shit themselves even trying to think about how they'd cost something and frame it in credible policy terms!!!

O! How's the psycho-analysis going, Cwissy Pyne?

So..., contrary to all the BOOOOLLLSHSHIT from the Liberal/National's secret agenda coven weega board of wankers, about how bad the government's NBN is and will be, I put it, that were his own evil corporate mememe-first profit-motive subversive imbeciles to not interfere and try to fuck everything not their own up, the government NBN will be a roaring success.

Another reason why Australia has to show it IS in fact capable of Intelligent Policy Decisions and vote back in the ALP-Greens-Independents government.

Which is rather contrary to what I posted the other day, about the Greens, Bob Katter's Australia Party, and the Rising force of WikiLeaks!?

Go figure!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

O! And Marcia Langton for Governor General!

If not for President of ULURUBA!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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