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130422 JUST DEFIANCE ...And There Was A War... Edition

(3rd attempt)

I wrote the story below last week, then tried to add an intro, but the shit keyboard layout on this TOSHIBA had me unknowingly delete the intro, down to the point where, below, I started on about alluding to “truth”.

I tried to “recreate” that intro, for it had good sentences in it, but failed AGAIN.

So here's the rehash, with it's obvious disconnect, at the point where I start to go on about truth, etc...,


On the news this morning, 24th April, an item focused on tomorrow's ANZAC DAY Anniversary commemorations, with a talk by our latest Victoria Cross recipient, about the day, and about what's planned for tomorrow at Canberra's War Memorial.

So, it's fitting that I make some notes on the day, also because it's my parent's wedding anniversary, 25th April. I think it's their 66th?

My emotions welled on thoughts of this, because my Dad, Allan Nichols Meredith-Cook, passed away on 16th August last year, so this Anzac Day will be the first without His body/mind/soul around for the day.

But I'm convinced He's still around in the ether, watching, and mainly, I'd sorta hope, laughing at all our folly.

I don't recall the last time I marched on an Anzac Day, with Him and other Veterans. Has to be at least 25 years ago?

But without going on too much, I always have “Dissident” thoughts lingering on the Anzac's sacrifice in 1917 or whichever year they were slaughtered on the Galipolli beachfront.

The foremost is that they were forced, by the British command, to go to their early graves to “hex” all after, Australian Military Forces. This done to kill off our previously solid and tough anti-establishment, anti-offshore-British colonialist claims on the Australian lands.

Like now, the poms want Australia for themselves, and their upclub, white, genocidal maniacs, and their rich, insane, “spoiled” children.

That the colonialism of the thieving British is never raised as an issue on Anzac Day, shows how far from being Righteous the organizers here are.

Watching and listening to the Victoria Cross Fella this morning, I'd reckon He'd agree, it is an issue, and as he said, Aussies fought and died to defend Australia.

They didn't die protecting Britain's elite, in their hearts at least.

So, if any meaning, other than the Respectful Memorializing of the Aussie Troops who fought, died, and the millions who survived, but because the elitist authorities turn their backs to them post-war, and always, even to now, leave the vets to suffer the aftermaths, physical and perhaps worst, psychological, of war, Anzac Day, really, should be the Day when the nation Salutes all our Vets, and currently serving Military Personnel, but also, makes a REALLY BIG ISSUE, of our nation's need to become our own nation, and not, as the British and Eurapean elite still regard us and our land, a resource bank and real estate prospect for their spoiled and filthy-greedy-unearned-income progeny.

Commemorating war, as Anzac Day has been morphed into being, doesn't do one single thing to end war.

So, while the agenda for tomorrow has merit, future Anzac Days really have to take on the deeper and harder issues.

Issues so hard that it actually takes Warriors to address.

Not girlie upclub, career churchie lawyer-politicians who dance around the hard issues like fairies around a toadstool.

Now here's the 2nd rehash of the intro.....

Sometimes writing or talking about the hard facts, the hard truths of life is impossible to put in ways people, common people, can take in and have ruminate in them.

Often enough, this is why we have “fiction”.

Not only because fiction can be a necessary distraction from the fucked world of facts, like the ongoing chaos of political, economic, industrial and other warzones – ie., ON OUR STREETS, but because it allows hard, or harsh truths to be heard, sometimes without the brutal edges of some raw and often vital truths. And, fiction can put across truths some, like politicians, don't want people to hear.

Soviet Russia was a classic case of that.

But hey! Not only the “communist” states have been guilty!

The USA has had it's censoring moments, and still does.

The days' “Whistleblowers” being locked up and silenced on increasing scales is the current worry about truths being suppressed.

But sometimes fiction tells the facts better.


“Truth” being one of those “facts”, hard to directly address in words, as is the complete description of the First Light, The Source, “god”, that can be described better in fiction. Outside, I believe, of the most recent Scientific "breakdown" or analysis of what and how the universe came into existence, and, is sustained.

The Chinese “Tao” of Lao Zi's Ancient article the “Tao Te Ching” alludes to it thus

The Way that can be told of, is not an Unvarying Way
The names that can be named are not unvarying names”.

Et cetera.

So, here's another style I was inspired to put to words over the last weekend.

Here, I focus on “leadership” and the concept of leaving it to one poor soul selected by others, because of their own ignorance, to “lead” people out of the pit the western mindset has been in for thousands of years.

Classically, in Biblical terms, we westerners, and all streams of our essentially white-skinned subspecies who/which have evolved and wandered from our origins, seem, from evidence, to have been off the true path since the fabled Adam and Eve's eviction from the Garden of Eden.

One is inclined to limit their descendents to we whiteguys, with our intermediate ancestors being the ancient most Jews, or Hebrews, who spread out from the Middle-East up through today's Turkey, to Greece and through Eurape to Scandinavia and the British Isles.

I leave the question open of whether human beings, as we are, and have developed, and spread globally from one root source. The common place accepted as Africa. Is it possible that life on earth was so “predestined” to have a specific route for evolution such that the eventual “grouping-up” of organisms to become humanoid, could have begun and fulfilled itself, themselves, in different places?

Is it not possible that the Asian climate for millions of years, was such that a humanoid strain could have developed, separate to the African, or to perhaps one or two others?

Anything's possible. And, nothing matters...!

But, somewhere, it is assumed, we, or one more hungering mob of us, lost the plot, and for whatever reason, started to look in the wrong place for their own satiation, for happiness and contentment.

It cannot be mere coincidence that most of the extant and still “meaningful” texts, from other than the western white, Judeo-Christian hemisphere, proffer and guide us well to the font of personal happiness, whereas the Judeo-Christian doctrines seem to turn out, from that source, while at once denying, or, for their ignorance, ignore that that Inner Sanctum, is where we should look first and foremost for our own personal contentment?

If we, as I have done for decades, follow perhaps an hypothetical “path” that directive instructs us to follow, of looking outside of our own innermost light, for personal, and soon enough, for our communities, source of satisfaction, I think that eventually we arrive at the least of truths, and turn to other people for our own peace.

This, brings the notion of “leaders” into being.

If, as I, and many suggest, that the western, Hebrew ancestors, of way back to the Old Testament's Adam and Eve epoch, were one way or the other taken away from knowing the True path, of looking for all the knowledge, guidance, wisdom and, Bliss, we need, to both not be insatiable fools, and to not need other people to lead us through the business of community administration, thousands of years later, even to 2,000 years ago from today, the mass of people imbued with that way of seeing themselves and the world, the community, the nation, would be so inured as to find it impossible to move forward and away from.

Or, back to, that original knowledge, we are left to assume was common knowledge to the inhabitants of the fabled Garden of Eden.

So, if so, then all manner of errant beliefs are created.

To look at the world now, in 2013, I find it impossible to not relate so much of what we accept, yet what are clearly results of a “lost mentality”, of a lost satiation of the mass of souls, to this, my, hypothetical, of the original errant ways of thinking and seeking after our own contentment.

“Technology” having it's roots mostly in warmongering, but one.

Another living example of personal and social satiation, is the extant Australian, and other, Aborigine Ways.

It's been clear to me for a long time, that the Bleck Fella here, uptil at least 1788, had never strayed off the Golden Path of The True Life, described in western literature as that fabled, yet, to the Jewish-Christian west, unknown “Garden of Eden”.

The Aborigine knew from the beginning, the Law, and, with a magnificently Balanced set of Customs and Rituals, Stories and Teaching, were able to maintain a willing, wise and knowledge-full adherence to those Original, True, Perennial Laws.

Whitearse typically, in their massive ignorance, fail totally to see that the Aborigine must have had the basic issues exactly right, because while they lived in what the idiot crapitalists call “poverty” ie., without a ridiculous excess of technologically fabricated material goods, they did so, for at least one hundred thousand years, but HEY! How myopic are the archeologists to claim humans all-of-a-sudden appeared a few hundred thousand years ago? - they lived with minimal tools and “equipment, HAPPILY!?

This directly exposes the fact that, we who hunger insatiably for material comfort, in the products the industrial culture pumps out, to everyone's detriment, are fundamentally UNHAPPY, in our own being!

Can a CRAPitalist hear and absorb that blatant FACT?

That so many of them cannot exposes further, that they are hypnotized zombies, of Jewish and Christian devils.

I use my own Australian Aborigine people as the example here, but accept that most all Aborigines, everywhere, where possible, still have their Original Ways, Laws, and Spiritual connections to the Ways and Things that matter most to them, and thus, to their perpetual existence.

However, it's important a distinction to single out the Australian Aborigine, because they were the last, undiscovered (Ha! An erroneous, western word in this case) Culture, so are the least distanced from that True Path of Living.

But Alas! Just recently, in South America, the world has found an Amazonian Tribe living True, as they'd been since the beginning.

So..., to leave the reference to tomorrow's Anzac Day, and my Honoring My Dad's War Service and His Life, in which He fought against the evils of establishment and cult tyranny to his very last breath, on the morning of 16th August 2012, I'll put it that the planet's Military Warriors, not the softcock's clammering daily for promotion, or “trained” in upclub “officer schools”, yet all should recognize their Duty, both to remember Fallen Mates, and Warriors, and to give Heart to those now on the frontlines of war, but also to give a few minutes silence, to pulling together the most important aspects of what they serve to protect – our Sovereign Spirit, best found in the non-materialistic Aborigines of the world.

As I end all my JUST DEFIANCE posts with,

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

There, “the Immortals” for me, at least, are my Aborigine Ancestors, from Gunai Nation, now Gippsland S-E Victoria, Australia, who were slaughtered on mass by the British invader/”pioneers” around 1900CE.

A slaughter, witnessed by the several children not killed, but stolen and subsumed into white culture, forced thereafter to never speak about that massacre, by Freemasons and Catholics in collusion.

Many of those “children”, I knew as Aunties and Uncles, but closest was my mum's Father, Donald Sutherland Willis.

All Praise Him, as He also, served in the Australian Infantry, I think, in the 1st world war.

I took that term, for them, “the Immortals” because that was how the invaders, after that and no doubt the hundreds of other massacres, referred to those People. The little gold mining village of Walhalla, in Gippsland, is actually named in memory of my Ancestors, whatwith Walhalla being Germanic and meaning “Halls of the slain Immortals”, or thereabouts.

But fuck sake, don't ask anybody to talk about it!?!?!? Or the witches of whiteguy developmentally-retarded spy agencies, pro-British ASIO and MI6, will come down on you and haunt you to an early grave!!!

The Story

And there was a war.

And there was a battle for leaders.

And that was the war.

And the people tired of that war.

And people were dying, everywhere, because of that war.

And on the streets, there was a war.

And people were dying everywhere, on the streets, because of that same, same old war.

Leaders had fought, with their mobs, and some had won their wars.

But the people were losing, everytime.

And the leaders grew wealthier and wealthier.

And the people, who were fighting that same, same war, were dying. On the streets, and in their yards, and in houses, and in their beds, and in hospital beds.

And the leaders marketed themselves as being good for the people, while the people were fighting each other, and fighting people who sided with other leaders, and the people were tired of that war.

But the leaders went on media and told the people how good they were, and would be the best candidate to be the great leader for the people.

The people who were fighting each other for those one or other leaders.

And the religions were fighting each other.

“Ours is the true religion”. “Theirs is evil.”

And the religions were co-opting the people to fight with them, and for them.

And the people were fighting and dying everywhere.

In the streets.

People were dying in their houses.

In their beds and in hospital beds.

And the leaders marketed themselves as being the best people to lead the people.

And the people came tired of the leaders' war, and realized this war was not for their best interests.

So some people began, very privately, to ask questions about this war.

And their numbers grew.

And their numbers grew.

And grew.

And these people began to not fight the leaders' wars.

And the leaders grew angry with these people, and started another war, against these people.

And this war waged on for ten thousand years.

But the people were resilient, and would not let the leaders have them die off.

And the people kept procreating, just to counter the leaders warmongering to kill them off.

And the people kept growing in population, and kept inventing better instruments to counter the leaders lust for power over people, in pace with the leaders corporations' rate of inventing more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

And the world was full.

Population was out of control, only because people were determined to out populate leaders' hunger for more power.

And leaders made up more and more stories, to fool the people.

And the stories became more and more outrageous.

And the marketing methods to sell the outrageous stories to the people were more and more sinister.

And if the people would not be fooled, the leaders would start a war against the people, to force them to believe the leaders' stories.

And the leaders owned the media too, and used the media endlessly to lie to the people about certain events, and dangers, and solutions.

And many people were made comfortable by what the leaders told them, or bribed them to believe.

But many more people were not happy, and were not fooled, and asked more questions.

And they asked not priests or rabbis, not politicians or lawyers, not used-car dealers or advertizing executives, but Scientists of Physics, of True Economics and True Law, and those Sciences' Wisest Philosophers.

And the people found new parts of themselves they were not even aware of in themselves.

And they found a new happiness in using these new, but natural and inherent parts of themselves.

And as they started to share what they'd learned and come to know about themselves, and about these new parts of – their minds – the numbers of people dropping the old “follower” ways of thinking, and living, and of being lead into the pit, increased exponentially.

So, the leaders, always watching what the people were doing, started more wars, on the streets, in the houses and factories and offices and, on the billboards, on the TV, in the cinemas and playground walls.

But the people who'd heard of this old unused part of themselves and started using it had begun to pass the “critical mass” in numbers, and had taken to using this old new part of themselves in everything they had to do.

And when they did, and when they used this old new part of themselves in unison with others around them, they came to astounding realizations about the fools they'd been, for the last four or five thousand years, and swiftly stopped doing the foolish things they'd been seduced by leaders to do.

And this old new part of themselves was themselves.

Was their true self.

Their home of consciousness.

Their home of knowledge.

Their home of bliss.

And once they'd gotten over the joy and thrill of using this old new part of themselves, they grew in intelligence, and therefore, in wisdom.

And their joy in diving into this old new pool of infinite wisdom as need be, brought them to know that the leaders were not leaders, but were charletons.

Tricksters. Devils and demons, who really wanted to lead the people into the pit, and leave them there to burn.

So, first, anger ran wild across the people, and they fought back.

But the leaders had been ready for this since they first began tricking the people, thousands of years ago, so knew how to stomp on the people again.

But the people had grown more than the leaders had expected.

And one day, on the day of the leader election, more people than had ever gathered before, came to the nation's parliament, and sat out front, and around back, and on every side of the big house of parliament.

And they stayed still.

And they stayed quiet.

The leaders watched, and sent in subversives, to try to set off a fight, an argument, a war between the people.

But the people said nothing, so subversives were spotted instantly, and asked by the people to leave them.

And the leaders, most of whom were away, in their mansions or holiday retreats, or party headquarters, frantically talked between themselves, trying to construct a plan to use this to their advantage.

But none of them could convince all the other leaders that theirs was best.

Officials were sent out to try to engage with the people.

But the people stayed quiet, and would not engage the officials.

And as news of this largest gathering spread around the nation, then overseas to the world, other people quietly went to their nearest parliament house, and did the same thing.

They gathered out front, out back, and around all the sides of the state parliaments.

Saying nothing. Just sitting on the land.

Some, of course, became uncomfortable, so quietly, started doing stretching and limbering exercises, just to keep the blood flowing, and the mind relaxed.

This strange occurrence became leading news around the world.

So the leaders, extremely concerned about what was going off, and about what they could, should and would do, slowly, as if by some strange lure, came to the main parliament house, on this day of their elections.

The nation's leading party leader, and the opposition party's leader, and all the leaders, which, in terms of political, thus economic power, were all the politicians, called media conferences, and were trumpeting all manner of ideas, and tried to promote themselves or their party, as the best leader or the best party, to handle this unusual occurrence.

Naturally, at the same time, that election day morning, soon after the largest gathering of people the nation had ever seen began, media reporters and cameras and crews and helicopters and transmission trucks and more crews and microphones and lights and make-up artists and composers and gaffers and goofers and geeks and and and...., were racing to the land around the big parliament house, and began frantically walking around and through and over and across the largest ever gathering of people trying to find a spokesperson, one spokesperson, THE person who started this idea, this movement. Then, when no-one appeared to be that person, the media started looking for a, anyone representative of the gathering, to interview.

To get that “exclusive”.

To be “first”!

To find out what was going on. What was planned?

What were the peoples' demands?

Who was behind it?

Who was the leader?

Whenever the reporters asked aloud, to the mass, the people laughed a quiet laugh, and said nothing.

But all the media were under pressure to find someone who would talk to them, who would tell the media and the world what was going on. What was planned. Who their leader was. All of the media were under pressure to beat the competition to get the first item for their TV breakfast show. For their news program. For their current affairs slot.

But the people just sat there, saying nothing.

When a reporter with a microphone in hand, with cameraman tagging along, saw some of the gathering talking amongst themselves, they rushed through the crowds to ask them questions.

“Are you the leader?”

“Can I interview you for daytime morning tonight breakfast today lunchtime now program?”

But none of the people would talk to the media.

Or to the leaders' officials, or to the police or security.

Hundreds of police were milling around the largest ever gathering of people.

The army appeared too.

But no-one made any moves to break-up the gathering.

By 6.00 pm that election day evening, when the polling booths in the eastern states closed, the reporters felt hugely embarrassed by the peoples' blanket silence, and their shunning even offers of thousands of dollars to be interviewed.

And the media were also quiet.

But in media studios, they were frantic, in total panic mode. The shock-jocks were in shock. For this unusual event, which was growing around the nation, and the world, the shock jocks were becoming worried that they were facing a major, global revolution, and that their own necks were on the line.

News stations and the rest, had switched programming to cover this massive event. All the pundits they could find had been called in to their studios to keep talking about it, to try to keep the viewers on their channel.

Breaking news, was turned into farce, with rehashes and repeated video footage and more BLAH from at-the-scene reporters talking incessantly, trying to sound as if they knew what was happening, and that they were on top of the situation.

Another war had broken out. Media cabals were fighting each for ratings, and their claims about having that prized “exclusive” were being thrown up constantly.

Yet none of them had any exclusive. None of them were first with in depth information about this event.

A lot of television and radio reporters and assistants saw that this was different, and some saw that their roles were quite superfluous here.

So, many of them put away their equipment and sat on the land with the gathered peoples, in silence.

Arguments broke out in all the commercial media studios. Editors and managers were having hissy-fits all over the place.

Media moguls were racing to the studios to get an idea of what and how to handle the “what”.

The social media networks went into meltdown, incapable of handling the messages being sent by people watching on site or via the media.

National and international security organizations and agents were calling meetings, arranging moves and network tele-conferences, trying to agree on what was going on and on how to deal with it.

The most repeated question, in media, in the political party headquarters, in security agencies and in the religious bastions, across the world was, “who is the leader?”

Sitting in their vehicles, on the grass next to the crowds, at the nearby hotel bars, at coffee shops, back at studios, the news crews were shocked and frightened by all this quiet.

Thirteen older politicians actually had heart attacks because of all the silence. Three died.

But, at 6.00pm when the polling booths in the capital city closed, the people, in unison, began a calm, steady chant.





















(As many, with wry smiles, were chanting





When 9.00pm arrived, after three hours of non-stop chanting, the people stopped chanting, and quietly went home, to town, to food houses, to the public transport portals.

Of course, by this time, the whole world was aware of this event.

From London to Beijing media was being flooded with opinion and replayed video footage, of, the largest ever gathering of people out front, out back, around every side of the capital's parliament house, all chanting “WE DONT NEED LEADERS! JUST TRUE LAND LAWS!”

By 11.00 am that same Saturday morning, every state parliament house was surrounded in the same way.

By 6.15pm, the streets and media networks were beating to the same chant “WE DONT NEED LEADERS! JUST TRUE LAND LAWS!” over and over.

As usual, stoners, dancers, trippers and musicians had tuned in, and a rhythm was pulsating across the nation, and, across the planet, with “WE DONT NEED LEADERS! JUST TRUE LAND LAWS!” as the underlying beat.

Punks, Rastas, Rappers, Gangams, all types of contemporary music-makers were playing their own brands of music, and in every manner and style they were gyrating on streets of cities worldwide, making their own sounds with “WE DONT NEED LEADERS! JUST TRUE LAND LAWS!” as a backbeat.

Radio stations globally were sending staff out to quickly taking recordings of the millions of street performances being played and sung on their street corners, with “WE DONT NEED LEADERS, JUST TRUE LAND LAWS” as the backbeat, then ripping back to the studios and throwing the tracks onto the airwaves.

So cafes, offices, hotels, and the few remaining homes still occupied by residents were jumping to the huge sounds from their own streets, of Musos and Rappers and Rastas and Gangams and Punks beating out the new move.


The following Monday, every stock exchange on earth stayed shut, for the knowledge that this massive realization by millions and millions of citizens of earth that they do not need leaders, just true land law, would destroy every speculative and profit-driven listing.

Across the world, banks stayed closed, for the same fears.

Governments in almost every nation were in meltdown.

Parliaments were deserted. Politicians could not be found.

Media airwaves were full of verbose and increasingly encrazed monologues and diatribes by sleepless talking heads, news anchors and interviewers and interviewees.

By no coincidence, at the centres of false centrist prophesy, Jerusalem and Rome, the key tourist attractions of the Vatican and the holy city's churches and temples were empty.

Tourists had heard, and were afraid that these places of worship by religious fools would become targets for Atheist REALPolitik Reactionaries.

You can imagine the rest........

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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