The Vatican Cannot Reform It's Cult

130414 JUST DEFIANCE Vatican Cannot Reform It's Cult Edition
Pell appointed by Pope to advisory group
Bigpond News April 14th 2013.

Scanning news at Go Ogle this sunny Sunday, this sort of stood out.

It's been in mind that since a few publicity stunts by the new Poope of Roome, and the announcements around the beginning of the Australian federal government's royal commission into child sexual abuse in the Catholic church, there's not been a large amount of press about the generally generically FAILED Roman, Irish, and all other Catholic churches.
As they do have far too much power over things like our media, Australia's – er – Astrayliar's in particular, and over far too many things political, it's not surprising that there's been something of a “silence” around the aforesaid issues.
Typically, they have issued a covert clamp on reportage, hoping heretics like meself, forget about their 1st..., crimes of existing, and the innumerable and unjustifiable crimes – that they just cannot stop themselves committing.
Perhaps the most damning of all, were any mainstream media or legal authority, here, there, or in Germany, to find the Honor, Grunt, and Balls, to bring to the fore of media and religious debate, issues, news, being, yes, my discerned assertion, that the last Poope, was himself a pedophile back in his halcyon days as a priest or bishop or arch-bish, in Germany.
Even I unnerstand that this - leaving room for PROOF it wasn't so - if true, would be too big a hit against the evil bastards called Catholic and it's anti-Democratic, centrist megalo-maniacal Vatican, to survive.
However, were it true...., surely, even devout Catholics, seeing as they presume they are intelligent AND moral (HA!), would admit to this being unforgivable, and thus, evidence, or information-enough to close a terminally perverse, and FALSE power-mongering institution down forever and forever a-MEN!?
Obviously, this and the full gamut of untruths contained within the whole, wider, many-sided group of so-called “Christians”, and within their dogma, doctrine and delusions, dangerously draped over innocent and gullible minds, “...at the baptismal...!ET CETERA, needs must bring to the fore, the whole fundamental system of belief they all so violently and warlike, adhere to.
Freemasons no less. Zionist Jews, no less.
Clearly, as most power, economic perhaps especially, is in the hands of these megalo cults, to bring the HARD, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE-BASED FACTS against the same three big western, white, racist, superiorist cults, out into the public arena, such that major governments admit that they must be addressed, woooowh? North Korea's apparent, ie., western-media propaganda, ratcheting-up of threats of a nuclear war, diminish in magnitude considerably, if we compare that to how the knee-jerk-off western nuclear-armed cults would kick-up, to having to be HONEST about their own misgivings?

Nevertheless....., The following is what I just flung onto the Bigpond news site linked to the article above.....

We are assured that this new "...permanent advisory group..." is debilitated from the start.

Being a "self-regulator" body, like private corporations asked by cowardly and/or blackmailed governments to watch their own misbehavior, these in-the-deepest members, senior clerics, are so imbued with 1, the self-preservation of the cult, and 2, their own self-preservation, they automatically limit any genuine reforms.

Neither can they individually thus collectively face the science on the institution itself, and on all the bases upon which it asserts wisdom and authority.

"All the world is illusion", and today, more than ever, this cannot be refuted.

So too, therefore, are things like "god", and too many of the "beliefs" out of agenda-ridden mis-and-mal-interpretations of the New Testament.

Let alone what we now know of the 4th century Roman agendas of the horribly destructive "Councils of Nicea" which heinously banished and as oft' slayed the Gnostic Christian clerics, preferring a misinterpretation and outright corruption of the stories and texts from the days when Jeshua was speaking.

1600 years of corruption of His words and Wisdom, has irretrievably corrupted the whole body, from Rome to Ireland to Greek and Russian Orthodoxy to Jewish Israel, and beyond, across the whole planet.

But, like USA's 2007 GFC, and the bankrupt auto makers, the church is so autonomic as to just keep plowing on, and being "too big to fail" can drive straight over the plain, evidence-based truths, about god, about the fact that Jesus ben Joseph was a puppet, was not "the only son of god" and a plethora of other clear, unambiguous facts.

One principle fact one being that Catholicism and it's "faith" is but a cult deploying witchcraft over the minds of people, or, as the leading psycho-analyst, R.D Laing wrote, "...we are all in a post-hypnotic trance since early childhood...", as in "...since the baptismal...", so our minds, and what was once, pre-Judaism, and other cults of course, our Sovereign Province, within which we were nurtured to know the facts about, as the Australian Aborigine truthfully labelled it - "The Dreaming" -, and that these Roman-Jewish illusions are nothing but devilish and divisive.

Pell has too many other historical, personal and psychological issues he cannot possibly deal with while he, and every other "cardinal" allow themselves to assume their right to stand on this or any pedestal.

Let alone his paucity of intellectual abilities to discern, or "divine" if-you-prefer, both the wrongs to one and all of the "creed" and the deeper truths going to why the church should not anymore exist.

It is the 1600-plus years of perverted Judeo-Roman beliefs which has caused so much irreparable divisions across the species and the planet.

Can any Vatican council face these, and do what they really, really must?

I - don't - think so!

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