Australia's Royal Commission Into Child Sexual Abuse Already A Failure

130404 JUST DEFIANCE Kiddie-Sex Edition

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, my hometown, is hosting the long-awaited Australian Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse.

If Ireland's inquiry is any comparison, this should take a mere 15 years to conclude, with most abused and most of the judges having died, replaced by more abused and more judges of new and even further disconnected generations.

From the margins it is plain that this inquiry is a crock of shit, being that it is controlled by people from those very same institutions – the religious cults – and who are clearly going to be unable to be impartial to the evidence and the conclusions and decisions they are enlisted to make.

Undoubtedly, most of the victims who get their minute of fame, or shame, will be compensated financially.

No doubt “reforms” will be recommended.

And, no doubt, the churches and their “secret agenda” ie., “private” schools will be left to pursue their dark ideologies and agendas.

And, no doubt, they will still blackmail the governments, all members of all political parties being graduates from those same secret agenda schools, to be funded by the public purse.

And, no doubt child sexual abuse will increase.

A report yesserday was mentioned on news, about the findings that children are going through puberty earlier than ever.

This I say, is because the witchcraft phenomenon, promoted by the churches, in children, has kids masturbating at ever younger ages, in order to get their wee mojos motoring, to open their 3rd eye, and be Harry Potters.

I can't know what effects this is going to have on children as they get older, or the effects on the culture and the society in general, but I do believe it does not auger well for either.

Magic is not a toy, I think.

Asylums for the mentally ill used to be filled with people who for whatever reason, had their magic eye opened, in a terrifyingly stupified Christian religious society and culture, corrupted over 1600 years ago purely for the centrist agenda of that evil cult centred in Rome and Israel, so they were seeing the 4th dimension, where, as Steven Spielberg's “Amazing Stories” episodes tell us “there ARE no rules”. So anything happens and goes. An immature mind is thus vulnerable to all manner of manipulations and projections, from all types of human and non-human monsters.

The place of madness.

Kids having their 3rd eyes open prematurely, might be manageable in this modern era, where we apparently can all be programmed with the latest, to know everything.

But “experience”, which I think still happens to be a valuable asset, cannot be plugged-in or downloaded in an instant, methinks.

So the future of fully-grown, but intellectually and mentally-undeveloped people, all seeing things their way, with the many cults forcing their own ways of seeing and acting onto the kids-cum-growed-ups they capture in the baptismal or at the maternity wards, or wherever an idiot wanders, in a world increasingly off the rails, economically, thus culturally, thus in terms of law and order, augers, to me, a totally discombobulated world.

The royal commission will not address these aspects of what will come of 5, 6, year old kids becoming addicted to sex, either masturbation, or, as it “makes” a person, sex with others, or with the undoubted reality that kids will more and more want sex with adults, “for experience” and HA! “guidance”.

All the rules and customs if not already, will be dead in but years.

The sexualization of premature children will move away from the institutions and into still secret, but I assume, smaller “clubs” or even just sordid parks and local bushlands. Not that it hasn't been for years, decades, and possibly for centuries!

Kids will be running to get one up the bum, from some perverted adult, “to grow up earlier” and to be able to cream the benefits of being paid for it, and bribed to stay onside, etc.

None of these forecasts will be entertained by the royal commission.

As none of the real, hard truths about what should happen to the institutions will be reached, and put into the final reports, and there will definitely be no conclusions going as far as they should to telling governments and the masses that a major revolution is imperative to close down all the errant and delusional and deceitful and perverse institutions we call “churches”, and “religions” in general.

Already it is clear as day that the board selected to interview the abused, and who are charged with making a determination, are lame and are beyond being able to make any useful findings and recommendations.

But they're going to be very good at sitting on their fannies for years, being paid very nicely thang-you-very-much, at looking and sounding wise and concerned, and in the end, achieving nothing useful at all. But they'll put out atmospheres of hot air in the many many restaurants, cafes and upclub venues, chatting about it.

Purely because they are from those same bodies as are being investigated.

They'll make, in their later, post-commission years, megabucks giving talks to audiences of spellbound upclub softcocks from charities, feigning concern for kiddies, while their upclub neighbors are plugging bought children in the comforts of their mansions.

With all the evidence to date, here and globally, it is clear that there is some major thing wrong with the whole structure of not just those institutions, but of the whole fabric of our culture and society.

Further “inquiries”, this Australian government's “royal commission” the latest, are but means of diluting the criminal, draconian and anachronistic nature inherent in these offending organizations, and inherent within the deeply screwed culture, and unsaid, primarily hope to drag the inquiries on far enough that the individual offenders have died, so escape the humiliation and remorse they should feel. Not to mention the deserved gutting of their organs, alive, in public.

Other “institutions” such as the world's military establishment, the world's judiciary establishment, and other powerful bodies, will escape exposure, and will continue in their well-protected ways, to abuse women and children.

“Time cures all things”, is most suited to the corrupt institutions and perverse elites, as of the dominant paradigm of western upper classes, and their religious sycophants, and is what they rely upon so the majority eventually forget the crimes and the twisted mentalities of the perpetrators.

It also, does not stop the crimes, nor the twisted beliefs and approaches of said perpetrators. All they do is change disguise, be-it by a “rebranding” of the cult, or corporation, or the felons grow beards, wigs, have plastic surgery, wear different costumes and, haha, move somewhere else.

Also, with the knowledge out and in completely immature minds, and worse, in minds now incapable of maturing, and that “occult transference” of the spirit, or of the soul, from one embodiment to another, it is within a practiced occultist's abilities to retain their warped and devious and pernicious attitudes, here, of pedophilia, and either at death, or, before, assume the life of another body and mind altogether.

Babes and youth, yet to build their own psychic defenses, are their prey.

So, with immaturity and occultism becoming the norm across the exceedingly ignorant but egomaniacal western world (three tautologies-in-one, there!), all together, the future bears us an ever worsening time.

The royal commission is already a failure.

But millions will be spent, going to the judges, collaters of the evidence, adviser groups, report compilers, venues, counselors, and the innumerable security organizations employed to protect the venues the judges, the culprits and whomever needs it, and of course, the victims will get handsome payouts.

Then there's the millions won by and spent by the media to cover and sensationalize this bullshit.

But the churches will still be allowed to prey on the gullible, low intellect masses, perhaps 98% of white Australians, made so by the heinous agendas of the elitist megalo-maniacal cults over centuries, and will still pump-out essentially useless cowardly, self-interested and self-aggrandizing boffins as these “commissioners” more than likely are, and masses of “secret-agenda-private-school” drones and zombies who are guaranteed employment in any of the upclub's corporate, government or political departments, purely to keep the massive depths and breadths of corruption deep inside the institutions of parliament and all corporate manifestations.

The Australian Taxation Office, but one prime example.

The totally distorted nature of the culture will not be addressed, let alone purged of this very thing – the religious cults - that causes everyone's disease, and child sex abuse.

The majority of the species, globally, will continue to be faced with increasingly perverse and inequitable economic and cultural unrealities, land prices will continue to skyrocket, people therefore will be forced, due mainly to their own church-instilled ignorance and cowardice, to resort to criminal enterprises, regarded by the utterly perverse and insane elites as traditional and legitimate businesses, and society, the planet's ecology and our genes will continue to decline in worth, quality and durability.

The politicians will continue to BOOOOOLLLLLSHSHSHS-IT everyone. They'll continue to be paid for lying to the masses, and suicide will become the biggest killer.

Good on yer Jew! Christian! Freemason!


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