Another Dive Into Federal Election POLICIES

130424 JUST DEFIANCE Another Dive Into Federal Election POLICIES Edition

And away I go again!

Greens fear a defeat come September 14th federal election.

Like Labor.

Right wing puppet imbecile Tiny Habit quietly giggles to himself that the filthy corrupt right wing mining and offshore media cabals will win the election for him – it's all about him, to Abbott – thus thrusting the parliament's worst and dumbest egomaniac into the PM's chair.

A cowering majority of Australians, the thinking ones and the zombies, fear the future, of US-style politrix, with “laws-unto-themselves” militarized police fascists riding army personnel vehicles through mainstreet shopping centres, scaring the crap out of school kids and grannies, and gramps.

Most of us know the REALPolitik of this foreign-owned nation, is so corrupt as to be leading the charge to Armageddon, but no-one other than the few Champs of NOT-mainstream NOT-offshore politics can be heard by the public, via the only vent – the similarly filthy rotten massively bent and self-interested, corrupt media.

Chrissy Pyne secretly seeks psychological help to clean up his blatantly obvious psychopathies, so he's on-the-surface-of-media, fit and bouncy to leap back on stage nearer the election, like a re-vamped Hitlerian Josep Goebels.

Gays blackmail all sides for their votes, threatening to withdraw if any of them say “NO!” to gay marriage, in a decrepit Jewish/Christian culture still in the Catholic dark ages, so down the sewer that the whole notion of “marriage”, like the whole notion of western Jewish and Christian religion, let alone a couple of lonely boyz legitimizing bumbanging each other, is now so ignorant, selfish and backward.

But HEY!? The most evil generation of zee church runs the political puppetry show, so Gonski shalt be watered downeth, and thine kirkie bums vill retain the majority of OUR land.

And we all know how much the church loves gays...!

They fucking made 'em!

So... issues the Champ Bob Katter, naively or not, takes-on, of putting utilities etc., back in public hands, and giving Australia back a manufacturing and other essentials industries, and, perhaps his real agenda, to wipe the floor of all parliaments with the faces of the gutless offshore babies of the three major parties, surely has greater attraction than the more-of-the-same-BLAAAAAAAAAAH from the 3 parties? To yer av'rage Australian?

But HEY! More than just my little self KNOW that the elections are fraudulent events, with churchie boyz in the back rooms of sensitive polling booths and electorates cleverly “disappearing” their not preferred party and candidate ballot papers.

So those with some NOT-offshore-tri-partite-cabal candidates and REALPolitik POLICIES don't stand a chance.

And weighing the sum total of what we have available, in terms of info and facts, it seems to me that certain stoics, from all “sides”...., have to loosen-up their ideologies somewhat, and for the greater good, of getting Astrayliar out of the offshore mining pit, start to talk to those they, down the rural pubs, might regard as fucking enemies?

The task of all analysts, military, political, cultural and social, is to identify the biggest threats, here, to our nation's sovereignty, and to our chance to not be dragged into Armageddon by an enclave of fucking psychos as run Israel, and Britain and Eurape and the USA.

And Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and any aspirational upclub nation..., and Chinese..., manufacturing UTTER SHIT, then flogging it all back as refined material garbage to our dumb-as-dog-shit corporate buying department “executives” and sycophantic clerks.

Zionism has been exposed as the most dangerous “ideology” known.

It is no longer possible to accept it.

Therefore, all bets are off, as to supporting any group left, right, or in-between, who like the zombies the Jews have made us, lick the kabala of that dead and WRONG-WAY beliefs'-system.

First of a new arrangement of priorities, is to wash out all our delusions about needing A FUCKING LEADER!

Like the previous blog-post herein prior-to forthwith, and whence-for...., has it...,



Rebels forever have denounced and gone to extraordinary extents to subvert these elitist BOOOOOLLLSHSHSHSHIT propaganda escapades of promoting ONE, totally fallible person as the savior of the masses.

It shows how fucking stupid the Christians have been made – BY THEIR OWN CULTS – to fall for that evil falsity.

So..., with that in mind, it should bring the various “minority peoples” closer together.

For anyone to reject the Greens, because of those aforementioned “gays blackmailing” everyone for their votes, and therefore rejecting their Wise and universally Intelligent Policies of reducing our psychotic over-consumption addictions, so the Mother of All, our darling planet, can breathe a lot easier, thus giving our future generations at least a chance of having clean water, air and soils to plant their preferred crops in, is the peak of zombie-stupidity.

And if there are other issues I'm unable to be told behind the Greens, which has the cowherds denounce them, shit that's a bitch, especially if the Greens are a covert front for the fucking psycho, and not necessarily Wise putsch for a matriarchal takeover of the things men regard as theirs?

But all things and biases and bouncy-bums aside – while “politics” IS an utter rort on the simple, clear unambiguous thinking of most people, for it is in-the-main no more than the last ditched attempt, ranging on for several thousand years, by the “Lords-of-Sick” landowning elite to keep as much land for their greedy and sick selves as they can, it is, I'm left to believe, with us, and does need some persistence by us, if we want to make the NOW and the future better.

This, like in warzones, demands we drop a lot of our preferred and not unjustifiable selfish concerns, and “GROUP-UP”, and with selfless honesty – and humility – identify our selves, and our enemies.

Enemies come in personas and in policies.

So therefore, we must form our own SELFLESS Policies, to win.

So..., from out here, there is every Good reason for KAP to covertly if they must, form an alliance with the Greens, and with the Independents, to take the votes off the three-pronged devil's cabal of the three major parties.

I think even ex-Bjelke Qld minister Bob Katter agrees that the country is fucked if Abbott and cult party wins on September 14th?

And I would not discount big fella mining magnate Clive Palmer as so stupid to miss this blatant FACT.

Wouldn't it be NICE, if everyone had the BALLS – apologies to the Upright girls – TO BE HONEST???

To come out and tell the world which secretive cult of – gays, or Zionists, or Catholics, or masons or aliens, or lizards, or future robots.., was actually corrupting their wants to be HONEST and talk true about what we really really have to do in terms of POLICIES??

But.., short of that, 'cause everyone's got something to hide, and they reckon they've got good reason to, the best ye can do is find agreement, sign it, and get on with straightening-out the filthy fucking stupid POLITRIX of the three major ZOMBIES parties.

And, at the end of the universe, the only thing ye can all agree on, is that TRUTH, ie., HONESTY..., IS THE BEST POLICY!

And.., as the Great MISTER Mark Latham sought and got out of John W Howard's mouth, “THE MOST HONEST TAX IS LAND TAX!”

Avoiding THAT, exposes all as the most dangerous LEADERS, we could possibly have!

The 2007 federal election, and in fact the 2004 federal election, promised over 60% support for both ALP candidates, Rudd and in '04, Latham.

Not because they were as talented as they were, and are, maybe (…?) but because it was more than mooted, that they were out to put that MOST HONEST TAX at the forefront of policy!

It is passed being beyond FUCKING INSANE, that a bloke, a balanced and healthy bloke, should be condemned by anyone, because he/she found healthy and uplifting conversations and ongoing associations, discussing REALPolitiks, with the likes of the Green's sheilas, Senators Milne Rhiannon, Hanson-Young, and others of that political/environmental Science, AND liked having a few beers and similar REALPolitik convo's with the likes of the Great Bob Katter and the farfarfar-north WHOSE-land cattle-musterers.

When parochial politics forces people to side and associate with one or the other, the whole of our humanity is stolen from us.

But, like the bad dream this life is, BOTH sides do this to us.

While it continues along this fucking myopic path, all yer gonna get is Armageddon.

Shake out the shit, Dudes, and start talking straight and humbly with each other.

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