This'n's for Google+ vetters!

This'n's for Google+ vetters!

Nothing's new about my 18 years of political, cultural, social and economic exile, Dudes. 

Born Max Nichols Cook, life was stolen from me some 100 years earlier, by a nasty, and I believe, deluded cult.

Finding out after I was 50 years old, that I'm their puppet, really pisses me off.

So.., with no psychiatric or police crime record at all, other than thousands of dollars of traffic fines for being "sent" FASTest Melbourne motorcycle courier in the 1980s, and finding other religious and political crimes both against myself, but worse, against humanity, by these same global elites (think "IMF") without family, friends or property to "protect", my only option, is a JUST DEFIANCE against this cult, dynastic elite conspiracy.

No coincidence it is the same mob making the planet a wasteland, well ahead of time.

Go www.maxearth.blogspot.com and search for one of my damning assessments of these psychos, titled
"Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination" or similar,
to get a clue as to my sincerity, and anger at any who deny knowing about this bullshit.

My whole story gives completely unassailable credibility to my calling myself "JUST DEFIANCE", thus, my email now being "justdfy@gmail.com", and thank you for allowing me to adopt that address.

But try telling the local coppers....?

Peace and RESPECT, Dudes.  Peace and Respect.

For all the shite,  I don't want "friends" now, unless they can offer without conditions, a nice smoke, a cooling drink, an unambiguous association, without lies-lies-lies and more damned lies.

"Nuclear war?"

Shit happens, aye!?