East Calling West Via The North Korean Resistance To The South

130416 JUST DEFIANCE East Calling West Via The North Korean Resistance To The South Edition

[ A late edit is to say that I do not suggest that any of what I've written here, aligns with any thoughts or ideologies or hopes of the North Korean Leadership ]

Here's a psychic salve for worried nutcases of the world!

“How to reduce further Boston Massachusetts USA bombings marathons spreading across the western illusory psychosis.”

I, at least, await western psychotic-media incorporated starting a media propaganda campaign blitz suggesting this morning's Boston Massachusetts' street trashcan bombs were the work of North Korea.

That “things” of pretty-much all dimensions and comfort zones are unraveling at an accelerating level, is still unseen by those running the USA, is really the world's most serious concern nowadays.

So this morning's Boston eruption of 2 innocent trashcans, as likely loaded by any one of thousands of small but wised-up and noble American Gangstas, opposed to the “we're so wealthy, happy and comfy in our upper class superiorist illusion, that we can ignore the HARD ROAD the rest of the world has to crawl, for our comfy fannies”, is but by now, a much over-mediated event.

It's not unlikely that it was hastily plotted and carried out by the US administration fucking psychos themselves to distract all media away from yesserday's massive number of street bombings across Iraq?  

Or.., to inspire mass hysteria against the first "enemy" they can have forced into their minds - aka - North Korea.  

That these two bombs in Boston happened as tensions are said to be peaking in the east-Asian region, from experience, "2003 Iraq invasion, but one" it's most likely to have NOT been a North Korean assault.

But the 1st world has to get off the grass REALQuik, and face up to the fact that it's “me-first”, essentially white feminist-driven culture of total consumption is not any longer tenable.

And that Gangstas EVERYWHERE are grouping up, while keeping logically and logistically independent, and have focused their Common Cause against western excess.

The US administration, and the Brit-Euro alliance of filthy-rich elites, must climb down from their delusional ivory towers asap, and go hard at reforms of the “egalitarian distribution” kind, if they are genuine in wanting to avoid what could well become a SUDDEN outbreak of similar 1st world exploding trashcans.

It's also not unlikely, that, if the Boston event was effected by Honorable Outlaws-cum-Freedom-Fighters Incorporated, local or global, they chose Boston as a symbol of that city's reputation from 1776, or whenever the Boston tea party revolution began.

Please, FBI, CIA, and other authorities, you might do well to take note of that possibility, therefore of that word “began”.

And..., we should not exclude the possibility that just prior to my firing up laptop numma 2, and writing this, 4 rather large Australian army helicopters flew very close passed to my bush retreat.

IT'S A SIGN! IT'S A SIGN!” I wondered, considering my last blogpost yesserday going to our Astray-liar policing and security forces who should arrest most all of our federal politicians, and my REFUSAL to play puppet leader, or, as I wrote, lamb to the slaughter, to lead that mass arrest of our leading politicians and in one cabal, war criminals.

So this – what follows – is what I was inspired to download from my superior divinities, about an hour ago....., after reading the linked article off Bigpond news online....:

South Korea suffers from "Total Over-Consumption" syndrome, inflicted upon it since the end of the 1950s war which separated the North from the South, by the western military alliance and it's market-based US, British and Eurapean "materialist" corporate sponsors.

The same "materialists" who blew Japan into the water in 1945, and thereafter forced the previously Disciplined and Spiritual Nipponese to become what it, like South Korea, now is - a completely over-consuming, thus completely unsustainable thus, insane culture.

Indeed, they, like all "modern" consumer societies/cultures, are merely huge, and as is typical, out-of-control, "cults".  (Hence, whence, of course, the term, "Culture")

South Korea needs to hear and imbibe this raw fact, and that this same psychotic, unsustainable and indeed, their own Ancestors would agree, ignoble path, is what the Stoic and highly Disciplined, anti-capitalist North Korean leadership and people know has to be resisted.

But ALAS? South Korea's T.O.C. syndrome, the world's deadly mental illness, has it's roots in the west.

So the fight for South Korea is to wake up to the threat from the west, begin to reject it's opposition to the Noble North Koreans, their own blood, and make this point clear TO THE WEST.

This would involve South Korea

1 - toning-down their antipathy, aggressive tones and rhetoric to the North,

2 - call the United States administration and military to "stand down" as-they-say, cancel military "war games" in their region, even to the point of sending the US warships back east across the Pacific, or south away from that zone,

3 - design some meaningful concessions to the North, in trade and essentials supply, and in reviewed South Korean economic and cultural policies,

4 - humbly offer them to Brother Number One Kim Il Sung and his administration, and

5 - begin a new course of reunifying your Ancient and Honorable Korean People, with sincere efforts to reduce the excessive culture that has invaded the South from the west, to join the North "half-way" between modern technology and a True Disciplined, Eastern, distinctly Korean Culture.

"With modifications"!

The Chinese leadership is wise enough to know these steps have merit, and would willingly assist their Asian Brother/Sister-Koreans.

But China has also make these points, about the west's out-of-control over-consumption culture, to the west, perhaps via US emissary John Kerry, and call on the west to act in similar ways, to reduce-recycle-reuse or such, all toward educing our common sovereign human self-discipline, once our species inherent Wise and Noble Way.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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