Waiting For Overpriced Internet Security Corporation To Infect My Computer Because I Made Mention Of It's Price-Manipulation To Australian Customers

130426 JUST DEFIANCE Waiting For Overpriced Internet Security Corporation To Infect My Computer Because I Made Mention Of It's Price-Manipulation To Australian Customers Edition

Time again to renew my internet security.


The Norton package has worked well for the last year, and I was happy to renew it for another year.

But, as usual, the webpage with the sales' deals on it, was ambiguous. So I fucked around for quarter of an hour to find the “chat line”, and connected.

Quick enough one “Marc U” based in Norton's support centre in New Jersey, USA, came online to chat and answer my questions.

Another half an hour.

He answered them well, and at the end, recommended a product for me.

I asked more questions about it. He convinced me, so I said YEP! I'll buy that one.

He gave me the link and I opened it.

Bewdy! Because this website showed it's price as US$49.00~.

Whereas the Australian, or whichever site I was sent to by the already-installed product, showed the price was AUS$89.99

More chat. Marc answered a few more questions about this, then I hit the link he gave to the billing page.

After the 1st couple of slots filled, I went to the “nation” slot, but LO?!?! there wasn't Australia's name? Nor, New Zealand's?

So..., back to Marc U. in NJ, USA.

Mumble fuck. Mumble fuck.

I wrote something, said OK, I'll go to a local, Australian Norton page, and do it from that page.

LO! The price is AUS$89.99?!?!?!

So, 30-plus minutes waiting for an unanswered 1800 call to Norton help phone line, holding on TWO online live chat windows, then phoning the 02-Sydney phone number, to be transferred back, after hanging up on the 1800 number, to the 1800 number, to be put on hold for – I hung-up after a minute or 2.

Persistent – I emailed the ACCC, with a complaint about this difference of pricing, and...., I await their response – in........., 28 days - or so????

Meanwhile, with 9 days to go before the Norton internet security software runs out, and a guaranteed inability to get onto them again beforehand, to either sort the price discrepancy, or even to renew the product at the $89.00~ price, I now expect that the laptop will for some SSSSTTTRRRAAAANNNGGGEEE reason, be infected by a nasty internet virus.


Perhaps so?

However, in this day of totally NO ETHICS in any enterprise where the entrepreneurs can get away with it, more than anywhere – on the internet - this is now, I believe, the norm, in business.

I, deduce that, like the viruses and hacking of government and large corporations systems, in which other governments and companies – some of them – engage in internet crimes wherever they can, it has to be considered that any company such as Norton, is as likely to fuck over anyone who is – like myself – vulnerable to being infected, if they – if I – complain about the obvious and unconscionable profiting from, in this case, Australians, as compared to larger markets like their home nations' of the USA, etc.

In another example, while, my smartphone was still working, I had the Dutch-based AGV security on it.

But when I blogged about the Eurapeans in general, and their addiction to and the belief that technology is supreme, over people who live low-tech, natural lives, the phone was infected and crashed bigtime.

I, letting my thoughts scan those I'd bought products from, felt a definite change in my aura when I went to AGV.

So, without proof, but with enough psychic, occult evidence, I conclude that AGV or some geek within their employ, deliberately crashed by phone, as a “HEHEHE! Suck on that, nature-boy!”


This morning, Saturday 27th April, as I review this e-ssay, still unsure about posting it to my blog for fear of the very same reaction from the Norton corporation, to these “suggestions”, and to my disdain at their price manipulation, I looked earlier at a Taoist book I dug out of the sheds yesserday, and brought with me – Lao Zi's “Tao Te Ching”. I opened the book and it fell to the start of Chapter 16.

Beautiful, for my belief system in general, but fitting in regard to the comments I make in this written piece.

If I can, I'll upload a few JPEGs of that one page, for it is absolutely fitting with my allegations that an AGV geek threw a virus into my smartphone, as I allege 4 paragraphs above.

But, it also fits perfectly with my thoughts, deductions on how attuned the Australian and all Aborigines had been before the Roman, and lost tribe Jews global expansion, taking with them the ancient hexes of the darker side of Jewish witchcraft, ET CETERA.

Sadly though, I doubt that any “geek” or techie with a fascination toward some supremacy of technology over Nature, will read it and either agree, that-is, find it's truth, or realize their own misguidance away from their own true self, their own “Tao”. The same failure will apply to most all “Christians” of the corrupted and perverse western models. Corporate executives and career-minded aspirationals, have almost no chance of realizing the fundamental truth written in these Tao Te Ching pages, let alone the lost mongrels of Queensland.

In this 3rd JPEG, Note 2, is pertinent to my “Nature V technology” position:

Like so many mindless zombies with more occult power than they should play with, deserve or know the dangers of, these types of idiots – and, I can't allege that an AGV geek was responsible, it could have been any idiot whose mind is out of their own control, and thus, is quite insane, and full of insatiable envy and resentment of the fact that I'm rejecting the billions of dollars, pounds, euros, waiting for me in my inheritance, for being an ethical and intelligent human being - they do exactly what a Warrior is forced to respond to, and who - The Warrior - is, for all their gutless juvenile attacks on Him, given no option but to cause the most destruction of everything these “pre-humans, subhumans, 1st-time-humans” etc, regard as most valuable.

Their “modern”, hi-tech western “life” the top of the list.

While I take issue with a lot of what the last book of the Christian bible - “Revelation” - has in it, about the great Satan who causes so much war, chaos and destruction in the last days, before their supposed savior returns and squashes him, and trying, mostly actually, unsuccessfully, to not pick-and-choose the extracts that suit my various arguments, it's hard to not try and discern what is actually the most accurate interpretation.

The Bible has it that JC said, “He who comes after me, will bring not peace, but a sword”.

Fair enough!

I read that as His telling the world, that He, JC, was too late, aware that He was a puppet of the Hebrew rabbis' cabal, and who could not, but I call it that it's possible or likely He chose to not defend himself against the powerful witchcraft of those Roman and Jewish manipulators who had planned his rise, and crucifixion, and that He was warning people of the future, that they wouldn't get away with shitting on Good Blokes like Jeshua, so easily. But from a “non-personal” perspective, He was more likely saying that people who disregard the natural world, which “...is Good...” would pay the price, perhaps of eternal damnation. Not a healthy forecast for the 98% of materialistic westerners, most of them “Christian” and “Jewish” in descent at least.

So, while He DID have huge occult powers, He, in His Wisdom, and Humility, knew to not use them, and as He could well have, caused all manner of shit to be dropped on Rome, and the utterly fucked, corrupt Rabbis of the Hebrew cults, and of the revered (?) Temple of Jerusalem, and instead, he left Himself vulnerable to the completely corrupt and long long lost and astray Hebrews to condemn Him and send Him to the cross.

Here, I insert the note that's been in mind for years, that the Jewish, Hebrew and Christian cults seem to me to be two of the very few of the world, who persecute those who follow the Wisdom Path, and who reject the common corruption of the cultures, millennia old, and of the marketplace, and especially those who dare to speak out against the endemic cultural corruption.

From what I recall of the Bible's stories, it's a popular pastime of Jews and, from later historical records since those heady days in the Middle-East, of Christians, to persecute and kill those later put on pedestals as “saints”. Ie., their Prophets.

Surely, a sign that the culture, thus the elites and the masses, are in the most extreme, corrupt of mind, soul and culture?

In places like Asia, where the far more beautiful Philosophies and religions grew, some, like the Australian and other Aboriginal Ways, with solid roots back well before historical records were began, and of course, by orders of magnitude more “Holy” and Pure, held their “Prophets”, many regarded as “priests”, “holy men”, Shaman, “Gadjiki” and the like, very highly.

In China, such Wise men, patriarchy being the way, were allowed to establish their own Schools of Wisdom, that attracted seekers from all over. No doubt, the same open and honest avenues of spreading wise and true ways of life were enabled across many other pre-Roman worlds.

Sure, in China too, differences of theses between these schools' often, or eventually, came to wars, between them. But from my perspective, the better of them won the day. Until, that-was, the western subversives, from the British East India Company, deceived their way in, in the mid-19th century.

But in the western hemisphere, while some were “granted” permission by the dominant doctrinal power – Rome – to start monasteries, etc, these were almost always forced to follow the same general dogmatic theses, which were, from at least the Councils of Nicea, severely narrowed, corrupted and thus partisan to a centrist ideology, basically fatally flawed from the 1st, for it's insane master plans.

Sure, many of the Christian monks and teachers who were granted the right by Rome to start their own schools, monasteries, found the same truths as were always known by Aboriginal Peoples, and such as the Taoists, as in the JPEGs above.

But due to the expansionist, dominant, thus warlike agendas of Rome, secrecy became the order, of the orders.

This, separating their found Truths from the people, 1, left the people ignorant, added to by the quite deliberate deception of lying to the people, forcing them to “have faith” thus be left without the vital tools for their own peace and satiation, making the masses go mad with unsatisfiable beliefs systems, and 2, for all this leading the masses into the pit of unsatisfiable desire, all from this root ignorance of the soul's own light, has caused nothing but chaos and division now globally, and is the cause of our species demise, including the lies told to the flocks about having “faith”, merely so the cults, Roman and Hebrew, could pursue their global mission.

I assert that these, along with the fatal delusional plan of fooling the masses further about Jesus coming back, so having the billions put all their eggs in the one superman-basket, have been why so many conflicts have been inflamed, for at least 16 centuries.

The western cults of Judaism and Christianity seem, from here, not having inquired more than my memories, to be different in that they love to kill their True Holy Men.

Jeshua ben Joseph the best known example.

Clearly the masses who shouted that “Barabbas” be freed and that Jeshua be crucified, were filthy-rotten-corrupt mainstream Hebrews, the ancestors of today's equally off-the-true-path Jews and Christians.

And look at Australians!?

They and “devout” Catholics, et al, from across the planet, clearly spoiled and suffering the “wealth disease” of personal insatiability, travel huge distances to throw their hex on anyone who finds some fundamental facts, perhaps more than any, fundamental ECONOMIC facts and dares to speak out about them!

But try telling the Christians they are the least religious?


So..., back to what Jeshua is said to have said....

Whose to know, if he was referring to Hitler, and the chaos he brought out of the “western” Jewish and Christian forces? For to be clear, Hitler went to the lengths and depths he did, in reaction to the disgustingly corrupt and evil abuses of the western elite, Judeo-Christian cults, Catholicism and Protestantism.

The Jews were as bad, if not worse, for their endless abuses of the occult, to make the western world so corrupt and making them so wealthy.

But, I put it that He was saying that He, Jesus, dies without expressing His anger at the evil bastards who slayed him, but the next fella to be set-up by the Rabbis and Romans, would not lie down so readily.

Hence..., “...a sword...!”

The next fella, would not be so defenseless, or humble as Jesus was, and, with whatever we might conjecture he amasses around him, most likely in terms of fellow RESISTANCE Fighters against the massive evils of the whitefaced selfish, mainstream Christians and Jews, he, and his armies, would bring down the end of days on the heads of the selfish bastards who prescribe to the ignorance of the modern materialistic, that-is completely anti-Spiritual ways of this modern techno-centric world.

It could be, that He was referring to the next fella being in fact, Mohamed, Praise Be His Name, because Mohamed and his followers certainly do not ignore and let live the infidels of the modern materialist, “golden calf” Judeo-Christian western world.

[-Indeed, need it be said, that Mohamed began Islam, because He saw that the 4th century Roman and Hebrew collusion at the ill-famed “Councils of Nicea”, had totally corrupted the teachings of both the Ancient Jews, and of the more recent Jewish Prophet, Jeshua ben Joseph, so Mohamed, in His Rectitude, knew it was Duty to DEFY the west.-]

But Jews and Romans (aka Eurapeans, and Britons, but I infer their elites, who steer the culture) being so self-centred as they've always been, which is in fact that evil hex, spell, like yer av'rage whitearse, they as likely regard Hitler as the “next fella”, for all the “holocaust” and chaos brought upon Eurape's Jews and Christians.

But..., both Mohamed and Hitler, seem to have failed to put the evil materialist Jews and Christians down - and again, I infer the culture, more than the ignorant zombies born into it, to unwittingly follow the ways of the culture - and from my skeptical and not-necessarily-true perspective, these evil cults' elites, the priestly and “political” class, seem to be profiting more than ever? And, on the blood, sweat and tears, of the masses.

And, contrary to everything they purport their cults are about, they have not brought any peace to earth whatsoever.

But, instead, all they bring the planet is over-consumption, insanity, speciousness, war, pollution, destruction and evil amongst all their peoples, as never, ever, before!

And it seems we haven't yet broken into those “end of days” because so much evil dominates, it's practitioners live outrageously rich and over-abundant lives, and is yet to be squashed, forever and forever?

So.., is it so that “ ...he who comes after Jeshua...”, is yet to stick his head up, and actually start the destruction of the techno-centric fuckwittery world?

Fuckwittery perhaps, like the idiots I have to put up with here, in Astrayliar, or from EuRAPE, or, from the utterly psychotic and terminally lost Freemasons? Jews? Christians? Whiteguys? And BITCHES?

Perhaps, like those who have taken developmentally-retarded glee in hexing me, like the majority of Australia's secret intelligence organization – ASIO, have been doing to me for about 30 fucking years?

If there are ANY “Ethical” Australian “spies” who do not put playing with their and other people's testicles above anything Honorable and Factual, can they do me a favor?

Inquire as to whether a particularly immature, that-is, quite developmentally-retarded dentist, who, when I lasted looked up his address, was working out of his clinic in Canterbury Rd Canterbury, by name Mark Hassed, has any links to the dangerously corrupt side – there's always good and evil sides in secret services – of that whorey upclub, uptop, upemselves bunch of spoiled private school boys working for ASIO. And or ASIS. And or the federal police AFP, one employee whose name might be “Mance” or “Nance”?

There's an element of sadness in my mentioning these two, though, for they are both brothers - “Mance” is an half-brother – to two Fine, Intelligent and Honorable Philosophers I was graced by the company of, in the 1980s.

Nevertheless...., blood, or marriage, cannot stand in the emotional way of weeding out the “bad apples” methinks. M.H., has acted unforgivably against the good of all Australians, and is a traitor to us, and, for his twisted abuses of power against people of Good Heart and Mind, who would otherwise do the Best Work for All, of Advocating and Fighting for the Most Honest Tax - Land Tax – I, for one, would have no mercy for him.

Therefore, if any of the more Noble, more Honorable MEN, or WOMEN, employed by our hallowed spy agencies, can establish a connection between either or both of these two – turds – and those with whom they allow themselves to associate and collude, you have your Supreme Commander's permission to eliminate them.


For the 1st, is undoubtedly a traitor to Australia.

But alas! He has “friends”, guaranteed all quite, quite, psychotic, and evil.

So there is much elimination to be done by the Righteous of us, whether from within the USA's Central Intelligence Agency CIA., Britain's nasty-nasty Mentally-Ill -er- Military Intelligence “6” - MI6 (TYPO!?!?!#@$%^?!?!), and mayhap many other superduper sssspize!

In the meantime, I'll wait for my Norton Internet Security software to be un-renewable, to run out, and to have my precious little laptop invaded like a British East India PRIVATE Company's army, invading and defiling the True Humans' worlds from about the 1850s-on.

Good on yer Britain!

Good on yer Jew! Christian! Freemason!

Yer really know how to FUCK THINGS don't yer?


But..., “I'm with the future robots!”

As for the issue that sent me down this monologue...

These travesties of profiteering, when it really is NOT necessary, on Australian's yer, stupidity, excessive spending power, enough to have them ignore that we're being ripped off by the rest of the world, especially in these computer, internet, and electronic arenas, are exactly what gives Righteous Cause to Outlaws, to do everything possible to bring the bastards down.

It would be great if corporations like Norton, and Samsung, ET CETERA, could sell their expertize with honor, and not with such corrupt mentalities driving them and their excessive-profit-motive price-setters on.

That the vast majority of multinational corporations lean toward ripping the masses off, leaves the Righteous, perhaps that demonized Angel who starts Armageddon, no choice but to fuck their day forever, is unbelievably stupid – of the corporate worlds'!

But – what can we expect, from the idiot egomaniacs the church schools have been pumping-up and throwing into the business arenas, who have had their consciences “burned out of them”, by the church?

Well..., “Armageddon!”, of course!

So. Be. It!

Or, to play it their way...

So. Mote. It. Be!

Of course, it's futile to expect an assistant from Norton Internet Security corporation, to contact me, and merely tell me they're reducing the prices of their fine security software for all Australians, or even just for little humble old, JUST DEFIANCE, who might, in another guise, actually be Mr LAST DAYS!?!?!?!?

Perhaps, for once, the ACCC will find the teeth to take on this issue effecting all Australians? I agree, though, being the 23 million small nation we are, at the bottom of the supply chains of corporate marketing megaliths, it's a hard call.

And, the “leaders” in this massive rip-off sit in thrones and luxuriate in the palaces and castles of Britain, Eurape, the USA, and even places like Russia, and cannot see any humanity worth respecting, in far away and insignificant Australians. Not even the more refined of us, who head things like the ACCC.

Like that insert from the Tao Te Ching, they now, millennia down the WRONG PATH, cannot possibly see, nor understand, that Honesty, and it's bedfellows of Egalitarianism and Humility in everything they/we do, is fundamental to being Human.

What, therefore have they become....?

And must we all pay the price, of their inhumanity???

What would Jesus say?

Max Nichols Cook
Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


Outlaw Junction


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