Public Service Whistleblower's Bill Is Good News For Public

130402 JUST DEFIANCE Public Service Whistleblower's Bill Is Good News For Public Edition

AaaaanD...., here I went again..., banging on against the church's upclub upemselves-upperclassholes in our public services, and their devious work to thwart good government from within, and for good tax laws.

Go Ogle news pages had this link article this morning, which was a bit of happy news, compared to the evil campaign by the US and other 1st world authorities to kill all Whistleblowers' Honor and Courage to speak out against the rampant right wing corruption the world is being destroyed by/with/for.

Perhaps even greater optimism is worth resurrecting, for the comments slot only allowed for some 200 words, and this'n went to
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Yeah! A vital step on the path to less corruption.
But we all know that those who have something corrupt to hide, perhaps especially in the public service, not just in Australia, where inside PS influence - of the British TV comedy's "Humphrey Appleby" kind, can pull levers to thwart proper corrections, and quickly and permanently kill improvement and the functioning of good government.
Everywhere, tax departments lead in keeping good taxation reforms from being effected. Here no less.
Honorable attempts in 2009 & 2010 by the federal government to introduce the "most honest tax" (quote John Howard) of the Henry Review's "national land tax", we can be certain, were not only opposed and campaigned against by mining magnates and offshore iron ore and minerals interests, as said to have put Kevin Rudd out of the PM's chair, by the SBS1 TV doco.
I know of a clique of ATO employees who were vehemently opposed to that tax, for their own inheritance issues, and no doubt it carries-on in the ATO, simply for most it's employees, as usual in the public service, coming from middle-upper class, church-educated stock, ie., well-off enough to both inherit and invest in private land (speculation).
So, the challenge with this Bill's success, is for PS employees with consciences, from within the ATO, to step up to the plate and blow the whistle on the rorts and secrets extant within the tax department, of the most honest tax being stymied from within?
An HUGE call no doubt. But everyone is effected by the prevention of the national land tax, primarily via our, and the world's skyrocketing land/housing prices.
A corrupt land value assessment negatively effects every other aspect of the economy, from food to fuels to education to pleasurable pastimes.
It also causes most all crime, separates people from neighbors, from neighborhoods and from all abilities of people forming healthy and happy communities.
So, can our tax department employees show they are human beings and not selfish zombies, by using the protections of this Bill, long awaited by the better of them, to make right our corrupt taxation structures?
About 22 million Australians would hope so, even the newborn.

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