130331 JUST DEFIANCE My Smartphone BITCH Edition

here's an email I shot to a Sinny phone company...:

Cell phones have gone too small, and so, too fragile, I reckon?

Eg: "leads" don't last, the connector socket on one now dead Samsung is tiny, so cannot last, and didn't, making the whole unit useless.

I'm looking for a tough number, "military grade" as-it-were, with DURABILITY for hard places like the warzones I occupy.

Motorola used to be the toughest 2-way radios.

Are their smartphones also?

Will leads & sockets & cases last, like, for more than a month out of warranty?

The Samsung lasted 13 months from new, for a tiny leads/socket!

"Planned obsolescence" I think so!

Do “think-of-us” (the shop) find "military grade" smartphones & equipment, or do I have to raid an army base?


Everyone is being dudded with the micro-sized product, and filthy-inflated prices here.

No wonder North Korea is about to bomb Samsung!

CRAPitalism writ-large!


Here's one for Brother Number One Kim Jong Un of North Korea, for South Korea's mad capo's, Japan's Elders and - why not China's as well...?

Aaaand..., not forgetting the US administration's military psychos!

130331 North Korea Being World's Best Citizen Telling The West We Are Insane Edition

Young, brash, perhaps, trying to make his name as a True Fella with big guns, quite likely, North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is doing more than making a show of his new position, or of his alleged heavy weaponry, methinks.

From his and my far left perspective, it is blatantly clear that the western free-market (NOT!) CRAPitalist world is the most extreme and most dangerous threat to the planet and to all of us since our species began walking the earth.

Western global corporations do nothing but damage to everything they see and touch, simply for this deeply insane “profit-motive” as has evolved from a long off-the-True-Human-Path “modern”, western subspecies, and it's capitalist marketplace.

It is also known to most North Koreans, especially their Wise and Elder Leadership, that being insanely attached to over-consumption and mindless waste of the precious Mother Earth's resources, as 99% of westerners, and an increasing number of North Korea's neighbor families in China et al, have become in the latest era, draining the supplies so that even just a few generations into the future, there will be nothing to supply their most basic needs, is the least intelligent thing any species can possibly do.

Because the lure of western excess is so hypnotizing, the North Korean Leadership Councils know that it is Better to Stand against such mass-ignorance, even to the point of war, than to submit to the weakness the west encourages it's own people to accept and foolishly believe in.

This is not lost on even the highest ranking American Leadership, but their hands are tied by their own members in Congress and the infidel elite capitalism-at-all-costs corporations, both of the USA, but in Eurape, Britain, and Japan, as well as Brother Nation China.

This, the Senior Council of such as North Korea knows, is utterly unforgivable, and it is Duty to our own species to Resist the lure of the west's crass ideology and blind capitalization on others' weaknesses.

Also, for longer than any western people have understood, the Intelligent People of North Korea have known and have a deep understanding of life and that this world is but a chimera, a dream, and to be victorious is to Stand Honorably and Fight evil, without fear or selfish desire.

North Korea is not alone in this Knowledge and Wisdom.

Millions, billions perhaps of Humans not seduced and made insatiable fools by devious western psychological religious techniques, are sick and angry with the ceaseless making and marketing of junk and useless products, and that the “OCCUPY!” Movement's antithesis “1%” super-wealthy increase their illgotten, unearned wealth from.

These possibly billions, though my personal skepticism believes most humans have gone too far off the Right Path and are too deep in the metaphorical ditch, but being Optimistic, I say that possibly billions of humans are waiting for the time when they can leave the deathly treadmills of western force-marketing, and act as Human Beings, not as the slaves the west makes us all, and RESIST AND DEFY western tyranny, by siding with the Noble North Koreans, and others across the planet, even to die fighting that tragic failure of our once fine species.

For I believe, the Communist North Koreans know that the Path to Heaven is not found with lies and corruption and unjust selfish brutality as displayed for centuries by the ignorant west.

And they know, that a time has to come for True People to Stand and Fight the darkness, if they want to ascend to an Higher Realm, and not descend as all cowards do, to the canyons and abysses of Hell.

What's more, I believe that millions of Americans know very well that this is true, and that their own administration is unforgivably off the True Path, and needs the world, outside and inside their nation, to make it clear to Washington, that North Korea is NOT their enemy, but is a Just and Righteous Leadership, simply expressing it's Wise and Deep concern for the whole of us.

If the mad and blind, psychotic US military command cannot see Wisdom or that their own foolish warmongering is forcing the Righteous to war, then war it is, and nuclear, if they, and Zionists, are so stupid.

No matter who “wins” - there are no winners in a nuclear war – the Righteous who fight for a Just and Intelligently Guided future, and die, do not die, but rise up and thereafter look down forever on the fools of the lowest crass materialism as the west has descended to believing so violently in.

Think not what the world can do for you American, think, what you can do for the world. All of it.

CHANGE! To the only True Economic Laws.

Or live out your piddling lives in shame, for once more, as your white, British and Eurapean forefathers so shamelessly did to Native True Fellas all over, attacking those who understand Simple, True, Scientific Principles of Common Land and Life Laws, merely for your own foul “pride” and insane warmongering profit.

And remember America, the Spirit of the True Human, has yet to settle your account for your illegal 2003 invasions of the Middle East.

All Praise the True People and All Warriors of Communist North Korea!

And They shall be Gods!


NOTE to South Korea!

You and your eagerness to become a power in the capitalist world has contributed to the necessary actions of your own People, merely over a line drawn on maps.

Western aggression, advertizing and propaganda against True Laws and personal ways to live in Harmony with the precious planet, do not make the illusion right, or justifiable.

Should war between your own kind break out, no matter who “wins” - there are no winners in a nuclear war - those of you of the South who survive will live in eternal shame and regret for ignoring the long-thought-out anti-capitalist ideologies of Brotherly Communism as Sought by your own People north of the 38th parallel, and for your ignoring their similarly well-divined opposition to ungoverned markets and unbridled selfish consumerism.

Perhaps this tense moment, South Korea, is the time for you to pause and look for your own Wisdom and Righteousness, and no longer be led by the pocket and lure of the obviously out of control western nations, ideologies, insanity, weaknesses, deceits, corruptions and greed?

You would not be alone in your region, should you Stand True and turn back to face your Brothers and Sisters of the North.

For I do actually still believe that China is in good hands, although the wealth disease has taken millions of these recent generations, and that the Chinese Command wants peace across the world but especially in your regions.

They know also that Intelligent Cooperation is always superior to combative emotional ways.

Or has your South Korean Leadership already forgotten the long histories of your cultures, whether in warring or peaceful times, and that limits have to be kept to, personally and nationally, for all to survive?

This Wisdom, is the same which had your neighbor Brothers in the ancient Chinese Traditions, refuse to develop the terror “gunpowder”, known by them long before the crazymind west, as that step too far, and no doubt other extremes, for their innate knowledge was of it leading to excessive force, and, everyone's premature end?

Face your demons, South Korea.

Return to the Wise and Humble Ways of your Orient.

You can prevent a war with your Brothers.

Indeed, for everyone, you must.

Of course, the Wise Elders of Nippon, have this to also consider.

Please stop betraying your own.

Besides, I've got a Japanese “Takamini” and a Korean “Fender” guitar, and I'd be sad and really pissed off, if either, crafts-people, or factories, were damaged.

All Praise the Music Makers!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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