Outlaw Who Just Quietly Would LOVE A Big Gun

130314 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Who Just Quietly Would LOVE A Big Gun Junction Edition

Ah? IN my smartphone tirade to the universe yesserday, one recipient was the Great Mike Moore of the USA.

Getting auto-responders remind me who I send them to, and his was one.

But In good warrior style, he never lets a chance go by, and his responder came back with paragraphs full of bitch about the gunzzzzz issue raging in the US.

I, I didn't let the chance go either, and flung him this back.

Course, he'd get thousands of emails a minute, whereas I get thousands (extrapolated) every 1000 years, so I KNOW he's rushed to his computer and opened my email.....?

Ne'ertheless...., this dropped off my gun-totin' synapses, into the reply email window.

I'se a bit lazy wiff my capitals and other marks of literate distinction this time....

Sort of a celebration for being back online wiff out leaving Queensland to get it fixed!

Thu, 14 Mar 2013 at 18:21
6:21 PM
SUBJECT: gunzzzzzzzz

TO: mmflint@michaelmoore.com


I don't argue with you, Mike.

I see it differently. Not trusting any authority or mainstream media service now, I can't be sure Sandy Hook wasn't a set-up, scammed to demonize the NRA and yeah, tooo many large guns in the USA?

With the tyranny of the admin, growing since WW2, since the warning Eisenhower gave on the military industrial complex, etc., Americans are helpless without their own weapons for defending their own country, from their own megalomaniac authorities.

But, hey! giving a centuries-old, corrupt people firearms will not solve your dilemmas.

clearly, worldwide, the future is war, and the ones armed, are no guarantee of the most intelligent ones winning.

from my 18 years of political exile, 18 years on the road, pushed from a-to-z by middle class and other crazies for being honorable, by pursuing and sticking with honest laws in economics etc., I still think the "Fabianist" passive approach is a failure.

so, as we're all gonna die sooner or later, i do believe we are better now and after death, to fight the good fight against tyranny wherever it builds a castle or fort.

I haven't fired a weapon for some 30 years now, and being so monitored by our authorities, can't own a gun.

(NO criminal record!)

and probably just as well..., cause I have too many situations of harassment and terrorism that make me wish i did!

all governments are rotten now, and the whole political shitfight divides us all into "everyone for themself" situations. me? I don't care now..., which is why I shoot my verbose stuff onto the 'net.

and if the shit hits the fan down under, I'll probably be one of the first targeted by the massive number of off-the-planet psychos here.

I go to bed each night thinking, "you better shoot straight, cocksuckers" to my secreted assassins.

besides, you gotto be honest, the American dream, like ours, is crap, untenable. unsustainable, and has to end?

So if 90% of mainstreamers can't get their icecream from the supermarket, there's gonna be chaos, to be polite.

And now, most of them are really psychotic, and will run amock on anyone who looks at them wrong.

so..., because one or fifty shooters mess up, like sandy hook, or aurora, (Holmes was actually fighting a righteous war against hollywoods very dark ignorance, and it's zombies who pay at cinema door for worse crimes in the middle-east, afghanistan, etc!), or in Norway, or Port Arthur, doesn't mean guns are evil, dangerous.

Nor does it mean the other 99.99% of US gun owners are gonna use guns for bad purposes too.

YOU! of all Yankies, should know the USA and the rest of the planet is, or should be, on the verge of a realbig revolution.

and who will the righteous revolutionaries be at war against?

Sections at least, of the authorities!

Now, if the authorities are filthy dog-rotten scum-sucking CORRUPT, to the point of being outta control INSANE, then war it should be, one-and-all.

At such a point, it is beyond bothering which side wins - WINS - what's important is that one fights and dies for the most honorable, just and factual cause.

and..., as history retells, the av'rage Jo Citizen usually, dies for the most honorable cause.

Simple True, Just DEFIANCE against mentally ill authorities who delude themselves that their wealth is "good".


I know you don't argue with this type of reasoning, and I don't argue with your voiced stance against unregulated weapons in society.

but the future ain't gonna be resolved without a good hard, bloody fight, methinks.

we just gotta do everything we can to EDIMACATE the masses as much as we can, as to which LAWS we should take to the barricades to institute, or uphold.

cause you and i know, the governments, ie., the most evil private corporations, are dead against the most honest laws, thus the most just and equal society.

keep up the fight, Comrade!


Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

OH! I've got a better (worse, i mean) one than the sad sandy hook thing!

My granddad as a 5 year old, and perhaps 20 other kids, watched Scottish "pioneers" massacre his whole tribe of Gunai Aborigines in Gippsland around 1900. He and his siblings, were kidnapped, given white names and assumed into settler society. mum was stolen from him at 11 y/o, locked in a convent and turned into a puppet, murdering his stepdad in the minutes i was conceived in her extramarital affair. And they forgot to tell me!

(BUT why oh grassmoker, WHY?)


& Environmental