Aaaand..., there y' go!

130321 17:30 JUST DEFIANCE Later on.... Edition

Rudd showed good loyalty, by not standing to challenge for the chair.

He and I are in unison there, as I recommended he leave it alone now.

The day's events are slight and small in all, and wont necessarily do anything to lift Gillard's or the party's popularity from here to September.

It might stop internal gossip, and fretting?

It might however, silence the media scum-er-scrum?

But I still say that with Gillard, as good at least, as Rudd, albeit she's a one-a-them femalezzzz, they would race up the popularity polls from now to the 2016 election, and beyond...., if a Gillard-ALP revisited the Henry Tax Review ISHOOOOZZZZ.

Outsiders not inconsequential, like Clive Palmer, Andrew Forrest(-er), but of course, Big Gina, must correct their negs against the government, for the nation's sake, and go hard at re-gigging their approaches to the essential, of a national land tax.

It's not impossible for all to benefit.  

China really has to relax it's grip on our minerals.  As I say in last post, There's room to diplomatically negotiate with Zhonguo over the iron ore especially, but others as well.  And who better than Rudd to be there?

Bob Carr can't stand in Rudd's way, if a question of Rudd once more, as Foreign Affairs Minister comes up.

Besides, out of the frame, what with the shammozzle of the Gillard-Rudd duel, is the public's negative perceptions of the ALP for removing Rudd from the FAM, and replacing him with WHAAAH!?$%^&??? Where again....?  Did Carr come from, in terms of being elected?  

I must'a been unner me ute when he was shanghai-ed into the seat?

But the public might well have a few bones to point on Carr's rush into Rudd's FAM portfolio.

If the government dropped the MRRT, for a negotiated middle-road on the land tax qvessstion with the mining magnates - who really should lift their games - a very suitable and happy middle road solution awaits.

But..., today's muck, only induced a few photo-ops for them, and another op for Abbopp to pop his top, for a moment, before he shrinks back under his tarpaulin.

Gillard should already have a mission in China sorting their mining corp sensibilities with Premier Xi, Et Al, before the election.  

Behind closed table tennis bats, they should be able together, to see afar into the future on iron ore, and Cubby Station-type foreign farm ownership, etc etc.  

Besides, they are supposed to be on a similar side, compared to the opposition?

But the Henry Tax Review revisited would do both Gillard and Rudd and Labor much good.

Dropping a few hints in that direction to feel the electoral water from here, would make all sorts of Cabinet Ministers and voters happ-happ-happeee, and re-inspired toward Labor again, I have no doubt!

Perhaps - though I reckon she's as tough as any of 'em - Gillard has to show she can be fucking scary to the right wing public, by being courageous enough to take on the mining lobbyists, the offshore IMF-ians, and even the US administration on China relations.

She's got what it takes, so she has to make her minders let her show her intellectual bits and talk us through the benefits and needs of the issues sticking in the magnates' craws.

Seems to me, half the failings, so-called, of the ALP, is being muted by the back-roomers, and advertising marketeers, from talking openly and straight to the polity.

Long and short of it, the public do actually love politicians talking honestly.  it's the offshore agenda-riding Abbotts and Costellos and the speculative land grab-advertisers forcing media to talk down honesty in politics who make honesty out to be the demon.

So, while Gillard to some extent spent the 1st year-plus of her rule, finding her feet re- the fucking political advertising and spin machinery, and what she could and could not say, A! HELLO?  - She now has the weight of a not at all bad term behind her to give her the ooompfh she needs to go the harder REALPolitik ISHHOOOZZZ, as suggested, as Rudd, and Henry - by-George, knew, know and shall forever after amen, and a woman or two, never forget.

Rudd, though finding late he can't assume he has the power to stand in between the two super-powers, I guess with Carr, as he's there, should be given the imprimatur by the Cabinet and Gillard, to begin again as an International Relation's "Middle-Mind" Aide (sorry!) to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, specifically to meld a bond the world has to cure, between the two - or three with Russia, and more with other rising forces like India - superpowers, USA and China.

Rudd's nice-and-chewy "Middle-Power" adage, has a place today, if we must continue to work toward better futures.

But while I reckon he was here already, it's not the "Middle" operative's role of "power" as such.

But, as Rudd, and Carr and Gillard, have oodles of it, it's "Intelligence" that's gonna get the globe through, and is what the "Middle-Mind" perhaps is about.

So, with a combo of United Minds, the two at least, enough to deal with most issues outside the domesticity, of Carr and Rudd, working as said, on China/US interests, on resources, and a shared global future, outside sticks-in-mud re- mining, resources, and land tax, should not be anywhere near impossible to make healthy, with the Australian mining magnates finding a happy space as well.

The days of their assuming superior rights to fuck the government around, has to be grown beyond.

It's a shitfight, no doubt, and a ruthless Machiavellian one.

We either take the brutal road, where everyone will eventually be betrayed, both by their own, and by foreign interests and powers, or we leap into the Wisdom boxes and divine the right paths, by employing that which makes us Humans - the fucking INTELLECT DUDES!

Rudd was right to refuse to enter the day's fray.

And Gillard was right in calling the spill to clear the rubbish away.

Now lets see ya's put ya' fucking horns an' knives away, ya' heads down, and get to work making the rules proppa!

'Cause, as I'se bin sayin'...,

"Law is God!"

God is Law!

Sort the Right and Proper LAWS, and we can all sleep well, well, except we homeless bums..., who gotta SUFFA!  or so it seems...?

As Ruddie ain't gonna step onto the cross-bench, tha's how ya's gotta do it from here forward.

Any more shit from the frantic sabotager Abbott, and he needs to be censured for subverting the functions of government and of parliament.

If it cannot be verified or sommit that he's doing it only so he can thieve the PM's chair, and that he does not in FACT, have the bona fidis to be PM or AM or FM..., then ya's all softcocks!  Like him!

Aaaaaand..., there y' GO!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw