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smh 21st March

A bit old, as political time flies, but a solid and out-there commentary by the Great Mark Latham, nevertheless....

With Rudd and back-of-head female and coy putting the lid on the coffin of retrying for the PM's chair last Thursday, and with reshuffling the deck-chairs or the cards or the portfolios going on apace in the federal ALP Cabinet, reading Mark Latham's vociferous and targeted comments as in the link above to the SMH webpage is a welcome moment.

Of course, he, like me, has to be careful of the lust for revenge having our mouths, or keying fingers going that step-too-far?

But, that might be 1, justified, and 2, necessary, if only to counter the softcock BOOOLLLLSHHSHSHSHSHSSSHSHHHSSHS-IT! Trajecting down the pipes from the exposed softcocks either still in the good books, or damaged, but knowing, needing and wanting that they must remain somewhere inside the cabinet and hold to one or ten portfolios?

Party allegiances, winning-versus-losing an election, thus fame, fortune, endless free trips O/S, eternal persecution by the party henchmen and woemen for failing the offshore Euro-UK-Russo-Sino-Socialists-cum-aliens or not, constantly hammer the back of the skulls of politicians, no matter where these two-plus party parliaments are put in place, to keep the True REALPolitik ECONOMIK just that reform-too-far, out of reach of the majority of our flailing, failing and fast-falling species.

All the chaos arisen since last Thursday's spill just adds to the evidence that the whole system is terminally ill, and mentally ill, come to it.

Of course, now that the idiot Abbort can see his dreamed-of chance to take the big chair – what an embarrassing sight for thinking Australians – all 500 of us – the last thing he and his twisted, psycho-pathological right wing parties dare do is to accept and confess that the whole fucking structure is sick to the marrow.

Whether Gillard can rescue things between now and September 14, or not, we can be sure the hours from now to then will be consumed with BOOOOOLLLLSHSHSHSHS-IT from all involved, especially the media, going Hell for leather to make sense of the utterly nonsensical.

Or, to make the audiences believe - “faith dear children faith!???” - that we can trust the media to know what's really going on, behind the contradictory and altogether incomprehensible crap they holler.

Little Astrayliar is but the last vestige, of that slow-dying delusion of excess materialism the western worlds have promoted as kosha for about oooow? ...well..., since the industrial revolution focused on making weapons of mass destruction in about the 18th and 19th centuries.

Weapons to more easily trample any Natural True Fella People's Wise and stoic objections to rampant industrialization, so the twisted and resentful Jew-machine could keep marching down all balance on the planet.

Little Astrayliar is but the last remaining microcosm of the larger more deeply cemented malaise and disturbed group-psychology rooted in the north, in Britain and Eurape, and by their desperate material-over-consumption expansionism of the last 521 years, across the Americas, and the rest of the world to now.

But does Abbott give a shit?

Not while the chair is within his desperate reach!

As Mark Latham said in the linked interview, it's better we go down fighting for the right and honorable causes, than stay in power but on our knees to the darker powers, be-they of human variety or of inhuman eventuating dark-dark-very-dark ideologies.

Can Abbott and his mobsters even start to see the horror shows his policies and mindless approach to running other people's lives to Hell will follow?

Not a chance!

Does he give a fuck?

Not a chance!

That's what they do to low-quality Rhode's scholar graduates, y' see?

RJ Hawke. A completely different, no-comparison Rhode's Scholar.

Et Al. Et Al.

So, while a little glimmer of light shone out of the 1-inch-phone-tv-screen this mor-mourning, of an ACOSS woman talking up a revisit to the Henry Tax Review of '09, on ABC News Breakfast, suggesting someone, someone like the editors of Aunties news, thus the larger conventory controllery up the skirts and trousers of the ALP, has been on the zonefone and heard the suggestion that they best revisit Henry-by-George V-09, but as yet with no confirmation that Julia HAS got the metaphoricals to turn the campaign back to the future, and take on Mr & Mrs Mining and Resources here and everywhere they have bigger armies and nuclear weapons, Realists-that-is-pessimists anonymous consider getting back on the sauce, and the smoke.

Can the anonymous wonder save enough pension cookies before the 14th of September, to buy his way overseas, to the mainland, by whatever means, and be OFFFF! To a wilderness of slightly less sullied BOOOOOOLLLLLLLLSHSHSHSHSHSHSI-I-I-IT nations?

O SHIT this is a bad dream!

But not for the opposition! Widdle Cwissy Pyne is wetting his nappy as the ALP turns the arts of war into a knitting session, giving him yet more excuses to not seek mental health assistance to cure his psycho-pathy.

Not even the Bull in Turnbull has the balls to GET REALPolitik and bring it to the masses that the SYSTEM IS BROKE, and that only a full-scale, and therefore global transformation of the money-in-politrix BOOOOOLLLLLLSHSHSHSHSHSHSHSHIT has to end.

Looking elsewhere, the so-called “left” has essentially left the house, and gone a wandering down Hollywood lane, on whichever drugs their dealers happen to have in their pockets.

With Israel, as I said a week ago, wilting, it was nice to hear the US Pres chiding them on their settlements madness “not helping”.

Whether he can reach the fanatical money-maker ears and trance-like stuff between them of the American and Brit-Euro Jewish diaspora, soon enough and loud enough to wake them from their slumber of, oooooow? 6,000 Hebrew years, and help them realize that materialism-Zion is a bad, bad, idea, and should be defunded asap, so-as to dethrone the corporate Othodox leaders and make them humbly accept things there too, must open up to a worldwide and world-convincing review of their lose-lose political illusion, is yet to be seen?

But, if Obama can make ground at home and over in the Levant, by bringing the corporate complexities of industrialized lunacy to stand down even just a few steps, there might be hope yet. And that might influence things down-here-down-the-whiteguy-sewer called Astrayliar.

But – really – does anyone see cause for hope, or for that deadly delusion-maker -self-confidence?

As long as the supermarkets sell icecream (and dunny-paper!), the supermarket managers keep their jobs, the pubs sell grog, the publicans can assume authority over pissed outlaws, and nobody has to do what the Laws say they must, that-is, by getting themselves to Canberra and PROTESTING out front of the big house of horrors, that THE WHOLE FUCKING THING IS ROOTED, and needs, Wise and urgent corrections, from the top down, the slide will creep steeper and steeper, and no-one will notice, really, until it's too late.

And the Tiny Abbort will simply re-tune his ears to those who wanna slip one up him, nicely.

Good on yer, Aussie!

'Bout time the Sydney ALP was flushed out!

What will be left of the ALP-Greens-Independents, is an interesting point to ponder.

Still reckon Rudd, what's left of him, and perhaps a few of his scolded supporters, should pledge continued support for Gillard and Gov, but leave the party and go Indie, seeetting wiff zeee 'Migos on zeee cross-be-ench!

Perhaps it is all fitting and entirely appropriate that the ructions of the last 5 days have occurred?

Gillard and le girls are crazy (well?) to carry on as if it is rescue-able.

Abbort is not smart enough to be crazy, which does not help.

But....? However....?

Who's gonna make the roaringly obvious point, vocally?

On the tele?

Across the media and the world?

I daren't point to anyone. One is obviously not enough, because Zion will just have them eliminated, aye MI6? FSB? Mossad? Jesuits? CIA?

Obviously, the vast majority of whiteguy&gal have something way too far up them, to be able to step together and forward, for Democracy.

But, maybe they're just 6,000 years mentally ill?

What was that advice the True Fella Aborigine Elders gave the piccanninis, from 1788?



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