Sport Codes Of Corruption & Rest In Righteous Heaven Mosese Fotuaika

by Caroline Wilson Chief Football Writer for The Age

Possibly not unrelated, to what I allege, as a massive cover-up, is this article appearing this morning on the yahoo news pages?

Why bother?

This type of malpractice in sports of all codes has been the norm, and has been the underlying means by which each code has grown over the last half-century.

Drugs-in-sports” is really..., “small beer”.

No-one involved with “professional” sport, does not know how deeply corrupt the fields are.

The amount of money made, as usual in CRAPitalism, percolating up up and up to the elite, most of whom might occasionally spend a Sat'day arvo in one of the top “boxes” far above the throng of “plebs” in the stadium spectator areas, dictates that corruption is essential to maintaining the income, popularity, fan-base, and all connected “industries” - clothing and apparel, media, media, media, advertizing, stadiums, land for to sit them on, etc etc etc.

Each related industry elite run to be known amongst the high-fliers, and across all aspects are spoken of. Purely, for their own profiteering from “the game”.

Politicians are dragged in, for “appearances” to be seen by the polity as “one-av-US...! Maaayte!” And to “bless”, the code.

Analogous, the large professionalized sport's codes in Australia, and elsewhere, are equal only really, to the massive money-making megalith we know as “Hollywood”.

And audiences probably show, in “sports-mad-Astrayliar” that sport here trumps Hollywood, per-capita, by quite some margin?

Perhaps it's simply for it being more “interactive”, where the audience can voice and “fist” their joy or bitch without a cinema “security” thug (must protect the corruption!) issuing them out?

But, like politricks, sport is as much about keeping the masses distracted, in their spare time, when not on the treadmill, down the mine, in the sweatshop, or the dole queue.

So, as sport here, and across the western CRAPitalist world, is crucial to keeping injustice and bad government policy the rule, and as it is in bed with all media and all media moguls, and all sycophants in related money-scamming industries, all, over the masses desperately seeking on Sat'dees and Sundees to escape the grind of poverty-threats, etc etc etc., faced in other working-slaving-dying-fighting-with-the-spouse hours, there is nothing that will stop the psychotic elites from keeping corruption, perhaps in our case, especially “game fixing”, out of “the papers”.

It goes on, and on, and on. And shall forever and forever and forever, while CRAPitalism is free to make the rules, over Responsible and Sovereign Government.

These REALPolitik thoughts go to media, and this'n, goes to a reporter named at top, who is Chief Football Writer for The Age, amongst the many globally.

Sorry Caroline, but I don't point the finger at you. You're well down the ladder of corruption, so cannot be held culpable.

And it's pointless saying “SHOOT YOUR EDITOR!” with a dose of “GET REAL” vocal objections, or an assault rifle.

As I mention at top, the 2nd link to this morning's article about the young “Mosese Fotuaika” buyin' it, notably full of those already new-day sickening cliches from the heads of the code and other club sized organs, cannot thus far, to me, yes, the world's biggest “Conspiracy Theorist” (WHERE'S ME ROYALTIES, SCHWARTZENEGGAR? er...? GIBSON?), be ruled out as not suspicious?

Whatever is said to media, by whomever – coaches, code CEOs, coppers, reporters, editors, moguls, legal departments or prime-fucking-ministers..., and dropposition leaders- must be listened to with suspicion, when we know how much is at stake.

Lastly, it is no coincidence, that today, the vast majority of players in all the high paying sports, are selected from the spoiled, elite, private, that-is “secret agenda” church schools.

It is an untenable situation when sporting heroes can, for their “dedication”, and silence about the corruption feeding them their cheese crackers and lifestyles of the rich and infamous, it's methods of acquisition, and where it comes from – THE LOWER CLASS WORKERS – are flitting around the planet in their own leer jets, huge yachts and such, professing to support the popularization of their code into the most poverty-stricken nations and regions, merely a front to further infiltrate and scam the tiny incomes of the most poor, or state they support NGOs who do exactly the same, so their own large cult – CHRISTIANITY – can stay spoiled and devilishly over-consumptive.

What can we do?

What can a sport reporter do?

From an Outlaw's Truelaw perspective, it is a far far worse crime, that military-grade firearms are prohibited from being owned and amassed by the People.

Perhaps the world has still to look to the United States of America, and it's Righteous Citizens, for JUSTICE, against a clearly demonic, insane religious elite?

Righteous Citizens who argue for the Ethical, Legal Constitutional 2nd amendment Right to own high-power military assault rifles, and in order to defend Democracy.

Bazookas, grenade-launchers, plastic explosives, tanks, private drones (HARK! That's it! Remote controlled DRONE WARS!)......!

In order to defend Democracy, from the Lords of Sick, who walk over the “99%” and warp all Scientifically and Philosophically proven Laws, to their own sick cults' advantage.

As, of late, I refer again to my latest recommendation, that we all must PROTEST to the death, for correction of the most fundamental of Laws – Land Distribution Laws.

For, what does a cult have, a priest, monarch, lord, or cattle or mining or sport-code baron, or a “sport hero”, without corruption of Law, of Land Law, to suit their own egomaniac and oppressive delusions of grandeur!

Not, one, blood-cell, not one cell of bone marrow, and definitely not one brain-cell, of Dignity, Honor, Intelligence, Integrity.

Not one.



Rest In Righteous Heaven Mosese Fotuaika!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

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