Dung & Dustbinned For Dead Democrats

130326 JUST DEFIANCE Dung & Dustbinned For Dead Democrats Edition

by Sean Nicolls, www.smh.com.au

Er Yer!

Sorta like oil and water, all corruption eventually separates, and the lighter stuff floats to the top.

Lighter in that it is not founded on solid facts, and so soon enough the brutal shit it has been formed by, dissolves.

The tragedy is that it has essentially taken some 205 years, to be brought into the sunshine.

And, something surprising to myself, an Outlaw Dissident Heretic against every-mainstream thing in this Britainized land, polls in NSW show the larger percentage of New South Welshers are actually saying they are not happy with the, with their rum club!

And at the elections, the same is being shown!

Most people who ponder our unreality in Astrayliar, know well that the nation, but all of it's seven, or eight or how many states, have been rotten since 1788, and that things went straight into Hell when John MacArthur stole the reins from Governor Bligh in 1808.

But, in New South, like the rest, the masses were overwhelmed by the brutality of the powers-that-were, and yet saw that they had at least the right to some semblance of a life, no matter what sort of scum floated over their heads in the houses of HA! Parliament.

So corruption became the order, and the ancestry of convicts passing down their abilities and antics just made it easier to play ball with the outrageously filthy elites up in Sinny, in Philip Street, in Macquarie Street, and thus across the political, cultural and social spectrum.

It shows how powerful the ruling filth were that no-one within the whole of Australia's Labor party, or of any other political organization, could bring the rum clubsters to justice, and thus make our politrix clean.

Obviously, the rum club were supported by the dominant powers ...over there! ...in Brutain, who then, and as much still now, run the filthy International Monetary Fund IMF.

So any Warrior for a slightly more Just world here who took the local filth on, were quickly dispensed with by some sneaky MI6 or Mossat or French SS or even KGB agent, and things carried on corrupt as the Zionist fucking psycho Jews have always liked it.


After all aforementioned fatalists had given up on Justice in Unjustralia, and after decades, cum two-point-zero-five centuries in fact, someone got the balls and the briefs and the inside info on “the firm” enough to put them in the dock, and


The NSW ICAC even convinced one of the most corruption-sycophantic newspapers on earth to publish events in their courts of inquiry, into “the Terrigals”, and the coal industry rorts, and the plethora of NSW ALP government ministers involved in O! Coooorrrr-UPSHON!

As I was writing at front, most people had accepted that to enjoy just a beer at a New South pub on sunny days or balmy evenings, they had to accept that the coppers, the courts, the parliament and anyone sitting or standing near them was filthy rotten drunk with corruption, “so...., 'ave anotha beer, an' take a piece of silver on the way out, maaayte!”

But, like oil and water...., all things not harmonious eventually have to go their separate ways.

With housing and other important things, or – not things! - (ooooow? sssspoookeeee!?!??!) starting to impinge on daily rorts in the majority of New South Welsher's and other astray liar's lives, reaching a noise level in their silly fucking heads tooo big and loud to ignore anymore, the general consensus was that some ballsy authority had to do something to stop it.

Because the Sinny Mobsters had orchestrated things nationally so well, no other region, called “state” could break the convict-chains Sinny had wrapped around their legs and necks.

So even the farthest reaches simply became as Sinny is, rotten with a modified version of rampant corruption.

And while the offshore elite scumsuckers of Britain and Eurape were able to ignore the realities of their opulent lifestyles, nothing could be done to bring out the flaws in the Astray-liar's attitudes and oligarchy.

But now that the rude truth is hitting home in Eu – YOU-RAPE – and the world's Brutes, all related threads grew thinner and like the popularity of the most corrupt mobs in Astrayliar, they snapped.

So, now, the federal ALP stoically and outrageously blindly stays connected at the hip to the central committee of corruption, the NSW ALP, and is going down the sewer with them, like a roller coaster right off the rails. Or summit??

How can the feds repair their cindered reputation, let alone any agenda that has Scientific credibility?

Some, not unlike one unfairly treated ex-leader, Latham, by name, and another unfairly treated ex-leader, Rudd, by name, and how many others unfairly treated by Sinny's corruption-central committee, O! ME! another one, might well have cause to smile as the feds go down the gully trap this election year?

Well...., not really methinks? Because we all of us are more intelligent than to let our lust for REVENGE open the doors to corruption to the heroin party of Britain, by letting the ALP be shunted into the sidings of politics and be left to rust.

Rather, it's as possible that the three named maltreated, and Fine and Honorable, if not all terribly naive Intellects, see that change does happen, and to all things eventually.

And, that for a new and better system and structure to be built, the old one has to be dismantled, sometimes completely.

I for one, of three, but clearly also one of many, inside and beyond the thrall of modern egotripping power-hungering, know that losing the 2013 federal election to the other side of the bent coin of global corruption cures nothing, and in fact, gives victory to no-one, no matter what they call their party.

Everyone is a loser.

Without, as my compatriots in Impartial thought will agree with, a complete restructuring of the whole notion of government, but further to the whole structure of “parliament” here and globally, no election winning party actually wins anything, other than the adoration and sycophancy of other utterly greedy, ignorant, selfish, mentally ill, corrupt scumsuckers.

So, with the NSW ICAC taking down the combination of fools from within the power-centres of Sinny and wider New South Fails, and wider Astraylair, and a few mining, energy and resources interests with them, if the remaining federal ALP does not go full tilt at speaking out publicly and completely honestly about the disgusting and terminal game of politics, then 1, they have absolutely no chance come September 14, and 2, deserve being buried forever.

However, while Tiny Abbortion of the Driberals jumps for joy at the worse catastrophe of his being slotted unjustly into the PM's chair, and some number of his side's voting idiots celebrate that their type of corruption has won, so they can enjoy the next one or three cycles receiving all the government hand-outs, ie., the same-same extension of a cancerous corruption of everything their feasty eyes set themselves upon, people, from 5 year old wannabe Harry Potters to Granny and Gramps fading in aged care wards, will know that as a nation, as a people, as individuals, as a species, we have, pretty-much completely FAILED, if we do not take down the whole stupid and deadly structure of what is called “politics”, here and globally.

Naturally, that is a daunting task. It is more so because we all know how fascinated and thus, determined, the cunts on top of the world are, and that they prefer Armageddon to sorting out, with Intelligent and Wise approaches, the in fact, quite simple and clear problems.

Fascination of the bewitching kind, has taken the world by storm, and now, with their new-found powers, most cannot anymore see, nor want, to go the path of really remedying our collective woes. Especially if, wrong, as it happens, it means they have to surrender their proud wealth-based egomania for some simple and honest facts.

So, without the balls in the halls of Labor's power-centre, they are finished.

What replaces them will be accompanied by a rise in suicides across Australia, no doubt, as the likely winners on September 14 are the most insane of all, and thus are least aware of their whiteguy – male AND female – mental illnesses. And that their extreme selfish policies for the upclub political elites do the most harm to the spirit and soul of yer av'rage Aussie, and, by no coincidence, do the most damage to the Great Mutha Eartha, many will not see any reason to stay alive.

Indeed, all things are connected.

But does Tony Abbott give a shit? Not on anyone else's life!

But with the ICAC exposures of the corruption inherent in the Sinny rumclub – ergo – NSW Labor, and the flow-on effects if-just in the opinion polls, to Canberra and the implosion of the federal ALP, we should be able to read a sign, most importantly in the New South Welshers, that they, and the rest of the nation, are disgusted and tired of the old orders of corruption, and that they will say goodbye to the whole organization, if that's what it takes, for a more just and perhaps even honorable society.

This implies that voters are awake to and aware of and sick of corruption, and, “at last” we breathe, there is a serious hankering for someone, in authority, in parliament especially, to speak honestly.

But any “victory” by the Lib/Nats, we all already know, will be an entirely hollow one.

And their insertion into government threatens as bad a time for the underprivileged and those not in the right church/Freemason school clubs, and no good thing will be effected to making the world a better place.

I go further of course, and suggest that the most of Australians, actually also agree that the two-party BOOOOLLLSSHSHSHSHIT structure is BOOOOLLLSSHSHSHSHIT, and as every other aspect of life on earth is in question, as to their success and veracity, perhaps we should go the full distance and open up high-end debates as to the veracity of the very structure and foundations of this “government” and “parliament” thing?

Therefore, I put it that the majority of Australian's eligible to vote on September 14 2013, would be quick to stand up and listen, before 9/14, were the federal ALP, and as many politicians as can find their – genitals – (and/or perhaps leave them alone for a while?!) to start speaking straight about not just Labor's dilemma, not just with some insincere confession about their passed misdeeds, not just Australia's political and economic dis-credibilities, but the much much much larger problems now known to be inherent in ooooow....?

  • the “Jesus” false, evil, leadership fiasco, ex-4th century Rome?
  • the incredible, unjustifiable, insane nature of capitalism?
  • the incredible, unjustifiable, insane nature of Christianity?
  • the unsustainable culture of white western, techno-centric, over-consumption-ism,
  • the disgustingly stupid banking and land ownership and distribution laws and systems,
  • the very existence of the auto industry,
  • the completely NOT free market,

to name but – 6,7,8,9,-plus?

These, are what government is actually all about.

Not giving the people what they, in their 1600 years of misguided delusional selfishness fantasies WANT.

While people all over the mess can stay somewhere near OK with themselves, no matter what shit is being thrown at the fans and the media in Canberra or Macquarie Street Sinny, et al, there is a quiet despair in them, us, worldwide, for the powers that be not finding the sensibility enough to do what was once the most natural, and at once the most beautiful thing, of speaking straight and honest, about the fundamentals for a healthy and balanced culture thus society.

That the people up at the top of the tree cannot speak freely and at-once honestly, is the most abhorrent disgrace on us all!

If voters were serious about voting, there would be some sort of PROTEST lodged, either in the booths on the day, or before, preferably, on the streets, outside parliament, one or all?

But how does anyone organize a disparate, and on any large scale, disorganized mob, let alone a nation as wide spread as ours, to PROTEST effectively?


What possible worth can there be, living in this beggared world, when the masses are so fucking lame, gutless and small-minded, running as they do to microscopic and temporal shit to ignore the larger magnificence of a Just Fight, for a Just Life, in a Just World?

Or summit?????

Labor needs to look at itself. Not just here in Astrayliar.

But while it is in this shitful crisis, let them start here, and get to the cores of their troubles.

ICAC and the imprisonment of the Obied-types, the MacDonald-types, et al et al, is still, small beer.

The people are speaking already in the opinion polls etc.

If Labor's heads cannot take the lead of this damning assessment, Sinny's rum club or not, IMF, ILO, or not, and do everything Noble from here until September, then everyone shafted by the larger party has every right to smile come 09/14, and perhaps, at the extinction of the Australian Labor Party.

Ummm...? Should I book a Qantas jumbo for a one-way flight to..... Russia? Cuba? China? Patagonia? Venezuela? North Korea?

How many jumbos has Qantas got?

Is the QE2 still floating???

All because of a stupid, false Zionist, warped religious ideology.

Good on yer, Cecil Rhodes!

Roll-on the apocalypse.

And.., death to Nimbin.

What might the new Poope have to say one these crises, being the “humble” friend of South American despots as he was?

Is he so humble as to speak Honestly?


But..., I guess that's what you get when the weaker gender try to assume authority with their crystal balls.


Revisit the Henry Tax Review!

Just to take this post to it's lowest....,

Having discerned, through many years observation, research and listening to other wiser minds and scientists and economists on the subject of nuclear housing, that the nuclear family is about as disastrous as could be, I went further in thoughts yesserday as to how much women have done their selfish bitch-thing to bring the nuclear family home to the extremes it has become, in terms of being so deadly to individual thinking and social attitudes, and most of all, is the most destructive social concept to the natural environment.

For it cannot be ignored that women in a corrupt culture are the most insecure, so are the most likely to do whatever it takes to secure 1, a protector male permanently affixed to them, and the resources necessary to feel safe.

Cunning I guess, works best amongst a group, aka, the rum club, and the IMF (Ooow! LOOK! Run by a woman! That's a joke, but..., how much have it's passed bosses been under the hexes of their women?) 

But at the end of the night, the woman wants control, and that requires just one of them, running the household, each household.  

Also, women are generally, and not unreasonably I guess, very possessive of their children.  After all, they have gone through a whole 9 months with the sprats in their body?  The typical "MY BAYBEE!?" bitch.  

So keeping them, of their own blood, as close as possible to them, so they can grow to have mum's traits and preferences, and to feel an obligation to protect mum once she's old and frail, requires as long as possible under her protective, spellbinding wing!  

Therefore....! ALAS!  What better housing model for that, away from other, possibly more intelligent, broader-minded, wiser females and/or males, than a closed-in boxed house with secure doors and fences and gates and walls to stop Mrs Cleverer-than-me coming in and proving mum's being selfish to her kids, or is being even....  evil?)

So the nuclear family housing model suits women best of all, methinks?

What coincidence can a sworn misogynist draw from this, and the fact that the nuclear family housing model, on the scale it has grown to, is the leading cause of destruction of the planet's ecosystem?     Ooooow! Lots!!!
Also,  for decades I wondered if the female gender has been responsible for the decline in True and Spiritual Cultures, by pushing or threatening the Warrior males with things like "NO SEX!!!" to war and work to secure her needs.

How many stories are there from history where the ruling kings or emperors or warlords have been weakened and/or brought undone by scheming women?

In short, the whole western social and cultural models are rotten with bad ideas, and lead us all into the ditch of evil culture and of unsustainable lifestyles.

As for woemen?  I wish I could trust them?  I vaguely remember the warmth and such of being close to a trusted woman, and know it's unbeatable.  (Like my dick!)

But going further, the nuclear family house, and the follow-on expectations outside in the society, have it as right and natural that the spouses even sleep together.  Well.., I guess we can adapt to having a knee of elbow or something else in our ribs during an otherwise peaceful sleep.  But added up, I think more disruption to sleeping occurs when couples sleep together.

One reason, I reckon, for the arrangement, is because we don't trust each other, and worry that the other half is having it off in their bed or on the lounge, with another person.

Another reason it's expected that couples sleep together, is so the witch can drape her hexes over the vulnerable sleeping mind of the male.  Nice thoughts as oft'.  But controlling perversions as oft' also, I have no doubt.

These, yeah, I admit, extreme thinks, on the nuclear household "arrangements", have to be questioned.  But, for every one, or ten good egalitarian females, there's always at least one, if not nine, who's not!

We all need a sound sleep.

My imaginations, obviously toooo long outside of any social world, take it as far as suggesting that the best culture has the bald recognition that women and men are different to the point of needing separate social settings. Where the men are "unencumbered" by the woman, to do the things men are built to do. be that the harder labor, or the hunting, in today's world laborious employment, itself open to revision, and the same for women, for the roles of what they do naturally and best.  1st, is nurturing the young, male and female, until the males are old enough to live amongst the males, to learn the arts of being a man.

That's as natural as can be, methinks.

No misogyny.  No discrimination. No domination.

Just being natural.

A male is designed to grow into being a man.  It can only set up disordered thought-processes if a woman, or a group of them, has more than necessary influence on how the young males think, and act, and develop.

This type of over-mothering bias in nurturing males is definitely what causes "effeminacy" in males, thus - I don't fucking CARE what the ponsey gay-boys might think or chant against these thoughts - could well be what causes males to grow up feeling and believing and actually being of a more feminine preference.


Ha!  No..., I'm not necessarily anti-gay.  I recognize integrity when it's there, in gays too.  Often more than in women!

But...., on the issue..., because women can be quite insane, or horrible, or bitching unattractive, psychologically, socially, etc., it's as often totally understandable that some guys say "forget the bitches!" and find more honest and worthy relationships with others of their gender.  The same applies to dykes, aye?  Men are as insane, horrible and bitchin' unattractive to some women, no doubt.

Like I say, "parents and culture!" With crazy culture we get crazy parents and crazy parenting.  Sort these out, and we get balance and sanity.

Insane culture is based in O! Rome!  Christianity!  Judaism!

Two-parent, closed-mind family housing!  Etc etc etc.....

So..., if the ALP and any voter is SERIOUS about voting for a better world, these couple of things have also to be brought to the fore of debates about politics, and about the world.

Me?  Finding out so late what my own mother has done to me, and how other women since have expected they can dominate me, always with bullshit, and that filthy rotten ever-ready threat of screaming "RAPE!", I just know is always lurking in the back of their mind, leaves me bereft of trust of females.

So wrong is our culture. The law actually forces men, if they want any sort of “normal” life, of being accepted in society, etc., to be locked into a relationship with just one woman.

If..., just by some slight chance... there was a conspiracy by women to rise up and control the men, and to win matriarchal power from the household to the national government, then..., perhaps..., dividing the men off from each other, into single 2-parent households, under the control and hexes of the female, that is how they could most effectively destroy any strong bond between the males, in armies, and the males' want and discipline enough to hold fast and to the death for the best, most honest, most noble laws, and they would all be totally destroyed.

Pretty-much exactly how the world has declined over the last ooooow? 4,000 years?

So..., we blame the bankers for their clearly evil rules on what qualifies us to buy land, or a home, and on usury, etc., but is it possible that that is but the shopfront of an wholly more divisive and psychotic power-mongering plan by the “weaker sex” to dominate Righteous and otherwise Noble males?

Probably not. But there is no doubt that the bitches have used this essentially evil “Templar's” banking and interest rate structure to their advantage, to the cost of the freedoms and integrity of the blokes.

So....? From where I sit, if the ALP, getting back to the ALP (remember the ALP?), are serious about correcting the awry structures we lamely call government, ie., including parliament, then short of a bloody and endless revolution, they should be going for the jugular of the whole structure of the western religious doctrines of marriage, of families, of the tragedy of nuclear families, of everything indoctrination that grow kids to believe the samesame BOOOLLSHSHIT, and that we really should change, to something like, giving EVERYONE the First Principles of secure lives and Agrarian Livelihoods.

Not in 5 years.


It starts at the top.

Can Gillard do that?

Can Crean?

Can Rudd?

Can Abbott or Turnbull?

Can any "party" on offer?

Clearly, no!

So, what do we have passed September 14, but an ever-worsening culture, and an evermore useless species.

Good on yer Zion!

Perhaps our only saving team is on the crossbenches, where these dated and now draconian party ideologies do not force silence on some of the more crucial issues they all are actually there to confront and cure?

Again, I say it, that any REALPoliticians in parliament are obliged to move to the crossbench, and seek in the most honorable way, to dissolve the pernicious grip the two main party groups - two main OFFSHORE party groups - have on the well-being, the common-weal, of the nation, and of the future.

Other than me throwing these arrows onto the web for your zonefone perusal and plagiarism, you can win more sound ideas from me by giving me an unconditional abode, preferably in rural eastern Victoria, where I can sleep every night without having to concern myself with being harassed, stalked , terrorized, or told I'm not allowed to exist by mentally ill, juvenile, gutless and corrupt coppers, etc, etc.

But, it's all really just a bad bad, realbad..., dream!

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

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