130313 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Truelaw Goodlaw Honestlaw HAHAHAlaw Junction WHAT - MORE CORRUPTION Edition

Got hit by a wannabe dentist or freemason or doctor or some other private schoolie the other day, which crashed my innernet connection, for talking TRUE about their generally deranged lifestyles/work-practices of whatever else I've been completely disrespectful and abusive of, right here on JUST DEFIANCE bloggables.

Played techie for toooo long and solved some of it.

But in meantime, that was in nasty fuckyoutime, I fired up my next to useless Samsung dumbphone with a pissweak recharge connector, and serfed news and fired off the following to about 25 email addresses, merely DEFYING cult preferences of shutting my disgusting blogsite down - OH!  the CIA and or MI6 and or the "...dead god Jews..." other recipients of my toothless foulmouth, all contenders for infecting my webberies.  But ALAS! I'sa back on webnet!

Gee, Thanks Pres!

I know I'm filthy OH!  Every member of the US Congress AND their corporate sponsors wanned to shoot me for a few disgustingly HONEST things I threw at 'em last week too.  

Sorry for being so brutally trootful, Dudes and Dudettes!

But you know what they say about prophets!   Well..., the old Scripture writers in Wise culture places like old old very old China, and India, were heard to say things like

"When a wise man tells you you're a really fucking stupid dickhead, you must bow to him, scrape the ground around his ute, and bless him, give him bounteous offerings and all your money, for he tells you the troot about yourself that no other whitefaced lair has the balls to say, for fear of your tremendous bone-pointing abilities.

Whereas..., the Wise man who shits on your ego, has been there, been shat on by bigger dicks than your slimy deluded selves, and knows the troot, about this life and the next, and that untroot cannot hurt his body his mind or his testicles, now or forever.  

So he persists and buries your ignorgo in poop, knowing that one day, you will be washed clean by the inevitable flood you bring on your self, and will see too-late - the troot about your untroot ego, and corporate mis and mal behavior, and you will, then at last humbled to dust, will come a beggin' for his little toe to kiss and fondle, and wash with your unbridled LUUUURRRRVVV!

Former Detroit mayor convicted of racketeering and extortion

Detroit - there'd be something wrong if the  mayor wasn't convicted!

Irish-American, Catholic Mason. And the obligatory "Zionist".

That's how it works.

Being home to the too-big-to-fail biggest land-distribution corruption megalith - the auto industry - makes it a given.

Time to get religion, cults and private church frats out of politics.

Just Defiance

DERR?  YEAH Justie!  Like it's gonna rain lamingtons tomorrow, aye!