Do Bikers Operate International Pedophile Networks?

130327 JUST DEFIANCE Do Bikers Operate International Pedophile Networks Edition

Fairfax Media's The Age has gotten on the case of Bikies in the police force, as per these 3 links of the last 2 days

'Gloves off' in police battle with bikies

Tue Mar 26 21:08:25 EST 2013

Bikies exploited police 'stupidity': Lay

Wed Mar 27 12:52:00 EST 2013

Bikies infiltrate police

Wed Mar 27 03:00:00 EST 2013

Oooow? I shudder.

Almost as bad as Zionist Jews infiltrating the British establishment and perverting an already deeply perverse elite to believing they can build a false Jesus, back from the tomb?

Almost as bad as Zionist Jews being the first to employ “suicide bombers” across Palestine to undermine the Ottoman Empire, readying the Middle-East for the next 100-plus years of chaos and war?

Almost as bad as the Freemasonic Templars creating the now global banking system and introducing “usury” on every penny until all the world has and all the world knows is unrepayable DEBT, which is actually what money is.

It, money, used to be “credit”. But the Templars, and the Jesuits, y'know, that sinister Catholic sect behind the most disgusting beliefs and practices the world's ever known, or had rammed up kids' arseholes, who some say are actually the ones deep in the Illuminati filth, like the latest Poope, saw a way to make completely unethical profit from people being ever chained to an institution specializing in their being in debt, permanently.

Now, the world, even the upclub white, western, Jewish and Christian 1st world, lurches toward the “fiscal abyss”, the Global Financial Crisis GFC of 2007/08,09-and-on being but the trial-run for, due to the world's most evil organized crime syndicates - principally the Freemasons and Catholics – Jews being the grand masters behind most all of their antics, fighting each other for the spoils of everyone else's wealth, weal and Common well-being, treating the whole pre-apocalypse war as their little game in the big illusion.

Now, because of those couple or three insane tribes of power-mongers, finding how to mass-destroy nature's 6 billion year old balance and Indigenous cultures, in but a few thousand years, at most, the world faces it's premature end – economically, check Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy and their debts, and bankruptcy, not to mention the rest of the 3rd world out of the view of the mainstream media – and ecologically, check the drastic state of the world's oceans, for the rape of the marine life, for the destruction of the delicate marine balance built-up over oooow? about 6 billion years, of the atmosphere, for the rape of the forests and the global natural biodiversity, so effecting the lungs of the Mutha Eartha, and the condition of the soils and run-off acidifying the rivers and oceans, thus the rainfall.

Yeah! Bikies infiltrating the police forces - who for their whole existence as enforcers of the establishment's criminal syndicates' elite rule, protect those exact-same organized crime syndicate establishment elites, their filthy, mind-numbing rich bastard industry moguls and the dross of their education and employment bases – mainstream white, Christian, Jewish and masonic zombies - are groups to clamp down on, for sure?

Then there's the massive amounts of man-made pollution pouring out of every industrialized nation's insane factories and mills – need I go on - about one small, often far far more honorable band of as-oft', ex-war veterans, left to find a crust after war-damage fighting enemies to defend a criminal Jewish, Christian, Masonic elite, seeing that the culture they once fought for, is the crime, and that it is their Duty, as they saw it when they went to warzones and watched mates get it in the neck, to do something to stop or correct the insane out of control industrialization and destruction of the natural world?

Before anyone, shits on some lower class veterans of an ageless war by the elites, against the lower classes, for trying to get some honor into a police force so corrupt as to be sub-human, they would do well to FIRST establish which crime is the precedent, and the largest, and which crime in fact, not in perverted religious cult preference, is what all coppers should be going to war against?

For any media or establishment powerhouse to accuse people left no choice but to resort to crime, still far far less of a crime than the evil wars the same elite created over the last – oooow? 500 years, to 2,000 years – simply to find secure housing for their small families, and food, and work, etc etc, just shows the extent of the corruption extant across the western 1st world.

Then...., OOOO! Then...? We might do well to recall the extent of the perverse pedophilia networks the various Christian, Catholic, Freemason and Jewish cults have built globally over the last – Oooooow? 1,500 years?

The same cults who now race each other, and drag the rest of the world in their wake, down the sewer to Armageddon.

Yeah! Lower Class no-option-criminal Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs trying to arrest the far far far larger organized crime syndicates and child rapist cults, by “infiltrating police forces”, should be made news, and, with SOME Integrity in media, should be shown to be doing something Honorable for the whole of the population, and – even for the spoiled upper class idiots who still want to send their kiddies to private agenda schools.

Also, everyone would do well to realize that a large number of the recent “pedophile Catholic priests” cases, in Australia and the USA, etc etc., would never have made it to court, and that large number of victims might never have been able to “move beyond” the evil grip those perverted upper class cult clerics held them in, psychologically, thus in terms of living an ordinary life, were it not for the Impartial investigations by officers within the police forces, who may have in the least, had sympathies with said OMCs, and their fight for social justice, if not, found the strength to take on the churches and their warped filth.

Yeah! OMCs have known for about 80 years, that the establishment, in the USA, Britain, Eurape, and here in Astrayliar, is really fucking evil, and really fucking sick.

So said OMCs, as said, many members coming back as war vets., from false and evil warzones, or coming from their homelands made into warzones by said Christian, Freemason, Jewish Zionist cults, have learned that the world is being destroyed by the same insane cults, and therefore, those who recognize the need to uphold Honor and Integrity, and to fight the cults of evil, have to be ready to fight hard against them.

So..., the commissioner “Ken Lay” of Victoria Police is actually on the side of the larger international organized crime syndicates when he and his bands of illegal police go hunting Outlaw Motorcycle Club members in their own ranks.

But try convincing him, and his media?

Law, is not law, if it is corrupt.

The mainstream laws have been corrupt in their fundamentals, since the 1808 rum rebellion in Sydney.

So Australia really has not had proper laws since then.

Therefore, anyone who is commissioned to protect the day's laws, is acting criminally.

Therefore, it is the Duty of all patriotic citizens to do what is necessary to arrest the perpetrators and the protectors of the mainstream corruption.

Also, it is the Duty of commissioned officers to do the same.

No offense Commissioner Ken Lay, I believe you do have the best interests of the whole Victorian community in mind.

And, knowing the foreign forces employed to restrict proper laws being instituted, followed and protected by your officers, I also understand the difficulties you face, in addressing the real root of the problems inherent in your commission.

But I also must ask what influences guide your seeing things as you do?

Impartiality is almost impossible in any place of power in this type of nation.

Whether it can play an effective role in such as your position as Commissioner, or not, it is nevertheless, imperative that some of your time is given to it. Otherwise you cannot find and maintain any intellectual balance.

This last week has seen the federal government undergo ructions not dissimilar to the discord within and across the ranks of the Victorian Police Force, and the Victorian government.

Much of them in Canberra, stem from the exposure of corruption in the NSW ALP branches.

That is the same corruption that became the norm once John Macarthur corrupted the process of government in 1808, and is the very same corruption of government and thus of the national economy that creates class economic division, therefore the need for the poor to resort to crime to survive.

And..., to fight against the larger crimes that cause their poverty.

Yeah..., bikies are not the high-class criminals who enjoy classical music concerts at the Melbourne Town hall, or at the Arts Centre on St Kilda Rd.

Most of them don't drink fancy wine from tall crystal glassware, or wear tuxedos on nights out.

And very few of them live in 19th century mansions in Toorak, Vaucluse, or some other high class suburb, paid for by their unearned, inherited wealth, from demonic land speculators of over 120 years ago, who bought or opened banks and lived off other people's bad investments.

And none of the Outlaw bikies ancestors bought their way into government, to perpetuate the heinous corruption until they lived purely off the usury, off the interest.

And none of them were quite wealthy, so, in fact, quite evil, and with that, most of them and their descendants, did not have the freedom to assume an opulent, thus utterly insane lifestyle.

Most Outlaw Motorcycle Clubsters simply can't afford any of that, can't afford to go as insane as those rich pieces of shit you and your jolly soldiers protect.

Most of them are constantly fighting the chaos, to differing extents, your elite upclub scumbuckets have created, perpetuated, profit from, live-off, and force down onto everyone else.

Christian, Freemason, Jewish, and other land-grabbing elites.

They fight with the dark forces brought down on us by the elite with too-much-time-on-their-hands – or, “idle hands do the devil's work!” - that create psychological mayhem in society, so, in their own lives, and across the community they live in.

And you take issue with them because some at least, of them live tormented lives from the effects of being stuck in warzones your elites set-up and perpetuate?

And some, choose consciously, and quite quite Righteously, to reject the common idiocy of today's mainstream bullshit culture.

The term “whatever it takes!” is not theirs. It is the motto of the most powerful and most destructive clans on earth, who rule us all, one way or another.

You cannot look down on the lower class Warriors who adopt the same motto and go to war against the demons of this species, made demonic by those elite psychos.

But..., yours in an unenviable position.

As I've said lately, in regard to the madhouse situation in the federal government, the whole system is rooted, and needs a complete overhaul.

Expecting one or a house full of politicians to effect the necessary corrections is ludicrous, and no number of us seem able to make a dent on the endemic corruption of economics and of the mentalities of our country's peoples.

But, it is nevertheless, the right thing to do.

As I've written, those who shy from such Duties, are insincere, and should not be in politics.

Indeed, they are criminals if they ignore the underlying issues and do nothing but ensure their own superannuation retirement funds and bonuses, etc.

Therefore, as that is what most of our politicians are actually in parliament for, then they should be arrested and interviewed as to their crimes.

That's what coppers are supposed to work to do?

What would Queen Elizabeth say..., and do, were a band of Australian police commissioners to agree to go to our houses of parliament and arrest the MPs?

How many alleged Outlaw Motorcycle Club members, who have allegedly infiltrated our police forces, would do everything they could, to ensure proper process was followed, in such a scenario?

Sorry..? But..., who are the criminals???

It might be said, that all the Australian police commissioners have until September 14th 2013, to DO THEIR DUTY.

But what would I know?

And.., on who's Authority do I issue such orders???

The People's, perhaps?

Getting caught up in the moment, is a devil of a situation, when it blinds us to the longer term, larger issues we must first address, and..., arrest.

It is, nevertheless, the Duty of the Police, and of the government, to be on top of all the issues, short and long term.

Then, to prioritize them, in terms of how serious they are, and their effect, if not addressed in their proper order.

Avoiding the larger crimes, always makes the lesser crimes larger, and worse.

The “lesser crimes”, in total, of the complete breakdown of culture, order, law, and society, have their seeds in the refusal by the authorities, to address in order of priority, the larger crimes.

HUGE calls, no doubt!

No government can do it without a supportive constabulary, and vice-a-versa.

Perhaps your Victorian problem is exacerbated by the last Liberal premier, Ted Bailleau, coming from one of the leading late-19th century land developer-speculators, who owned land banks, stole millions from hard working Victorians, condoned the genocide of my own Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Aborigine Ancestors, and the rest of Victoria's Indigenous Peoples, and bought his way into government, thus setting up the heinous and now endemically corrupt land theft, distribution and wealth structures you have daily to deal with.

So..., I ask once more..., Sorry..? But..., who are the criminals???

For what the outlaw bikies have done to me over the last 20 years, I don't really have much sympathy for them, outside of those I know do have a True Social Justice agenda.

But, having the ability to entertain the “Impartial” perspective, especially in issues around “Law”, defines for me that a blanket condemnatory approach to the small beer Outlaw Motorcycle Club battle surrounding you, has to be placed in perspective, and has to therefore lawfully and as a priority, include the larger crimes being perpetrated by the minute in such as banks, real estate offices, political interest organizations.

If you, and a band of committed and conscientious senior police, and politicians, cannot do that, then you, fail the nation, and, the species.

But..., I unnderstand....

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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