Outlawed To The Wilderness For Labor's Men, But Not Into The Swamp

130322 JUST DEFIANCE Outlawed To The Wilderness For Labor's Men Edition

1st thing to note, is that the females are getting more of their way with Gillard females standing good chances of taking over the resigning Rudd supporter males portfolios.

Not this confirmed misogynists preferred result.

Rudd alleges he'd never stand for PM again without a majority behind him.

Hmmm? The horse has bolted methinks?

It's now doubtful for Gillard to put together a winning team before the election.

Voters do like known names and faces. And a sudden rise in females will scare off the blokes no doubt, what with their and my concerns about a covert matriarchal putsch?

No doubt the Labor women have been doing their thing behind the polls and mustering the femmes to their cause, so it's not unlikely that Gillard now counts on a large increase in pro-matriarchy female voters giving her and the increased female cabinet the ticks on 09/14.

What the resigning blokes intend doing to then, is guesswork.

If they are Rudd supporters to the end, as it appears, then they may be ready to accept a few pointers on the whole leadership fiasco, as put across the Peoples' minds for about 1640 years?

That the leadership thing is a croc, of shit!

As, I'm sure they all know, is the whole political “game”.

So, again, I put it, that if they and any of the WORLD's politicians ARE SERIOUS about delivering the best possible options in and for government, then they'll take the Top Council route, and go Hell for leather to convince Gillard, but of course, the generally disgustingly lame electorates, and Gillard's new cabinet, male and female, to talk straight with the voters, and offer the Top Council option to this croc of leadershippingszzzz.

Too much to ask?

MaaaaayBE? MaaaaayBE NOT!

But, the collective intelligence and experience of Rudd's resigning supporters, is too good to lose, especially over this leadership croc thing.

But more than an otherwise - if this hadn't happened - more of the same from them, opportunity knocks for them to grasp the chance of going for the scientific best option of a Top Council together, with Gillard, and her girls, and to really do something effective to what I think they all do know, is otherwise a lame and downsliding political and governing format.

One means of staying ahead of the opposition, is to be a few steps ahead, in all aspects of government.

There's not a chance any of the Lib/Nats could gather the intellects and the collective power, or the ability to format a Top Council as I, or whomever informs me, scribe here.

I think an ALP-Greens-Indies show of Independent thinking of the highest calibre, to the extent of changing the staid and draconian, clear to all, agenda-ridden old school leadership format to a TC, or a Central Committee if you are brave enough to use old USSR lingo, would totally flummox all opposition, especially the biggest threat to democracy, the Christian lobbyists.

And..., they include of course, the extreme right wing Protestant fundamentalists, their backers the Freemasons, who, really, cannot disagree with me, on all levels of their ideologies and of their conniving and now 150-plus year old schemingzzzzz, no matter how much they profess to be Christian, ie., all for a single smart arse who takes over the whole fucking planet, and even the wilting Israeli Orthodox hard-liners.

Eeeeeevryone knows the political situation eeeevrywhere is in deep doodooz type crisis, and that summits gotto CHANGE.

Rudd knows it, and listening to me on the zonefone or not, he and his sheilas (who was that sheila standing behind Ruddie the last couple of press meets???), know that the science cannot be refuted, and no longer can the collective ignore it, and that, to do and say NOTHING betrays, exposes, their insincerity.

So, as the Great Mark Latham spoke in his campaigning days, it's (paraphrased) our chance to make opportunity out of adversity, whatwith this last two days of ALP inhouse volcanic activity stirring the possums into the daylight.

Ructions, following Mark's line, can flush out a knot otherwise stuck deeper in the machinery.

How much of a reality that leadership knot was, HA! Thanks! Rupert's News International Ltd and Sky churchies!

If the ALP-Greens-Indies can use these zonefonethinks to shake the Zion out of the houses, they'll shatter Abbott's and his bitchings, and they'll win come 09/14, and be Champions across the world.

What's more.., exactly like the real reason why Britain constructed, set-up, the Galipolli massacre of our Diggers in WW1, the current false leadership thing is no more than a hex on all your, and the whole Australian, and “empire's” Demos' approach to good government and to being the full bottle thinkers you actually all are, but hexacious beliefs and forced acceptance of bowing to a false prophet type leader, so destructively debilitates – AND DISTRACTS - each and all of you and us, from taking this government thing to it's proper, and totally natural, yet scientifically proven conclusion. Or extent. Or summit?

God? Which god was that?


So..., whether Julia sees it this way or not....?

Whether any backroom minders and connivers can employ the Impartial, political, Economic Scientific Intellect to reach the same deductions or not......?

But....., methinks methinks, that even “the Terrigals” are not at all beyond seeing this and agreeing?

Were it so, things might well be changing in the branches of the ALP?

How much Rome can humble it's frantic AND DEAD agenda, is another thing...?

And, taking this dramatically reformist view to it's natural conclusion, is to take it to the voters asap, in straight and honest, intelligent and forthright, brave perhaps terms, and is to say that they too are being asked to come along.

Such that they are, for the first time, participating in a real honest to goodness Democratic election.

What will the Jesuits do????

HA! WHO GIVES A.......???!!!

I'd be inclined to believe that President Obama is already there?

And that Israel, is not so confident lately, and may also be happy to agree?

But who knows what Israel thinks...?

Britain as well, politically, is very shaky, and I'd wager the voters there are on the verge of making their displeasure known once more.

This shows great potential over there, in what was not too long ago, a fairly Socialist polity.

Albeit with a monarch????@#$%^????

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw