....And On This Most Solemn Easter Hang-the-Bastard Weekend....!

130330 JUST DEFIANCE And On This Most Solemn Easter Hang-the-Bastard Weekend Edition

'Tis a time for contemplation, dear souls, when we must sit for about fifty years in silence, and in that excruciating SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP-BITCH time, we hope and pray to our lord the ungodly one, for we know now that there is no god, that the fifty years of silence will purge our noisy fucking heads of the 6,000 years of shit the unholiest of unholies lost tribes of Israel have been quietly planting in us, sending us all quite quite insane, until insanity is the norm, and we call it Jewish and Christian culture, amongst other titles.

So let us prey on the militarily-weak, and on the Pure of mind, who knew Good Laws, held pleasingly to by them, and thus knew that to make war with weapons of mass destruction was the devil's work, and, along with constructing false religious and false economic theories to be spread amongst the flocks, and thereafter presumed by their ignorance to be true, right and even holy, were the pathways to an early end.

For we are strong, we of the weakest, insubstantial beliefs and insane superiorist thoughts, we of the Jewish, Catholic, Freemason, and branch-offices' materialist-dysfunction.

Therefore dear souls, it behooves us to behold our lost sanity of untrue beliefs and imaginings, and place our modified, corrupted, sanitized and eloquent versions of it high on pedestals, crosses, pulpits, propaganda, media conferences and advertizing departments, and pray, not forgetting atop the delusional political houses, so that all can be deafened and stupefied by our own confidence-building, ignorant, endless evil shit.

Prey on the weak.

Prey on the weak.

Prey on the weak.

O! Lord of the non-existent, pray that we may be collectively deluded enough to follow your dark folly into the ditch, so that we can become mute and blind and your ever faithful thunderstruck zombies, as long as you strengthen us enough to destroy all truth, that we may sit comfortably on our golden girlie fannies in isolated Hollywood illusions called MY HOUSE, on MY LAND, when all the while we know it is in fact not our land.

O lord, let us prey on the weak?

O lord, let us prey on the Pure?

O lord, let us prey on the True Fellas?

O lord, let us prey on the gold we steal from their soils?

Here endeth this Easter Hang the Bastard Saturday's preach to the dumb-as-dog-shit wicked.

Over the last few..., months, and even years (but hey, since ancient Roman times we can be sure!), a trick has been deployed, especially in our political class and media arguments, of throwing-in, or -up, what are known as “circuit-breakers” and “game-changers”, designed to get the focus off a particular problem plaguing an organization, party or religious cult.

Depending on the timing and sensation-value of them, they can alter the focus enough to allow the public and media and other players, to “move-forward”, to look to other things for their lust for that grand old “new sensation” that fires our otherwise wearied and mundane lives.

The circuit-breaker has been how parties in Australian politrix have saved themselves from death-by-6-million-hits of media haranguing, for longer than most of us realize.

But one outstanding one, which, it might be so, backfired on the deployer, federal ALP MP Simon Crean, was his calling a federal ALP government leadership spill.

Something did have to happen, as that “circuit-breaker” brought on, to stop the BOOOOLLLSHSHSHSHIT taking everyone's time and media space, as we became engrossed in the pre-election campaign. But more so in that sideshow of leadership uncertainty.

So Simon getting his own bullet in the neck or not, it does seem to have worked, albeit that the leadership and popularity of the ALP is still in the swamp.

A swamp filled with and by right wing proopaganda, very little of it factual.

But certainly, news pages now do not headline by the hour with more shit about that actually FALSE leadership division in the federal government.

We can be certain, that at least 120 percent of it was fabricated by the colluding, conspiring criminals in the federal opposition and anti-Catholic media stables, primarily of course, Rupert the Murdererdoch's.

But the same tactic was deployed deftly in another Catholic - as-it-happens proopaganda, publicity-and-power-mongering house in February 2013, when the last Poope, Bendoveranddictus the 16th, took the universe by surprise and quit the big chair.

Woow!? What an excellent trick by the unholiest house of godless trickery, to shock the world's – sorry – the universe's media and anti-Catholic, anti-pedophile beings, away from the endless and most seriously damaging scandals that promised to keep growing and thus destroying the witchcraft-lusting faithful idiots of the white supremacist false god and false prophet Christian belief corporation!

Thus far, the Rat of Rome proved a deft perverter once more, of the public's attention, and their want for a more healthy, honorable, clean and exposed, or open, church.

Added to that, although I've tired of the whole church thing more so since that debacle, so am not following the latest reportage, dramatically-less as it now is, the conclave probably once more, deftly chose an extreme right wing Jesuit, no doubt with deep links to the Illuminati, but with a larger physical presence, inferring that he be less likely to be sneaky and inclined to perversion out of resentment and accentuated desire for more POWER, for any diminutive vertical challenges, as was behind the ambitions of the last Rat of Rome.

So, we and the disgustingly sycophantic Catholic media have been able to focus away from the church's shitful past of arse-fucking children by sick Catholic priests, and thereafter holding the victims in trance-like fear of speaking out, conditioned to perform heinous crimes in “the name of religion”, and worse, “in the name of god”, on a scale which no honorable planet would allow to pass without about a million priests being burned at the stake, after being disemboweled and castrated, ET CETERA, and be tricked – by that old chestnut, the circuit-breaker, to spend all our church-licking time and media pages focusing on how the newest pervert to wear the purple robe and funny hat, wants a “poor church”, et cetera!

Is it mere coincidence that the new Poope looks to the future church being “the poor church”, as the litigation cases against it's filthy power-hungry and sex-mad priesthood drain millions if not billions from it's illgotten coffers?


I DO think he has adopted that line – on advice - as a feeble proopaganda show of humility.

However..., another reason why the last Poope did what might just scrape in as the “moral thing” and resigned, with all the red hats and music and crowds in St Betrayer's Square, through the hugest distraction of hanging off a chimney of white smoke for a NE-EW POOPE!, is that that last Rat of Rome, was going hard as possible, for his own soul's sake, and for the reputation, or advertizing and marketing income of the church, to shift the mounting attention away from the extremely probable FACT, that he, in his time back home with his native clergy in Germany, had a nice and sexy and likely sizable pedophile network raging, and that he, Joseph Ratzinger, won promotion to being Poope Bendover the 16th, for his playing with kiddies balls and promising to keep the big church secret, secret. We are fools to believe a warped institution like the church did not take advantage of the nation being split in two, after world war 2.

From my perspective, all my humor-and-sarcasm-loaded monologue aside, it should not be ignored, by any media or, if they are Genuine – HAHAHAHA! - religious people, that those passed transgressions were precisely why the last Poope jumped ship, and that it – the Poope's resignation - was the foul-church's desperately needed “circuit-breaker” - therefore was as likely not at all solely the pontiff's decision, but was conspired by their “high council” (HAHAHAHA! Shit that makes me laugh!!!) to get the focus off the backsides of their abused children, and those who poked them. Repeatedly.

Neither can any honorable and righteous media ignore the fact that the Catholic church in Ratzinger's homeland of Germany still holds sway over the O! “Christian Democrat-led” government” enough, to have all public inquiries into pedophilia in the German church shut-down.

If that does not signal a massive “guilt-complex” extant within the German clergy, and in fact, that the last Poope was himself a pedophile, and, therefore, that he climbed the clerical ladder to Poopehood by “stepping” on the arses of how many child-victims, then I'm from Alpha Centauri, stand 60 metres tall, bear a “cosmic” “S” on my T-shirt, fly at a zillion miles a second and wear a red cape!


A bizarre and amazingly corrupt world it is, because the Christian world's “Satan”, alleged by some to have been (Germano-Austrian) Adolf Hitler, obviously won the second world war.

For Hitler's Germany, now being the wealthiest European and world nation, wealthy enough to control the GFC and GFC-part-2 handouts to the rest of Eurape, direct all austerity measures being imposed on the lower-middle classes within the EU, and quite possibly, has the say on whether the utterly spiritually, and economically we expect, bankrupt Catholic church is allowed to silence inquiries into that nation's child-predator priesthood?

This cannot mean anything other than the oligarchs prey on the church's “faithful”, that the church condones it, by accepting the bribes, and that if media pursued the pedophile priest cases in Germany, to court and compensation, the whole Catholic, and quite possibly by it's undeniable link to all other so-called “Christian” religious cults, would be sent completely financially bankrupt.

Not to mention the yet to be awarded compensation to the abused, which may well be enough to make the whole foul church the new Poope's desired “poor church”.

Like right wing politicians like doing to public land and property, we might pray for the day in the near future, when the church has to flog off the land and improvements beneath and in the territory known as the Vatican, to pay the yet assessed damages claims, and to just keep their few remaining church's open?

Even just as tourist attractions.

NOT – a bad thing, all things considered!
So..., Let us prey, dear True Fella, Realistic Atheists!

Let us prey? All Descaled Scientists not of the dark, medieval, superstitious, ignorance-based tomfoolery!

An appropriate insert, off a doco on www.TheAgeTV.com.au or such, taken from a reputable dictionary, is the definition of, “a cult”

...cult: (n) a quasi-religious organization using devious psychological techniques to gain and control adherents.”

In modern, True-Talking terms, the Jewish, Christian, and Freemason Zionists!

Why..., were there actually a god of truth, or for the scientists, a God of FACTS (a-HUM!? GoF?), we might even pray to Herim, or to Himer, that the most evil deceit ever drafted and dropped upon the flockers..., of Jesus coming back from the tomb, to take command of the whole of the planet, as conspired by the Catholic and Freemason and Jewish, Zionist elite, is finally brought out into the open, and the poor bastard child, ME! ...chosen to be their fall-guy, … is finally compensated, and given at last, a home to live in, with a kitchen, loungeroom, CHAIRS, a shower, toilet and A FRIDGE! And, lots of private acres surrounding a humble abode, free of perverts, stalkers and BOOOOLLSHSHSHSH-IT coppers!

But ooooh! NOOOO...,Justie! Yee haveth to SUFFA, BITCH, for all the jealous, developmentally retarded rich whiteguys turned into subhumans by O! The fucking Christian churches!!!

Sorry for that little outburst of personal FACTS!

Let us prey-er-PRAY it doth not distract us from bringing the most corrupt cults, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Freemason and all branch offices to JUSTICE, and that they be rightly disempowered forever and a few thousand years henceforth?

O Yay! Yee Faithful?

Let us pray!

As for Astrayliar's Catholic leading pedophile Cardinal George Pell, assertively broadcasting yesserday (Easter Friday) to the media flockers that “Jesus has arisen!” (or was it “returned”), and as it cannot be denied that he was referring to one homeless sucker, aka...., I challenge the demented prick to speak a lot more honestly, if that's possible, and put the poor bastard's name to his verbosity, then to make a complete and honest full apology with monetary COMPENSATION IN THE TENS-OF-MILLIONS OF BRITISH POUNDS-STERLING..., for leaving me 18-to-58 years at the mercy of every blind and bewitched moron, who'd heard the false rumors and often traveled thousands of kilometres to curse hex vex and shit on me!

O Yaye! Let us pray.....!

Happy Easter Hang the Bastard Sunday, Zombies of Christ!



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