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130329 JUST DEFIANCE Leaping Electronicalisms Edition

Scientists develop biological transistor that can command living cells

The Verge March 28, 2013 05:34 pm

Easter Hang-the-Bastard Friday

Now this, having not red it twice to see what it does say, has big potential, to my one-read mind! I threw the comments below to The Verge article page, and some, after a few minutes more thinking on it.

But..., as the mind is prone to overthink, it nevertheless has to be considered, being the overthink philosopher I pretend to be, that such a leap - to connecting micro-cum-nano-electronics with the biological realms - is but the par-excellence step that organic, evolving life, combined with highly developed Intelligence, which some, usually narcissistic egomaniacs, suffering anthropocentric delusions of grandeur, often presume Humans lead the universe in, is in fact the obvious and perhaps even natural progression life itself is destined to make?

MaaaayBE? Maaaaybe NOT?

Of course, there might well also be the danger of this science taking us, or our future clones, into the horror-future as depicted in the terrifying future robots that come back to our piddling pre-apocalypse time, as in big Arnie's “Terminator 1, 2, & 3” Hollywood blockbusters (WHERE'S ME ROYALTIES ARNIE!?!?!?!?$%^&!?!?!? I'm the real-life “John Connor”, see?) and end by destroying the old organic species?

But, the present epoch of our own, assuming they ARE our own, and not all aliens, are going gangbusters at rooting the planet's organics anyway!

Begging of course, the question,

“Is life on earth, with or without the current models of Humans, gonna be better or worse off with us turning into biobots?

The answer may well be “Yes! We are making a better species than what we are now!”

But, present bitternesses aside, that is being too general, because lots of us are in fact still really fabulous creatures.

BEGGING THE QVESTIONNNNnnn...., of course,

“How do we expunge the bad apples – I DIDN'T SAY JEWS! - from the global mix?

Zo! Here's my comment to The Verge article linked atop in their title....,


A? Yeah! Can I volunteer to be a (computer) crash test dumbie?

I’m already a dumbie, and at 58, are near needing new bits, or repaired ones.

Howvaaar! Media makes small leaps huge in our minds.

Yeah! Keep researching and developing, f’sure!

But even once it’s tested and on the market, what percentage of the species will be in reach? No doubt, millions and more could benefit if health issues can be resolved this way, but we probably must expect a 40-to-60 year gap from now until it comes close to well known? (But, what do I know?)

Being tired of the species, for a peculiar life in a more peculiar country (a severely retarded Christian Astrayliar!), the thought of humans becoming bionic once offended me.

But now, the idea, were it applicable on large scales, tested to not turn into “I, Robot” or “Real Humans” scenarios, appeals, especially if these initial creations can grow to enhance a post-biology-only type, while still having the intellectual, thus moral and ethical functions of we humble ones.

If it is as good as first hoped, and suggested, perhaps governments are better shifting funds from military development and arming, to this?

AaaaanD..., mainstream media henceforth RACE to get an "exclusive" on this scientific leap news!   

NOTE to "The Verge"!  SUE 'EM, if they claim their report as an exclusive!  Wanna share the payout?

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