Wrote and emailed tis this morning, hoping (HAHAHAHAHA!) for a bit of Honor from Australia's disgustingly ignorant retail world.

Is it something to note that while I was posting this and the previous blog, both basically about large order, global CORRUPTION, things went funny in my text-writing software an' I had-ta' reload it?????


In December of 2011, I bought from your Gympie "Centro" store a Samsung Gio GT-S5660V smartphone, for $149.00.

I also bought at the same time, a "Virgin" wireless broadband dongle.

The dongle has worked fine, and I find the Virgin network a good system.

However, as for the Samsung Gio, I find it has been little more than a let-down.

Too many problems to recall, since purchased, to recount here, and, since December last, before the 12 month warranty expired, the "USB connection lead" failed.

I resorted to using the 240 volt power recharge unit, because the main use for the USB lead was for recharging the battery.

However, as of the last 2 weeks or so, that 240 volt connection has failed also, so I cannot recharge the phone at all.

From what I can discern, the USB lead has a broken wire or wires at the "phone end".

But the problem for the 240 volt power supply seems actually to be within the connection socket of the phone itself.

As I suffer from a reputation of being a leading political and religious dissident globally, and as the forces involved insist I am not allowed to speak of this, nor have others admit to knowing it, I now endure a severe case of PTSDD, "Post traumatic Stress, Dissociative Disorder".

Because of this, I cannot, and as well, refuse to enter such premises as your "Centro" shopping complex.  The same applies to traveling to and entering the likes of post offices, etc.

So...?  What can we do to 1stly replace, or repair this sad little smartphone, at no expense to myself?

Were I able, I would've returned the USB lead while it was still covered by the warranty.  Although I expect it is not.

Being the person I am, these "problematic" things and issues are within the fields of inquiry and policy-formation for national and larger governments, I specialize in.

I, in fact, am not "poor", but am forced into an abject situation for egoistic fools who regard my stature, and reputation, as illegitimate.

Thus, were I free to access my wealth, I would not have such a low quality phone.  Nor, would I have to "go shopping" - period.

Nevertheless, stuck, I persist with the essentials.

This brings me to mention an "issue" I find of relevance to this Samsung phone, which applies to most of the product all telcos and retailers sell.


In the Honest Analysis, Allphones, and all kindred retailers, sell products that fall fully into the wholesale category of manufacturers, importers and thus yourselves as retailers, "product dumping". 

Where the equipment is purchased and imported, not for any quality, but purely for an unforgivable, immoral "profit-motive", where quality is kept at an absolute minimum, and, as my smartphone leads and terminal exemplify, are made not to last, but, in exact line with the "planned obsolescence" agenda of large manufacturers of consumer products, are designed to fail as soon as they can "get away with".

This is the lowest a culture can go, for every reason, and, in fact, makes all parties in the chain from manufacture to retailer, culpable of criminal neglect, in many legal categories.

However, I'm not so deluded to think that you, me, your "Allphones'" management, nor even an whole industry, are capable of cleaning-up this curse. For it is larger than the sum of the parts, as it were.

However, amongst the endless list of issues I do communicate to governments, here and abroad, "product dumping" is on my agenda, and this issue between your retailer and myself will be referred to.

For as you know, it is a prime example of the plethora of culturally, thus individually, degrading issues the whole of the species must deal with.

For my aforementioned "disability" to even talk with people, if you can offer a suggestion as to whether my phone can be replaced - I'm assuming they are not repaired - at no cost to myself, but replaced with a product not prone to failure and such poor performance as this one has, or have some other suggestion, can you please email your, or your management's thoughts to this email address.

Thank you,

Max N Cook

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