US Sequester cuts to medicare & social security has a sound cause

130309 JUST DEFIANCE Bad Culture Creates Need For Unsustainable Healthcare, Etc Edition

The World Socialist Web Site had this article up.  So I flung my thung back to it.

The WSWS articles title differs some, to this...

Medicare - the masses need medicare and all periphery medicals because, for generations, they've been conned to put health after idiotic things like "taste", in their daily diets.

Conned also into blithely adopting autos over safer & cleaner modes of transport.

So they believe they need all the medical & surgical skills, equipment, techniques etc., always available.


Yes the masses are powerless to demand the actual best social, cultural, ecological & demographic life support systems, on the national & cultural levels.

But, 1st priority has to be to secure not the best tasting "restaurant" foods, but the known, proven, healthiest foods.

This extends beyond the physical into the best mental diets.

While the masses are dumbed-down - not by government, but by CRAPitalism's insane "golden calf tribe" profiteers - kept ignorant of how they must live - Agrarian Communism - they expose themselves to market-governed culture.

Thus, profits in bad physical and mental foods abound, making the lot of them perpetually ill.

Because tyranny rules the all-powerful marketplace, no matter what Congress - all at the top end of aforesaid dietary ignorance - or Community Advocates try, the insane agri-&-foods industries subvert all aspects of teaching and opening opportunities for the US masses to best aid themselves, with healthy mind and body diets.

Michelle & daughters Obama's 1st act in the Whitehouse was starting an Organic vegie garden! So he too knew these basics are or should be primary.

But with ceaseless advert and banker pressure to eat maccas or, AND KFC etcer-yuk, to be seen to fit in, and the dumbed addiction in every bun to "HMMM! Nice!", with genuinely healthy AND tasty Organic foods out of area and price reach - the masses have to learn the hard way.

That most in Congress are either still unawares of healthy diet's primacy, & or are themselves profiteers from corporate pharma - food additives - or agri-corp or BAD demographic, ecological and cultural design, keeps them mute & unable to get Righteous and DEMAND total Ecological, Economic & Demographic Reforms so the Masses have the chance to live in ways avoiding the medical industry's knives.

Obama knows that, & would take the knife to the excessors of crapitalism. But the corporate Republicans are scared shitless of going without their handsome profits, for the good of all Americans.

Not mention what he and others know would, from genuine "Ecolo-Econo-Demo-graphic" corrections, do for the rest of the planet!

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