Sequester Add Sequester

130304 JUST DEFIANCE Sequester Add Sequester Edition

Strikes me that the US “sequester” concerns have been there a long time.

Because of the power of multinationals to blackmail governments to keep the flow UP to their executives, as usual, at the cost of the lowest levels of society, nothing has changed in western ideologically run economies since the days of Babylon.

The rich control the military, the acquisition of weapons and raw materials, the “donations” to their preferred governments, from a place so far above the masses, perhaps more now than the ancient monarchs and pharaohs, that the lesser classes don't stand a chance but to acquiesce or go down struggling, protesting, fighting, starving and dying.

Nothing changes. Callous disregard is the natural approach, after attaining that “critical mass” of club, cult, organizational, familial, or personal wealth, over a point where your wealth cannot but make more wealth.

While you prescribe to the ideals and ruthless manners of that hyper-elite, you're safe. If you show any dissent, such as consideration for anyone outside of your class, or way up there, your hyper-elite cult, dangers are you'll be cut out, and fall to die ignominiously in a backstreet gutter.

As I scribed in a blogpost a few months back (www.maxearth.blogspot) all things and species have their limits.

Ours, humanity's, is the planet's resources, I guess?

Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination” was the title to that blog.

If the planet does not go through a total ecological collapse, the elite probably will survive, though for their extreme, indeed, genetic intellectual dysfunction, it's hard to see them lasting their own intra-elite “drone-wars”, or outright intercontinental ballistic nuclear war, or such.

And even then, the weight of what they've done, if some majority of us are killed – 3, 4, 5, or more billion, will press so heavily upon their minds, that they'll be driven suicidally insane.

As is happening everywhere now, the elite are stretching the final days out as long as they can, letting the lot of us down as gently as possible.

As they manage the implosion of available money, of available debt, they at-once secure their own, with the rocketing of outright theft, of resources – arable land for one - and vital fuel resources – etc., and, I'm sure, covert acquisition of war-power - and let the poor decline by starvation and infighting, malnutrition and social dysfunction, increased desperation and disorganization, totally out of reach of effective, mass assistance, by media, or any Unions.

They would call it “natural attrition” at a guesstimate?

Those of us who are within sight and sound of the larger far-away events, such as the massive austerities most lower class Eurapeans, Americans, British and less-so, here in Australia, face now, for our 1st world status thus, of having these deluxe, luxurious technologies, are as likely to be like the Norwegian Andes Breivik called us, “keyboard warriors”, if we are driven to be concerned, doing the virtual bitch, but in fact achieving little more than stroking our own egos, for our prowess with words.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of 1st worlders, are so stunned by the horrors OUT THERE! and as likely are so frightened by it, and by the forecasts of the future, that they retreat into their ever smaller social circles, laughing their way through the days and nights, mainly for their lack of intellectual equipment to weigh assess and discern any other path.

Getting tough”, is popular, with fitness, or obesity, or both, preparing them, so they think, for the beginning of the end.

The masses who are aware of the pending “GFC part 2” have been so scattered by the elites, that it's pretty much now impossible to expect them/us to “rise-up”.

Buddha help anyone who thinks they can raise a “people's army” to secure some turf or food or freedom rights once the fall comes to their nation, or neighborhood.

It's hard not to see a “free-for-all” when the supermarkets shut, when there's food only for the friends of the bighouse bastards, when we have to wipe our arses with our fingers.

So...? Sequester Add Sequester!

The rude facts are that “workers” as much as the elite psychos, of every westernized nation have simply over-consumed.

The lifestyle is completely untenable, and, these austerities and this US government's “sequestration”, hitting the poorest first, of course, is the only way any of the ruling elites can administer the facts – we've been living too high a life.

Some 3, 3.5, perhaps even some 4 billion of us, have been persuaded, hypnotized is another word for it, to desire the excessive marketed lifestyles of New Yorkers, West Coasters', everywhere the travel videos can sell a resort.

So it's not just those of the 1st world – from every nation now - who have, who have been able to fool themselves for a weekend, a fortnight or for a 3 year sabbatical on a tropical island, on a retirement round the world trip, for traveling “O-S” for a choice and trendy job for a few years, who've blatantly overdosed on utterly demented excess, it's the masses of rising-classes, the “aspirationals” who see it on tele, and are sucked right in, thereafter going gangbusters to save enough to waste it and themselves somewhere exotic, luxurious, fancy or, as often, not home.

Simply unsustainable!

But can Obama make it clear to the 200, 250 million spoiled Americans who've assumed being relatively top of the 1st world wealth pyramid can never end, that, they really, really, really, have to.., more dramatically than ever, CHANGE?

I mean, not just changing your vote. Not just scaling back on your shopping. Not just buying a smaller car.


I mean, as Obama has always known, that the whole trend right around the planet, has to REALLY FUCKING CHANGE..., ANNNND..., IN A HURRY!!!!!!!

But, will the mainstream western media go the distance and really put it to the masses that they'd ALLLLL better STOP eating fucking pizza, KFC, maccas, and that they really really REALLY must get out of their fucking autos FOREVER, and take to bicycles, walking, or the scoots of course,?


There's such a loooong list of DON'Ts ANYMORE or..., DON'T ANYMOREs..., to bother trying to write here.

Annnnd, because the masses, rich and 3rd world, white black brindle, are so off the track of how to actually live - GOOD ONE YER GOLDEN CALF JEWS!! - no manner of telling them how to avoid Armageddon is gonna get through their plastic armor and prescription medication, enough to have them drop their fascinations with shite, and clean out their mental attics so that they can actually be social, in community living, to reduce domestic consumption by the required 80 to 90 % of today's waste, and to reform their every-fucking-things – work-rest-and-masturbation, to reduce their consumption by the same 80 to 90%, so the planet, and the future, actually has a chance of self-remedying, while at the same time increasing their actual useful productivity, of the essentials - food and a roof, laughter and RESPECT, by at least 60 to 80%, so the global economy has the chance to recompose, to rebalance itself.

So.., Yeah! SHIT Yeah!

Austerities and sequestrations is a serious worry, and is the preview of the precursor to ArmaNOTgettin ANY tucker.

Let alone deodorant, toilet paper, shampoo, gel, toothpaste, flosssss.., smartphones, wireless connectivity, gamesgamesgamesgames, petrol, diesel, tyres, maccas, KFC, or even fish an' chips!

Annnd, assault rifles!

But..., as one Labor PM said in a dress rehearsal, some years ago.... “It's the recession we had to have!

Better get used to wiping with your left hand, kiddies!

Chances are, you'll be someone's tucker, one day in the not tooo distant....??

So..? “Whatchayagunna DOOO... on the planet today...!?”


What d'ya call..., a...... lazy fat-arsed, over-consuming, self-interested CAPO?

“Target practice................” plop!


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