130308 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Friday News-Blast Edition

130308 JUST DEFIANCE Outlaw Junction Friday News-Blast Edition

O Goodness gracious garbage and gaffour!

So much happening in Astrayliarn and global news I just can be bothered – er – keep up!

A Liberal Party Victoria incorporated, that state's dominant organized crime syndicate, operating out of about 60 Collins Street, known as
“The Melbourne Club”, scandal of stolen land inherited wealth, 19
th century dynastic tall guy, big Ted Bailleu being shoved out of the premiers throne, because he really didn't know what he was doing there, no different to the “Lords of Sick” inherited wealth sitting in the British House of Lords, a dissident Liberal by name “Jeff or Geoff Shaw” breaking ranks in the same southern state of offshore colony-corruption houses of parliament, by exiting the Liberals and moving as an Independent on the cross bench.

An “interesting” maneuver no doubt? Not of course incited by one JUST DEFIANCE's REALPolitik analysis of what the ex-prime minister ALP showboat big Kev-the-Rev Rudd should do ASAP, in the big pithouse of Canberra, no?

Why should he do that?

Well..., who's to say the Shaw fella in Victoria isn't angling for the big chair down there down-under-down-under the New South border, whatwith the Liberals sitting on razorblades, with but a one seat majority, and with the new Bailleau replacement - ANOTHER UNELECTED manager of government – Mr Napthine shitting bricks that Shaw's middle power seat on the cross bench puts Shaw in that envied position of controlling the whole sheebang, by demanding both sides sleaze up his trouser leg by the hourly phonecalls, trying to keep or win his favor?

Who's to say Shaw isn't placing himself in that posie, because he's just another egomaniac starved of power, and, seeing his chance, grabbed it?

Why..., were he of the cunning, he might well be able to manipulate Napthine and the other side's leader into something of a 1930's Germany Hitlerian blackmail deal, and forcing the lot of them to give him the big seat?


But he hasn't, to my knowledge, been raising an army in rural Prictoria, so he's likely to have neither plans or hopes.


That debacle over leaders, is no different to the same ISHOOOzzz everywhere else the dark dog designated “Democracy” wakes up and starts barking.

Canberra for one!

Ruddie seems to have killed the hounds of media, er, the chooks of media inciting a leadership challenge in the federal ALP, even though, deftly, the PM of the Gillard has used subterfuge and “Community chat shows” in suburban western Sinny to distract from her appalling popularity ishooooz.

No matter that those “Rooty Hill” type publicity campaigns have shown the locals have no hesitation in protesting their disfavor with her.

It does seem Ruddie still has the favor of us, on the left, and in the most personal confidence, on the right as well, to be the bloke who should lead the federated colonies.

While he might be both threatened and bruised so much as to be put right off ever wanting the big chair stolen from him by Gina Rhinoss, Clive Mrs Palmer, Andrew deForrest, and the offshore minerals mining banking consortia with Chinese resource plunderers keeping “ma-ma” or is it “meme” - “mum” in Chinese - the question of whether he and his Catholic nunnery advisers do actually still contemplate how or whether he does have the best interests of all Aussies in mind and heart, lingers in my thinktank at least?

Because..., if they do, then the Jeff-Geoff Shaw move onto the power-heart parliamentary cross bench must be worthy of more conniving!

I know, for my ability to fly through the mindstuff and elicit yes-or-no feelings from the nation's current Independents on such topics, that certain Indies-of-the-crossies, see an whole lot of Wisdom in a Rudder in the Middle of the ship of state change-of-gear.

But, their ectoplasm stresses to mine, 'he gotto proclaim he's really really goin' there, to stay!'

Aside, as an aside, from them all – them-of-the-crossbench – all rising to the New Day Affair had for the briefest pre-election wishlist over the Pacific in the Untied States of America, of Pre-President Obama, trying with all his shaman to wake-up the People enough to dispel the hexacious false prophet garbage of – one – leader – to – rule – the – WHOLE FECKING WORLD, SAMMY!

Annnnnd – by Beginning the Formation of a Top Council of Governors National, who sneeze the hex from the nostrils, of 'parties' and 'plans' from olde Englandenenen to build false democracies – with WHAAAAH!?#$%^??? - a – as-in-ONE – single – autocratic-self-assuming-pontificate-head-of-body-state-and-all-politickles!?$%^&????? Tyrant!

Perpetuating the aside – mad semantics aside – IF – we – as – a – distinct – and – Intelligent – species -do - GIVE – A – FRUITY – LEXIA – ABOUT – our wunnerfully liberating Democracy thing, then it's time time TIME we stepped up to the plate and or to the CHALLENGE or summit, AS A COLLECTIVE – which, as-it-happens, is what Democracy is actually all about - and dropped these disastrously dumb delusions about having LEADERS climbing LADDERS to ego their advertizing company as better than the rest. Better than all the thinking Peoples' Representatives who hate the game of lobbying for one egomaniac to front the less charismatic ones.

That paragraph does make sense, actually.

Leaders and the underlying models of promotion, be-they in public or private, corporate life, serve the devil and only eventuate with the whole lot of us – IN THE DITCH!

Annnnnd! THAT paragraph makes sense also!

Ergo – the 21st century!!!! Preceded, if we were blind but prior to 13 years ago – by the 20th fucking century!!!!

And whence cameth all this parabolic farceality, Grasssmoker?

O! How abouteth olde Rome?

Annnnnd..., waay backeth to before the scribes-de-bible started editing the simple truths from the minds of the flockers?

Some mayhap to have onceth called themeth the “golden calveth tribers”? In Aramaic, or earlier Hebrew, of courseth!!

So..., back to the Formation, and again to the crossbenchers leaping out of the mystic and into the scientific reality of forming a Top Council of exceedingly clever – and – exceedingly Sincere - Independents – essentially holding the rest of the knee-jerkers to – take-your-pick – ransom – any other preferred word – but more Powerfully Righteously - to account, and in exposing the vast majority of luscious pension-seekers as being luscious pension-seekers with fame and egomania to boot their careers into any offshore portfolio of their choice.

Naturally, though there may be some reservations as to, those Wisest of the Elect Indies, favor for the blonde-haired-blue-eyed-Catholic, they do see great possibilities of a Ruddie in the middle-power seats in Canberra.

The shithole on the hill down there is in need of a new potty, no doubt!

Were Rudd to “Man-Up” ooow! A big call from the forests, not far from his multimillion dollar hometown ranch, and leap gracefully out of the detritus of ALP Catholic matriarchal girlie politricks, boldly going where no welded-on Laborite has gone before (something I cannot confirm as true!), to sit as an Independent on the Middle-Power (I can hear bells ringing?!?!) cross benches, and were he to steer his lifeboat through the guaranteed tempestuous storm cungered by the dark men and woemen of the ISO-ILO-Jesuits-Illuminati-cum-Sydney Rum Clubsters organized crime syndicate, cast down upon him for DESERTING the slowly slowly sinking ship, with the evil eye-of-the-storm just to the far right of his floaties, with a bit of trick chattery of the Power-Talk-kind, with his new Middle-Power cross benchers, Greens, and the Indispensable Three Amigos, he, NOT – as the messiah, just the note-carrier for the Formation, could organize something rather fantabulous!

What other stuff they'd have to manipulate, that I have no insight nor mindstuff divination of, like convincing certain popular other-side entities to dump the heroin parties and join the Formation in the Middle, or some dangerously unpopular – PERHAPS!!??? - denunciation of religion and cult delusions in politics, that-is – IN ECONOMICS – probably has to be discussed behind closed undisclosed location doors.

BUT! To my out there, SUPER DISSIDENT, cum HERETICAL, cum TRUELAW OUTLAW – JUST fucking DEFYING EVERYTHING point of deductionzzzz, IF..., any of them are there for more than their nice-little-earner retirement packages and super funds, and DO have a few Wise Ones close at hand to urge Honor, Dignity, Courage, Integrity and the other HUMAN BEING-type stuff, then...., that Middle Power Cross Bench, does have considerable Merit!

Damn the ISO-ILO-IMF-Catholic-Freemason-Zionist-Israel corruption parties and generally-world war Armageddon shite! (?)

Those Dudes, I refer to, the Three Amigos, and all Ecological, Economic and Demographic Science Wise Fellows, along with a rising quotient of similar Intellects in other nations' parliaments, are only too aware that those points I identify but one, two, three and more paragraphs above, are pertinent concerns for all to address, and they no doubt, pop a few sleepers nightly to forget them, for a few zzzzeds!

But HELLO!?!?!

Threats by aliens running around in the heads of US administration, CIA, MI6, Mossat and military lawyers, Powell's “fucking psychos”, of silencing dissent and all Honorable media, only mess with your heads if you persist and follow the dogma of – umm....? Catholic dreaming, “lost tribes of wandering Jews” with serious bitching ISHOOzzzz, and the kiddie-brained imbeciles who cannot stop wanting MORE MORE MORE plastic in their technology-centred lives and spouses, of the undead “golden calf tribes” Moses thought he and Aaron stomped back in the Sinai!

Dickbrained and deadly dogma of terminally flawed models of leadership!

Israel has really, underneath the massive distractions of Syria and other Jerusalem centred chaos, fallen to pieces, and cannot uphold it's facade for much longer. Even in the Orthodox monasteries in the Holy city, faith has taken a hit, and has the old wall headbangers mumbling to themselves whether they are in fact that ugly as to never find a nice sheila to keep their urges calm at night, over the walled dungeons of dead ideology and megalomania.

Keep the dreadlocks, funny hats and cloaks Dudes, and YES! Ugliness is your father's name!

The USA is sequestering it's way into the next global financial austerity session-cum-century, as are the white comfy-fanny states of Eurape and Brutane, and EVERYONE is asking why they've let the greedy morons on top of the pile, the scum on top of the pool, lead them into the bog?

Rome is shaking all over with a vacancy no-one really wants to fill, aside from filling it with volcanic molten lava, all parliaments are slipping closer to the abyss, and media, dog media, no-balls media, from no-balls-moguls down, try to fool us that everything's WHAAAH!?#$%^&!?

Wall Street hits it's highest figures since the last property bubble crash of..., O....? '07....., which should warn more than a few of us that, bubbles burst, and have since Babylon invented soap. And a market governed economy.

So we are smarter than yer av'rage bear if we ready ourselves for the GFC part 2!

And what will be this'ns outcome?

O? Auto makers, realtors, bankers, CEOs of course, will plead with the remaining governments that if they don't fund them MORE, so newsnews, the CEOs can walk away with zillions more, once more, they'll phone their media mogul cronies to blacken the names and private businesses of all governing parties, so the fascists walk into power next election, and any choice and chance of the masses will never be seen again!

And..., newsnews...., of the THEIR ABC kind, reports that Australia has a LAND SHORTAGE for housing?!?!%^$%^&!!!!!!!??????

Ho – ho – ho – ho - ho – ho – ho - ho – ho – ho - ho – ho – ho - ho – ho – ho - ho – ho – ho -!!!!!!!!!!

And.........., nancy Abbott, prime miniature-in-waiting of the Liberal pro-British heroin party kind, gives the girls and gays the dainty wave of “I'm your super-sensitive frweeeend! hungering for their idiocy, so he can be the biggest ego in the toilet come September 14th!

Zo! Vat doss..., a True Fella DO?

Take the leap into the unknown! Void all passed delusions of loyalty! Seek the Purity of the Formation!

And that's only advice for one humble, bruised yet just quietly, still fuming, firey, determined anti-class Warrior for a Healthier, Wealthier and Wise Democratic Intelligent Republic of Australia, Kevin Turnbull – ER? - RUDD!

Set the dingo amongst the pigeons!

Scatter the patronizers!

Sik the sycophants!

Send both Houses into hitherto-before never seen UPROAR!

Make the churchie-boyz-and-gerlz media EARN their incomes!

Teach the world how to sing!

Masters of Middle-Power REALPolitiks – ER – REAL-Economiks!

Meanwhile..., oop north a ways....,

The Chinese Communist Party hard-left Apparatchiks are regrouping as the new Zhonguo President Ping takes the Big Red Bat.

Behind closed Emperor's palace doors the Elders have always known that CRAPitalism cannot be sustained, and that eventually, Communist Laws must rise again.”

As the wasteful western world of wankers finds their running out of steamen, and that corporate greed CAN be addressed, simply by re-educating the courts and lawyers and judges that Intelligence and Honor DOES matter, and that with that rarefied faculty, and it's Divined approach to Law, extinct in other quarters of finance and money-grabbing, Wisdom and really healthy, lasting TRUE Land Laws are the only means by which we, all of we, and all of them, can find that long secreted thing called HAPPINESS!

And national, global, ecological and personal psychological STABILITY!

North Korea's Brother Number One President Kim Jong Un agrees, and shows his scientific certainty with a nuclear test display, setting the Korean Dingos amongst the US dollar-drugged Oriental pigeons into their usual bird-cage frenzy.

Back down the pipe in Astrayliar, sports-fans and players are negotiating -with the usual blackmail and bribe's affairs - higher ticket-prices and wages to keep the ENORMOUS game-fixing scandals out of their fridges, and out of their local prisons.

DRUGS IN SPORT! – MORE SHOCKING REPORTS! Sponsored by your local offshore media tycoons making squillions from their sports channels, to stop the pages being filled instead with THE FACTS ABOUT game-fixing-game-fixing-game-FIXING-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-FIXING......


'And the CEO of the AFL, in a joint news conference with the CEO of the URL, and the ABL and the WWW and the WTF, sitting next to the Murdoch media thugs and make-a-billion spokesmen, said tonight that “we have been unable to find any trace of game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing, O? Did I say game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing, I meant DRUG ABUSE in the clubroomszzzzzz......, or in any senior management levels of our Pure, sweet and loving game/gamezzz.

'Any suggestions', he went on.., 'by JUST DEFIANCE JUST DEFIANCE JUST DEFIANCE JUST DEFIANCE, that game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing-game-fixing is prevalent, are probably true, but we're not here for the truth!

Like all murderers of economic FACTS, we're here to lie through our teeth and keep the aliens happy. O! And our stupidly rich private school sporting heroes and upclub realtors, advertizing moguls and drug-runners-ER-bankers.

But...., as the mighty Murdoch talking-heads know, it just a game – fix!

No different to federal and state parliaments.., really!

The qvestion on all sports-fans lips is....

Can Kev, wearing his famous number '07 guernsey , of the last 2 Champion Premiership Teams in the Canberra sports-league, taking the leap out of the clubroom cone of silence and onto the bench of the federal House of Reps Crossies, and in that deft move, entice other Fellow Economic Justice Warriors to leap with him, and make the Collective Enforcement, snap the chair, into little pieces, but out of the hands of either side of guaranteeeeeed defeat for Democracy, out of the delusional Roman Zionist two-sided coin of the “messiah-type leadership fiasco” and lift us all out of the ditch, into the Formation of A Genuine Australian Democratic Republic??????”

Six months and SIX days to gooooow! Until we KNOWWWWWW!

But he..., and more than a few not so loyal-to-the-point-of-collective-disaster Comrades, should have a joint smoke-in and make a firm – OOP! - not a popular word around Sinny's Sussex Street and ICAC foyers lately – a “definite” decision as to which coach does manage to divine the necessary on-field moves....,


Shit I wish I had a smoke!

Damn the hippies!!!

As for the other disasters we know as “news”, like Warrior Private FIRST CLASS Bradley Manning's trial.......,

Someone's got to out the anonymous prosecutors who make the senseless and insane decisions such as pushing for Manning getting a life sentence?

Military or not..., these megalomaniacs trying to put exposed crimes like the now infamous “Collateral Murder” event, and the innumerable other war crimes that Manning's Better Judgment would not let him leave undisclosed, back under the covers, do not qualify as Human Beings, nor as legitimate defenders of anyone.

If these gutless and obviously intellectually-warped US prosecutors are swayed by demonic corporate CRAPitalist ignorance, and zombie public commentators with microphones, to so pervert the course of war, of justice, of Law, and of everything Human Beings MUST hold highest in themselves, then they issue such demons back upon themselves in years, decades, lifetimes to come, as no-one has ever seen.

Being allowed to hide behind whatever they do, and at once blackmailing the President and all Congress, and all law courts, civil and military, into letting such Honorable Warriors as Bradley Manning be struck down, with yet so much more to offer their nation and the world, indicts all – President, Congress, Defense, Judiciary, lawyer, and public, as fit only for the wars they foolishly deem justifiable, and which Manning righly saw as his duty to try an prevent.

SOMEONE, in the halls of the US Administration, must have the clarity of mind, and the Courage of Righteous America, to forced these false prosecutors out where THEY are put in the dock, and are forced to prove their intentions, re Manning.

There can be no doubt, that they who twist law so much, as happened in the lead up to the 2000 US presidential election, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, then Afghanistan, to these pathetically sick drone wars, and to trying to silence but one Honorable Soldier, FOR DOING HIS DUTY, are most seriously mentally ill, and should be discharged of all authority at once, and sent to be treated for their psychological, most likely psychic disturbances.

That, by whatever means, they have reached the levels of power and influence they have, shows that their illnesses are deeply ingrained in their psyches, therefore cannot be expected to be expunged in any short period of time.

Also, such cases are never addressed and cleaned-up, voluntarily. In that the mind is, in this state, “captive”, so will resist to the death of the victim, all tries by the self to cure themselves.

So there really is no option but to have them detained probably for some years, to re-program their deranged minds.

Sorry dudes, for the in-yer-face analysis. But someone's gotto say it.

Primary to your recovery, if that's gonna be possible, is to NOT take it personally!

It's a dark and ancient cultural thing.

Better that you let go of your mandate. Of your cases for the prosecution of Manning and all other so-labeled “enemies of the state”, and give some of that deliciously painful “me-time” to yourselves.

You'll be REAL glad you did, once you've gone through it, and come out the other side.

It's all GROW, in your Humanity and Improved Intelligence from there.

And..., just to contradict the earlier line.... it don't work unless it's voluntary.

You gotto let go and trust someone.

Your departments will ensure the space and grace you need, to do your work on yourselves.

It wont be easy, at first. The ego will send you mad trying to avoid the practices.

But use your power to persist, and it, the false ego, will collapse well before your spirit will.

It's better than sex, when you know it's gone.


But..., what do I know?

Go find the School of Philosophy.

Learn to listen.


O! And.., PS! CIA! PISS OFF!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

aka Max Earth


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