Outlawed Outlaws Or Criminal Organized Crime Syndicates

130322 JUST DEFIANCE Outlawed Outlaws Or Criminal Organized Crime Syndicates Edition?

Being just a lot-pissed-off with so-called outlaw motorcycle clubs of the last oooow – 20 years, coming late to realize how much they and their lesser sycophantic kind have been ever ready to prove how fucking tough they and their little kiddies are, by harassing and terrorizing me, for about six or seven years until about 18 months ago, I moved to support them, and from the various results, such as the formation of the United Motorcycle Council, or whatever the more mature members called that collective, there was a readiness to not be so anti-my-very-existence, by the most of them.

But, as time has passed, and I've come to realize the shadowy influences they've had in fucking everything I've tried – businesses, projects, accommodation, buying products, and even getting a sound night's sleep wherever I could escape the ceaseless traffic next to roadside stops, not to mention the theft of a number of vehicles, I couldn't help but lose interest in either siding with them, for whatever justice causes they covertly fought for, or wanting to ride, perhaps, one day again with them.

That the most of the idiots who run to Biker clubs for their fear of being vulnerable to the massive spread of evils today, were not even born when I was riding with some seriously Outlaw Dudes, in the 1970s, The Hell's Angels, Commancheros, and no doubt a few other unnamed clubsters, is something the little ones cannot compute, when they come cursing me with their trickling witchery.

But IT DOES NOT FUCKING HELP, me or the larger Organizations, and any Confederation of said OMCs, in their, and, as-it-happens, MY, fight against the rampant tyranny of our times, from those very same dynastic elites, whence I came – Freemasons most senior, and other northern cults determined to make me what I cannot believe I am, or should be.

Nevertheless, after fighting with my pen-of-a-sword in their favor, in the last decade, assisting I think them in their fight in the courts to not be banned from existing, or associating, or riding down the fucking street, with the colours on back, since the last blast of shit from their excited juniors, putting me right off once more, from trying to come online, thus independent of the tyrants, today's threat from the establishment to banish them, first with the Finks in Who'sland, incites me to scribe some thinks.

Yeah! Lower classes cannot challenge the wealthy in the courts, merely for the expense, and the advantage the elite has in funding their legal teams.

And so the fight goes on, usually in the underworld, raising funds however they can.

The first and last crime of it all is that the elite have the handle on crime, in that they hold the reins of power in the most criminal act of all, of partitioning off of the land to their own fancy-fannied upclub, upemselves, churchie-indoctrinated upperclassholes, leaving the majority of humanity to scrap, scrape and war usually with each other, just for a few square metres to grow their own security of food and housing, etc etc etc.

Let alone, as this battle by the outlawed motorcycle clubs testifies to, going about, however they can - no different whatsoever to how the days' elites rose to the top of the pyramid of power - of raising funds to fight in legitimate courts, and on the vicious streets against all manner of opposition to turf, or markets, et al, for their rights to exist, and to find that familial security that should, in the perfect world, be everyone's right!

So..., as I've been want to holler of the last year or so, for getting little or no peace, accommodation or respect, from the wannabe toughies, “FUCK THE HELL'S ANGELS!”

And, by extension, all the other outlaws!

But, as I was driven, after their malice had me almost leap off a 200 foot high cliff yesserday, to respond to the semi-crisis in Canberra in the leadership fiasco of the ALP, this morning's news item

brings me again to throw an arrow in for their fight.

Clearly, there is a need and a sad and unhealthy addiction to raising funds through the illegal ventures. It should be stressed, not to the outlaws, but to the ruling elites, that they or their ancestors too raised funds, power, influence and control by using the exact same pernicious methods of claiming the top spots, globally.

So, the elite, who have a (choicelessly) sycophantic judiciary in their hold, therefore the ability to twist the laws of human justice, in their favor, do not in truth have any right to slam these outlaw motorcycle clubs as criminals, while the elite control the worst crimes of all, of land distribution, access and ownership, etc. The very same bad land laws that force the lower classes to go to turf-wars and illegalized drugs.

But try putting that to the International Criminal Court in Den Hague of the Low Country, Holland, or to the dynastic elites of the Freemasons – my dynastic mobs – and my other regal ancestor clans?

Hohoho!” We all holler together!

Besides, raising funds to wage the court battles against a determined elite, who'll stop at nothing to corrupt the evidence, and the issues, and the focus in any case, or legislature, is pointless, besides making it news enough to bring The Resistance together to talk about their next moves.

If all our states adopt the latest anti-Bikie laws of Who'sland, there'll be lots and lots of very sad Harleys lying in silence in garages nationwide.

Not to mention a diffused and depressed, and isolated number of tattoo-ed individuals trying to get their jollies from tea and biskets?

Perhaps now's the time to go the Meditation Road, grassmokers???

Never too late for that, mesay!

Aside, that is in fact, not advertized crap, the best path to overcome all addictions, especially to grog and drugs, but also to other things material. Ask any Genuine Buddhist!?

It's also fundamental to opening up your intellect.

But, or with such a new course of life, the Brothers want to also look to an higher level of protecting their interests.

And, I don't just mean preferred drugs, 'cause they do not have to be abandoned altogether, or preferred motorcycles, etc.

What it comes down to, is their social interests and security – don't laugh – of mates, family and healthy pastimes, pleasures and employment.

These are why you are wrongly – criminally – forced to find the money to support families and the rest in underworld activities.

So, to lift the game out of the crime lands and the courts, but other more eloquent forms of crimes worlds, the aforesaid courses really have to be inquired into.

Again, sorry, but...., Meditation and the preparatory lessons fitting the mind to go that elevated road, first.

Me, will always refer people to Philosophy. But that may be my fanaticism showing?

Other than these, are the needs to improve your language skills, to be able to understand and equal the highbrough or larger lexiconographal (!) - number of words - the mainstream oppressors use against you.

Readin' an' Writin'!

I can't know where the elders of any Outlaw MC stand on these or other suggestions I put.

However, I cannot be changed from my antithesis to any and all religious schools as a shortcut, with connections etc etc, to better jobs, for the kids when they mature, by giving them the assets of “higher class” education.

Government schools are much much healthier, or should be.

If there is a shortfall in the Outlaw's areas, of good government schools for the kids, then that is something you have to join with to campaign for better schools.

Yeah, hard to break into the cliches of mother's clubs of lower-middle class PTAs, I know.

But they too need as much support as they can get, and if you're straight with them, and express that you wanna see your kids do better than fight on the streets for turf or a crust, and see the open and honest agendas of public schools as better than the secret agendas of the churchies, there should be ground for you all to meet, talk, trust and make larger your advocacy.

This, long term, is so that today's parents can give the kids the chance of competing equally in the arenas where decisions like – the ban on the Finks – etc etc, are decided.

Legal institutes, and local councils up to federal parliaments.

Adding to all these ideas, is that the OMCs, in such as the UMC, have to refine their political skills, and look to enter the political arenas.

Again, I guess that costs too? But, it's probably much cheaper, and slightly longer term, more effective for protecting your group interests, than funding legal wars in the high courts etc?

I shouldn't suggest things like “hang-up your colors for a while”, so you can focus on the other arenas, like courses in Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy, and the 3R's.

Most of you do day jobs, and those courses are generally affordable. If not free, online?

But, perhaps the best moves to make life generally much more affordable, is to group-up, and buy, if possible enough land to build a Community, designed around the most efficient ways of living.

The nuclear family model is the least efficient, the most expensive and thus the most debilitating for any group trying to get out of the gutters, and out of the oppression the elite scumsuckers force you, us, into.

But...., hard though I expect it'd be, you have to try to start it all and keep it all squeeky-clean of crime. Outside of the low-level smoke here-and-there.

Enough rural land to accommodate upto – for starters - 100 people, all ages, to grow your own tucker, and other stuff, even to the point of applying for licenses to grow industrial hemp, to onsite, start small industries of fabric manufacture, food and fuels prods, etc., is how an intelligent mob would move in these times.

And, as I write in fiction or my own fantasy short stories, it's very healthy to include a controlled mixture of cultures. In Australia, no serious, and worthy, and intelligent mob can ignore the Bleck Fellas, or the FATC that it really is still their land.

And., as we are coming around to seeing that the culture we know is seriously wasteful, abusive of country and of resources, etc, not to mention the degrading of our mental health it induces, we all should start any new path by trying to include and adopt the Greenest ways.

The saddest thing is that most Greenies are also from the privileged mobs, who are the Biker's, and other lower class's, “enemies”.

But putting a well prepared and focused and orientated trio of these mobs together should be more than feasible on a large enough piece of commonly owned and shared land.

Always, there's a fight waiting to happen. But if each have Elders onboard, they should be easy to resolve.

Besides, one, you're mad if y' don't.

And two, it's what you all need, come the future, especially if the world goes to the shithouse of big wars, and or of the fucking psychos of US warmongering comes to town, and country.

And, on the political fronts, were these three Mobs to Unite, nationwide, and further, the establishment would find it very hard to maintain their privileges obtained through oppressing these very same three principle Mobs, or the bad laws that keep the two Bikers and Aborigines, marginalized and at war.

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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