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130329 JUST DEFIANCE The Robot Age Is Upon Us Edition

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This Easter Hang-the-Bastard Friday, I'm drawn to look for a Go Ogle PLAY movie to waste a few hours watching.

The Terminator came to mind, so I serfed but found another robo-scenario movie, a doco actually, called, “The Android Prophecy”.

So far I've only watched the short. Mbs on the broadband has me strict as to what I watch.

The Android Prophesy looks inneresting!

But, immediately, my thinkstuff shoots up the headline

We're all robot anyway!

Well before the industrial revolution took masses onto production lines in mind-numbing factories, masses have been subjected to situations of needing to forget all about thinking, to concentrate on tasks their lords force them to undertake.

The 20th century surely has taken the masses to a lower-than-ever level of needing to be mindless, in the factories, etc.

However, further than ever, today the elite have leaped deeper into abuse of others' minds and – souls – by their rabid, rancid and rampant deployment of the occult.

Hollywood has led the way, surely, since “Metropolis” of the 1920s, or 1930s, in feeding the imaginations of those with too much time and money on their idle hands to “...do the devil's work...” of inventing culturally deadly things.

Mechanical, metallic, and plastic etc., robots, some at least, some of ...the devil's work.

But.., I rewrite, that..., further than ever, today the elite have leaped deeper into abuse of others minds and – souls – by their rabid, rancid and rampant deployment of the occult.

That Hollywood invents scenarios more than likely already explored and expanded by such as the quite-likely-still-active 1950s, and-on, CIA “MK-ULTRA” programs of individual and mass mind control techniques with witchcraft, doesn't mean it's real, threatening or fantasy.

Today, when we see news about a suicide bomber, or mass shooter, or any one of many scenarios of crimes committed, I'm most often inclined to think of the offender as being but a puppet, a robot of some larger, secreted power, gang, organization or such, hypnotized to carry out the crimes.

With the fanaticism and mindless determination of so many power organizations extant, from the largest, most deadly, 1 example being the US administration, in-the-main their CIA, etc., another, the CIA's parent secret agency, Britain's MI6, and the so-called “religious” organizations practicing the dark arts, one being the Theosophical Society of England, founded in the 19th century, which has done enormous damage globally with it's out-of-control use of the occult – on me, for one! - on Adolf Hitler and his armies of German troopers, another - and with the agenda they deem necessary to construct, and with these spellbound puppets bringing the carnage into effect, the question of whether humanity is facing more dangerous threats to it's very existence by the technological inventions and rapid developments of mechanical, and, as the last post goes to, of biological advances combining electronic bio-transistors, might very well be non-issues?

The occult is spreading much much faster than any amount of factories and laboratories can possibly manufacture mechanical robots, and the results are strikingly similar.

Indeed..., mechanical robots versus humanoid, mindless zombie biological robots might be the future? And a mechanical robot victory might be a much safer one at that!

But..., what, how many of the not-hypnotized, non-robotic human species escapes some fucking psycho's entrapment and pressure to be robotic mass or one-off murderers, is a question.

That induces more questions, of, sheeee-it!

How many of them, are actually not hypnotized?

How many of them are actually True Minds, retaining all the original characteristics of the True, Wise, Intellectually Sovereign Human Being?

Therefore, how can any of us be sure that any human we encounter is not working for some clandestine mob, with occult oozing out their every orifice and psychic porthole, and that we are either safe around them, or are on the same side, safe, or generally part of the insane out-of-control present day species, in which the vast majority have for whatever reason, been forced to surrender their physical and intellectual independence and thus, little though it remains today, their integrity?

Comparing occult robotism to mechanical, from my experience of the rude immorality the occult forces have people descend to, it is quite likely that a computer, programmed to do whatever, is just as capable of the evils the vast gutless immoral majority will and do take shallow bribes for performing.

With my very minimal knowledge of advanced artificial intelligence, and with my 18 years of exile from the ever-degrading dross of mainstream and even from the “alternative” human society and culture and trend and fashion and foolish preference – ET CETERA – were I in a position to choose, I might very well find I prefer the clear, rational, FACTS-based and UNEMOTIONAL programming of electronic robots for company, over the constant slime and slipperiness of today's human intercourse? 

Star Trek's "Vulcan" the Great "Doctor Spock" always impressed me. 

But here I am again, very limited, for the 18-to-58 years of never really knowing what trustworthy human-to-human relationships are.

But now, I do not see that I can “go back” as-it-were, and find human-to-human relationships I would be comfortable with.

She'd have to be an outstanding person – THA's for sure!!!

Being kept poor by – perhaps The Terminator's future-now robots - but I reckon just juvenile, developmentally-retarded spoiled overly-rich whiteguy cocksuckers with incurable jealousies and grudges of my excess of mythological wealth, legendary background potential and it seems, occult powers, I don't see my time of affording and having my own gorgeous Asian humanoid “Real Human” (a Swedish sci-fi psycho-thriller) type Hubot to get sexy with, to satisfy my human lunges.

But the rational one and many of them displayed in that film, went very close to the way my own mind has been formed to process incoming info and facts, though clearly with many flaws, since being forced out of the usual white Astrayliarn culture and society, with masses of my own (perhaps?) breed of humor, of course.

So, sci-fi horror, of mechanical robots, biorobots and alien machines coming down on we generally fucking insane and disgustingly small-minded, selfish zombies of this latest white western genre, does not concern me, even though Hollywood, and the Theosophical crazy fuckers have built me, me, ME? to be the ONE AND ONLY superhuman zombie to smite, slay, and send back to the future, all these imagined apparitions.

If..., I do actually have my own intellect, and these types of blog-postings are from an intelligent independence of thought and consideration, deduction and reason, amidst a few tautologies, and therefore, if... I am not all puppet..., then it's just possible that these perspectives are pretty close to accurate and how a True, Modern – which ain't all it's cracked-up to be, for shooore – human thinks aright and correct-like, then..., mechanical, or the lesser, as per last post, biological transistor controlled humanoids, do not at all worry me – aka John Connor - “WHERE'S ME ROYALTIES, ARNIE!!! too much at all.

In fact, if some future or current laboratory fanatic has built a sexy robot, then I'M IN!!!

But she'd be absolutely my preference if she can cook, and wash me jeans, and fix me ute, and weld, and drive, and ride a Harley, and turn me on, and and and and, NOT BITCH OR SCHEME OR LIE OR THEIVE ME BILLIONS, and be gentle and warmish to touch AND DOESN'T SNORE, as she lies next to me in me bunk!

If she was familiar with the Platonic Classics, the complete Mahabharata, Shakespeare, and Jung, Et Al, Gibran, and Easyriders magazine, WHOOOH!

Looks like the robolabs have their work cut out for themselves....?

Besides..., today, the overuse and foolish dependence upon magic to secure one or a gangs, or a global organized crime syndicate, like the Catholic church or the Freemason's ends, as far as I observe and deduce, only makes idiots of the puppets, and thus of the masters who delude themselves into believing they are wise.

Added together, they form a massive delusion and reduce their intelligence to the point of happily fucking everything.

“Happily” because they lose all courage to face the music of their failings and fanaticism, and run to “optimism” without truth, without reason, to keep the demons their BOOOOLLLSHSHSHSIT brings into being, out of their piddling little lunchbox legends.

But that's white, Jewish and Christian, BOOOOLLLSHSHSHSIT religious faith, and the ensuing really fucked up and stupid culture it fabricates, for yer!

Yer! Bring on the robots!

They cannot possibly be worse than the braindead, over-consuming, excessing-materialistic human zombies we've got now?

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