Daily Slice of REALPolitik Outlaw Advice to Gillard AND Rudd Camps

130321 JUST DEFIANCE Daily Slice of REALPolitik Outlaw Advice to Gillard AND Rudd Camps Edition
Something exciting just happened in Canberra? Tha PM called a spill on who should lead us all down the sewer!
So, but 5 minutes before the spill election – 16-30 this arvo', I flung the SMH and about 8 federal government polies this advice – MmmmMMM! Nice!
A bit too late for them to read, if they must. But using the “zone-fone”, they got it, and let's see if it rattles their preferences after about 16-50, when the count is done?
(O! I almost necked meself a few hours ago! Still think I shoulda!)
Here's the email I 1st sent to the SMH, then to the polies.....,

I titled the email in the subject hole..:
Gillard AND Rudd are two, too good to miss!  Ask Kev!

A!  Yer!

None of the potential leaders, from any party now, is a cure-all, for the troubles the nation, and the globe face.

1st, government is, actually, not about leaders.  Neither is  it about parties.

All of all sides taking the chair from Sept 14th on, only serve to keep the nation on a downward slide, with the upperclass'oles political class reaping the handouts, while the battlers and growing unemployed are shifted to the voiceless sector.  Neither will their votes count.

Besides, if you wanna be honest about it all, the AEC and the electoral process they are supposed to monitor and manage, have been as corrupt as a 2000 GW Bush election, for about 205 years - since the 1808 rum rebellion!

For Labor, Gillard is as good as any, perhaps better even than Rudd?  But the public see her hands are soiled by the in-fact "offshore-IMF-ILO" putsch to oust the reformist Rudd.

The polity actually went with Rudd and his Ken Henry Treasury recommended Tax Reforms of 2009-on.  Gillard was right in there too, with Rudd and coy.

But HELLO? Refer to the SBS doco "Dirty Business" to see who rode Rudd out in 2010.

It's not quite right to force Rudd to re-stand.  Unnerstandable, but...?

Were Gillard to re-visit the 2009 Henry Tax Review, afresh, with Rudd behind her, going face-on against the mining cartels and lobbyists and BHP-Billitons, etc., and even taking on Chinese minerals interests, "diplomatically" of course, as-in offering other incentives to Chinese steel, et al., while Rudd flew to Beijing to chat with the new Chinese President Xi, on long term bilateral, even trilateral with the USA interests, it would unite the ALP, and the voters who launched Ruddie up to the PM's chair in '07, would landslide the ALP back for a 3rd term.

Abbott would implode, resign and look for work offshore, the opposition would crumble, and we'd be closer than ever to leaping up to Independent Republic status in no time.

And, let's face it, we have to go the Republic correction before Armageddon!?

That's the only way Labor can overwhelm the Lib/Nats, to secure a majority this time, albeit that the minority-Greens/Indies has not in fact been near as bad as the opposition blagging.

That's only made out as failed for offshore majority party interests.   Aka ILO-IMF, who hate division not of their own conniving!

Please forward to the Rudd and Gillard camps for their daily slice of REALPolitik Outlaw Advice!?



aka Max N Cook

Gunai Aborigine Outlaw, 



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